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Physiological Monitoring and Early Detection Diagnostic Methods
Editor(s): Thomas S. Mang
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Volume Number: 1641
Date Published: 6 May 1992
Softcover: 27 papers (268) pages
ISBN: 9780819407870

Table of Contents
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Fluorescence photometric analysis of Photofrin uptake and the detection of precancerous and true epidermoid lesions
Author(s): Thomas S. Mang; David H. Crean; Frank T. Sindoni; Charles Liebow
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Laser-assisted detection of endogenous porphyrins in malignant diseases
Author(s): Ronald Sroka; Reinhold Baumgartner; A. Buser; Christian Ell; Dieter Jocham; Eberhard Unsoeld
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Photodynamic diagnosis of early stage malignancies: preliminary results in urology and pneumonology
Author(s): Reinhold Baumgartner; M. Kriegmair; Dieter Jocham; Alfons G. Hofstetter; Rainer Huber; O. Karg; Karl Haeussinger
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Real-time transcutaneous vascular clipping guided by ultrasound: a minimally invasive technique for vascular control during interstitial tumor therapy
Author(s): Sean J. Ennevor; Dan J. Castro; Vicky L. Schiller; Robert B. Lufkin; Edward G. Grant
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FTIR spectroscopy may be a useful tool for comparing structure variations of biological samples
Author(s): Salvatore Romano; Susanna Benvenuti; Ornella Tibasti; Tolmino Corazzari; Piergiorgio Vergamini; Enzo Benedetti; Alberto Baraldi
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Cerebral oxygen saturation as a function of age, sex, and skin color
Author(s): Manuel Dujovny; Gary D. Lewis; Federico Vinas; James I. Ausman; Hugo Silva; James M. Flemming
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Infrared cerebral oximeter: summary of recent clinical case histories
Author(s): Gary D. Lewis; James M. Flemming; Ronald A. Widman
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Intracranial pressure measurements using an implantable optically based sensing system
Author(s): Behbood Zoghi; Gerard L. Cote; Sohi Rastegar
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Measurement of blood hematocrit by dual-wavelength near-IR photoplethysmography
Author(s): Joseph M. Schmitt; Guan-Xiong Zhou; Justin Miller
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Correlation of results obtained by in-vivo optical spectroscopy with measured blood oxygen saturation using a positive linear regression fit
Author(s): Patrick W. McCormick; Gary D. Lewis; Manuel Dujovny; James I. Ausman; Mick Stewart; Ronald A. Widman
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Noninvasive infrared cerebral oximetry
Author(s): Peter H. Klose; Gary D. Lewis; W. Messing; Randal Kasperski; James M. Flemming
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Analysis of 3-D images of dental imprints using computer vision
Author(s): Michele Aubin; Jean Cote; Denis Laurendeau; Denis Poussart
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Noninvasive detection of diabetes mellitus
Author(s): Jonathan A. Eppstein; Sven-Erik Bursell
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Optical determination of the hemoglobin oxygenation state of breast biopsies and human breast cancer xenografts in nude mice
Author(s): Fay A. Marks
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High-frequency perfusion fluorometry: a new technique to assess bronchial mucosa blood perfusion
Author(s): Giovanni F. Bottiroli; Roberta Ramponi; Anna Cleta Croce; Giuseppe Rescigno; Stefano Nazari; Aris Zonta
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Erythrocyte shape analysis by means of laser diffraction
Author(s): Rainer Bayer; Burkhard Schauf; Bernd Guenther
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Laser-induced subsurface imagery 1B transillumination with fiber optics
Author(s): Leon Goldman; James H. Kerr
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Evaluation of steady-state, time- and frequency-domain data for the problem of optical diffusion tomography
Author(s): Harry L. Graber; Randall Locke Barbour; Jack Lubowsky; Raphael Aronson; Bidyut Baran Das; Kwong Mow Yoo; Robert R. Alfano
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Imaging of diffusing media by a progressive iterative backprojection method using time-domain data
Author(s): Randall Locke Barbour; Harry L. Graber; Jack Lubowsky; Raphael Aronson; Bidyut Baran Das; Kwong Mow Yoo; Robert R. Alfano
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Imaging in diffusing media with a neural net formulation: a problem in large-scale computation
Author(s): Fred H. Schlereth; John A. Fossaceca; Andrew D. Keckler; Randall Locke Barbour
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Imaging of scattering media by diffusion tomography: an iterative perturbation approach
Author(s): Yao Wang; Jeng-Hua Chang; Raphael Aronson; Randall Locke Barbour; Harry L. Graber; Jack Lubowsky
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Exact interface conditions for photon diffusion
Author(s): Raphael Aronson
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AOTF spectrometer for gas analysis
Author(s): Kenneth H. Levin; Danh C. Tran
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Two-dimensional and 3-D images of thick tissue using time-constrained times-of-flight and absorbance spectrophotometry
Author(s): David A. Benaron; M. Lennox; David K. Stevenson
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NIR spectroscopy of adult human brain: continuous-light and pulse-light spectroscopy
Author(s): Britton Chance
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Comparison of in-vitro photosensitizer efficiencies
Author(s): Barbara E. Krammer
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Spectral-autofluorescent diagnostics of stomach and lung cancer
Author(s): Victor B. Loschenov; M. V. Baryshev; M. I. Kuzin; Victor Ya. Zavodnov; L. V. Uspensky; U. A. Ablitsov; L. E. Loginov; V. K. Rybin
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