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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1627

Solid State Lasers III
Editor(s): Gregory J. Quarles
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Volume Number: 1627
Date Published: 1 June 1992
Softcover: 50 papers (412) pages
ISBN: 9780819407733

Table of Contents
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Diode-pumped erbium glass lasers
Author(s): Douglas W. Anthon; Tim J. Pier
All-solid-state diode-pumped eyesafe lasers
Author(s): Larry R. Marshall; Alex H. Kaz; Ralph L. Burnham
Report on repetition-rated erbium:glass lasers
Author(s): Howard S. Keeter; Duane Scott Dewald; Milton A. Woodall
2.0-micron laser applications
Author(s): John G. Daly; Craig A. Smith
Lasing parameters of GPI erbium glasses
Author(s): Yuri E. Sverchkov; Boris I. Denker; Galina V. Maximova; Vyacheslav V. Osiko; Sergey E. Sverchkov
Effective eyesafe frustrated-total-internal-reflection Q-switched erbium glass lasers
Author(s): Sergey E. Sverchkov; Boris I. Denker; Vyacheslav V. Osiko; Yu. E Sverchkov; A. P. Fefelov; S. I. Khomenko
Energy scaling of phase-conjugate solid state lasers (Invited Paper)
Author(s): David A. Rockwell; Metin S. Mangir; John J. Ottusch
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Engineering aspects of solid state phase-conjugate lasers
Author(s): Eduard Gregor; David W. Mordaunt; Steven C. Matthews; Osher Kahan; Alexander R. Muir; Mario Palombo
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Characterization of a Nd:YAG double-pulsed laser system
Author(s): Julie A. Williams-Byrd; James C. Barnes; Norman P. Barnes; George E. Lockard; Alan D. Little; Curtis G. Banziger; Waverly D. Marsh; Charles Nichols
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2.32-micron flash-lamp-pumped high-repetition-rate laser operation in Tm;Cr:YAG
Author(s): Dan Bar-Joseph
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Ti:sapphire laser with long-pulse lamp pumping
Author(s): Michael P. Koselja; Jiri Kubelka; Jiri Kvapil
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Dynamic-state Q-adjusting sequential-pulse laser for high-speed trajectory photography
Author(s): Weiping Sun
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Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and color-center laser tunable over the 1.1--1.26um range operating simultaneously
Author(s): Xing Wu; Frank F. Wu; Hongping Li; Xifu Li
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Rotating pipe geometry glass laser
Author(s): Guosong Huang; Wenbiao Fu; ZhiJiang Wang
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Diode-pumped 275-watt average power Nd:YAG slab laser
Author(s): Brian J. Comaskey; Raymond J. Beach; George F. Albrecht; William J. Benett; Barry L. Freitas; Charles S. Petty; David Van Lue; David C. Mundinger; Richard W. Solarz
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Cr,Nd:Gd3Sc2Ga3O12 laser pumped by high-power visible laser diodes
Author(s): Richard Scheps
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Diode-pumped regenerative Nd:YAG ring amplifier for space application
Author(s): D. Barry Coyle; R. B. Kay; John J. Degnan; Danny J. Krebs; Bernard D. Seery
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Picosecond sources for subcentimeter laser ranging
Author(s): Danny J. Krebs; Joseph Louis Dallas; Bernard D. Seery
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Tunable diode laser-pumped Tm,Ho:YLF laser operated in continuous-wave and Q-switched modes
Author(s): Brendan T. McGuckin; Hamid Hemmati; Robert T. Menzies
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Transverse-pumped multiple diode bar Tm:YAG laser
Author(s): Joseph M. Fukumoto; William H. Long; Eddy A. Stappaerts
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Optimization of rod diameter in solid state lasers side-pumped with multiple laser diode arrays
Author(s): Newton L. Sims; Christyl C. Johnson; Norman P. Barnes; George E. Lockard; Patricia L. Cross
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Effect of ionic and particulate platinum on the performance of large-aperture Nd:phosphate glass rod amplifiers
Author(s): John H. Kelly; Milton J. Shoup; Melissa T. Tedrow
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Specification of large-aperture Nd:phosphate glass laser disks
Author(s): Milton J. Shoup; Stephen D. Jacobs; John H. Kelly; Christopher T. Cotton; Samuel F.B. Morse; Steven A. Kumpan
