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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1629

Intense Microwave and Particle Beams III
Editor(s): Howard E. Brandt
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Volume Number: 1629
Date Published: 1 April 1992
Softcover: 64 papers (610) pages
ISBN: 9780819407757

Table of Contents
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High-frequency operation of the relativistic klystron amplifier
Author(s): Victor Serlin; Moshe Friedman
rf converter simulation: imposition of the radiation condition
Author(s): Denis G. Colombant; Yue Ying Lau; Moshe Friedman; Jonathan Krall; Victor Serlin
Design and initial operation of a repetitively pulsed high-current relativistic klystron
Author(s): Jerrold S. Levine; N. J. Cooksey; Bruce D. Harteneck; S. R. Pomeroy; M. J. Willey; Moshe Friedman; Victor Serlin
Design studies of a 3.3-GHz relativistic klystron amplifier
Author(s): Chiping Chen; Palmyra Catravas; George Bekefi
Applications of high-power microwaves
Author(s): James N. Benford; John A. Swegle
Microwave amplifiers and oscillators: a unified study
Author(s): Levi Schaechter; John A. Nation
1.5-GW S-band relativistic klystron amplifier
Author(s): Patrick E. Ferguson
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Particle simulation of relativistic klystron amplifier
Author(s): H. C. Chen; Robert A. Stark; Virginia M. Ayres
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High-energy high-efficiency phase-locked HPM magnetron for an array
Author(s): Todd A. Treado; Paul D. Brown; Richard Bolton; Todd Hansen; Kenneth Eppley
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Double-stream cyclotron maser
Author(s): George Bekefi
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Kinetic analysis of space-charge wave effects of a helical relativistic electron beam on the cyclotron maser instability
Author(s): Chiping Chen; Bruce G. Danly; Gennady Shvets; Jonathan S. Wurtele
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Experimental study of a 33.3-GHz free-electron laser amplifier with a reversed axial guide magnetic field
Author(s): Manoel E. Conde; George Bekefi
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Spiking phenomena in gyro backward-wave oscillators
Author(s): Anthony T. Lin
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Coupling and scattering parameters of sinusoidal slow-wave structures that can be easily obtained from a state-variable analysis
Author(s): Alan Bromborsky
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Self-induced distributed feedback in plasma-filled radiation sources
Author(s): M. Botton; Amiram Ron
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250-kW, 33.2-GHz gyroklystron amplifier design
Author(s): John D. McNally; Marc P. Bobys; David B. McDermott; Neville C. Luhmann
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High-power harmonic gyro-TWT design
Author(s): Qinsong Wang; Chwung-Shan Kou; David B. McDermott; Anthony T. Lin; Kwo Ray Chu; Neville C. Luhmann
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Nonlinear dynamics in reflexing electron systems
Author(s): Marc S. Litz
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Studies of a high-power nonresonant virtual cathode oscillator
Author(s): Chaim Leibovitch; Avner Rosenberg; C. Lindenbaum; Benjamin Mandelbaum; J. Shiloh
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Recent progress in the understanding of noise generation in crossed-field amplifiers
Author(s): R. H. Abrams; Yue Ying Lau; A. Shih; David P. Chernin
Experiments using laser-triggered electrical discharges to generate electromagnetic missiles
Author(s): John M. Myers; Hao-Ming Shen
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Experimental study of a noncircular array
Author(s): Hao-Ming Shen
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Spectral analysis of E-M ultrashort pulses at coherence limit: modeling
Author(s): Jean-Francois Eloy; Francois Moriamez
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Beam waveguide design for high-power applications
Author(s): William A. Imbriale; Daniel J. Hoppe; M. S. Esquivel; B. L. Conroy
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Mechanism of spontaneous emission in a uniform magnetic field with a dielectric medium
Author(s): Josip Z. Soln
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Reduction of bremsstrahlung recoil force on the bare charge of a relativistic test particle
Author(s): Howard E. Brandt
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Phase-space beam summation for time-harmonic and time-dependent radiation from extended apertures: 3-D formulation
Author(s): Shlomo Timor Melamed; Ehud Heyman
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Hermite pulsed-beam expansion of well-collimated pulsed radiation
Author(s): Inon Beracha; Ehud Heyman
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Lessons for pulsed-array radar from quantum light detection
Author(s): F. Hadi Madjid; John M. Myers; Tai Tsun Wu
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Quasioptical solid state microwave sources
Author(s): Jonathan B. Hacker; Robert M. Weikle; Moonil Kim; Michael P. De Lisio; David B. Rutledge
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Beam conditioning and propagation experiments on SuperIBEX
Author(s): Richard F. Hubbard; John A. Antoniades; R. F. Fernsler; Martin Lampe; Robert A. Meger; D. P. Murphy; M. Myers; R. Pechacek; T. A. Peyser; S. P. Slinker
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Intense electron-beam radius-tailoring experiment
Author(s): Daniel J. Weidman; M. J. Rhee; Ralph F. Schneider; K. T. Nguyen; Robert A. Stark
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Recent developments in rf superconductivity for high-brightness and high-gradient ion-beam accelerators
Author(s): Jean R. Delayen; Courtlandt L. Bohn; W. L. Kennedy; G. L. Nichols; Charles T. Roche; Leonid Sagalovsky
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Experimental study of a high-brightness H- beam and its transport through an ESQ focusing system
Author(s): Samar Kumar Guharay; C. K. Allen; Martin P. Reiser; Patrick G. O'Shea
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Plasma wakefield effects on high-current relativistic electron-beam propagation in the ion-focus regime
Author(s): Joel D. Miller; K. T. Nguyen; Ralph F. Schneider; Daniel J. Weidman; Han Sup Uhm
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J x B drift motion of a relativistic electron beam in a long-range propagation
Author(s): Han Sup Uhm
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Electron cooling of electron beams
Author(s): Delbert John Larson
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Effects of finite bunch length and arbitrary current distribution on steady-state cumulative beam breakup with periodic beam current
Author(s): Courtlandt L. Bohn; Jean R. Delayen
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Integrated amplifier-accelerator system
Author(s): Levi Schaechter; John A. Nation
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Relativistic klystron research for two-beam accelerators
Author(s): Timothy L. Houck; Doyle Rogers; Robert D. Ryne; Glen A. Westenskow; S. S. Yu
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Proof-of-concept experiment for the spiral line induction accelerator
Author(s): Vernon L. Bailey; Sidney D. Putnam; Joseph P. Lidestri; Dan Wake
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Emittance control using electron cooling
Author(s): Delbert John Larson
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Design and operation of a novel compact 20-MeV linac at UCLA
Author(s): Pepe G. Davis; G. Hairapetian; Chand J. Joshi; Neville C. Luhmann; Spencer C. Hartman; Sanghyun Park; Claudio Pellegrini; James B. Rosenzweig; J. A. Smolin
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Excitation of the l=12 cyclotron resonance in the NRL modified betatron accelerator
Author(s): Lek K. Len; T. Smith; Peter Loschialpo; Joseph Mathew; S. J. Marsh; Demos Dialetis; Jeffry Golden; Jeng-Hsien Chang; Christos A. Kapetanakos
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Beam breakup instability experiments on long-pulse electron-beam transport through rf cavities
Author(s): Peter R. Menge; Ronald M. Gilgenbach; Robert A. Bosch; Chi Hong Ching; Thomas A. Spencer; M. T. Walter
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Model of cavity coupling for beam breakup control
Author(s): Denis G. Colombant; Yue Ying Lau
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Intense laser pulse propagation, optical guiding, and wakefield generation in plasma
Author(s): Eric Esarey; Phillip Sprangle; Jonathan Krall; G. Joyce
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Three-gap klystron output cavity at X-band
Author(s): Kwok Ko; T. G. Lee; N. Kroll; S. Tonegawa
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Theory of the cyclotron resonance laser accelerator
Author(s): Chiping Chen
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FELSTRON: an FEL oscillator power source for linear colliders
Author(s): Delbert John Larson; Luis R. Elias
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Techniques of speedily separating high-energy beam
Author(s): Fanbao Meng; Zhongxi Hui; Ruian Wu
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Experimental progress on a microsecond pulse-length relativistic klystron amplifier
Author(s): Dwight G. Rickel; Michael V. Fazio; Bruce E. Carlsten; Ricky J. Faehl; William Brian Haynes; Thomas J. T. Kwan; Ray M. Stringfield
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Theory and modeling of a relativistic klystron amplifier with high space charge for microsecond applications
Author(s): Bruce E. Carlsten; Michael V. Fazio; Ricky J. Faehl; Thomas J. T. Kwan; Dwight G. Rickel; Ray M. Stringfield
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Progress in free-electron maser experiment at CESTA
Author(s): H. Bottollier-Curtet; Ph. Anthouard; J. Bardy; C. Bonnafond; A. Devin; Ph. Eyharts; J. Gardelle; D. Gardent; Georges Germain; Philippe Gouard; J. Labrouche; Jacques T. Launspach; P. Le Taillandier; Jean de Mascureau; A. Roques; D. Vilatte
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Numerical study of FEL pumped by electromagnetic wave
Author(s): Tianquan Deng; Hui Zhu; Zheng Liang; Shenggang Liu
Studies of relativistic backward-wave oscillators: comparison between theory and experiment
Author(s): Baruch Levush; Thomas M. Antonsen; Alan Bromborsky; W. R. Lou; David K. Abe; S. M. Miller; Yuval C. Carmel; J. Rodgers; Victor L. Granatstein; William W. Destler
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PASOTRONtm high-energy microwave source
Author(s): Dan M. Goebel; Robert W. Schumacher; Jennifer M. Butler; Jay Hyman; Joseph Santoru; Ron M. Watkins; Robin J. Harvey; Franklin A. Dolezal; Robert L. Eisenhart; Authur J. Schneider
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Investigation of FEL with strong helical pump and backward guide field
Author(s): Alexander A. Kaminsky; Alim K. Kaminsky; S. B. Rubin; V. P. Sarantsev; Anatoly P. Sergeev; Nikolaj Ya. Kotsarenko; Anisim A. Silivra
Dynamics of interaction of directed energy flows with matter
Author(s): Vladimir A. Skvortsov; Vladimir E. Fortov
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Suppression of beam-induced pulse-shortening modes in high-power rf generator TW output structures
Author(s): Jacob Haimson; B. Mecklenburg
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