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Phosphate laser glass with a very low thermal expansion coefficient
Author(s): Shibin Jiang; Biao Wang; Yasi Jiang
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Thermal stress fracture in slab lasers
Author(s): Meizhen Zhang; Shaoting Gu; Guosong Huang; ZhiJiang Wang
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Growth of large-size Nd:YAG laser crystals (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Yongzong Zhou; Haiping Xia; Zhixian Huang; Minhua Lu; Peizhen Deng; Jingwen Qiao; Qiang Zhang; Bing Hu
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Growth of large-size Ti:Al2O3 tunable laser crystal (Poster Paper)
Author(s): Yongzong Zhou; Haiping Xia; Zhixian Huang; Minhua Lu; Peizhen Deng; Jingwen Qiao; Qiang Zhang; Bing Hu
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Evaluation of stable and unstable resonator configurations for efficient second-harmonic laser systems
Author(s): Julie A. Williams-Byrd; Norman P. Barnes
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Energy transport in a modern disk amplifier
Author(s): John H. Kelly; Milton J. Shoup; Melissa T. Tedrow; Keith A. Thorp
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Upgrade of the OMEGA laser system
Author(s): Thomas R. Boehly; Robert Stephen Craxton; Robert J. Hutchison; John H. Kelly; Terrance J. Kessler; Steven A. Kumpan; Samuel A. Letzring; Robert L. McCrory; Samuel F.B. Morse; Wolf D. Seka; Stanley Skupsky; John M. Soures; Charles P. Verdon
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Implementation of pulse shaping on the OMEGA laser system
Author(s): Mark D. Skeldon; Snow T. Bui; Samuel A. Letzring; Walter J. Siryk
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Mechanical design of 15- and 20-cm clear-aperture disk amplifiers for the OMEGA upgrade
Author(s): Milton J. Shoup; John H. Kelly; Melissa T. Tedrow; Frederick A. Rister; Keith A. Thorp
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Applications of nanosecond kilojoule lasers to the basic physics of waves in plasmas (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Richard Paul Drake
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Soft x-ray production and harmonic generation in femtosecond laser-driven plasma
Author(s): Andrey B. Savel'ev; Sergei A. Akhmanov; I. M. Bayanov; Sergey V. Gaponov; Vyacheslav M. Gordienko; M. S. Djidjoev; S. V. Krayushkin; S. A. Magnitskii; V. T. Platonenko; Yuriy Ya. Platonov; Yu V. Ponomarev; Nikolai N. Salashchenko; E. V. Slobodchikov; A. P. Tarasevitch
Short-wavelength laser studies at MIT: an update (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Peter L. Hagelstein
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X-ray laser research at the Nova laser (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Brian J. MacGowan
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Toward small-scale x-ray lasers (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Darrell S. DiCicco; William Tighe; S. Cowley; Dong-Eon Kim; K. Krushelnick; Charles H. Skinner; Ernie J. Valeo; Szymon Suckewer
Compact soft x-ray laser pumped by a pulse train laser (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Tamio T. Hara; Kozo Ando; Fumiko Negishi-Tsuboi; Yoshinobu Aoyagi; Hideo Hirose; Hidehiko Yashiro
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Laser-ablation processes (Invited Paper)
Author(s): Ronald S. Dingus
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Formation of supersaturated solid solutions of transition metals in alpha-aluminum as a result of laser treatment
Author(s): Maxim L. Seleznev; Sergei U. Denisov; Ilya B. Afanasiev; Aleksei U. Privivkov
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Microstructure behavior of some cast aluminum alloys as a result of double and multipass laser treatment
Author(s): Maxim L. Seleznev; Sergei U. Denisov; Ilya B. Afanasiev; Aleksei U. Privivkov
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Demonstration and analysis of a holmium quasi-two-level laser
Author(s): Steven R. Bowman; Barry J. Feldman
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Pumping efficiency and emission cross-section measurements of flashlamp-pumped chromium- and neodymium-doped scandium garnets using threshold lasing
Author(s): David S. Sumida; David A. Rockwell
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Spectroscopic characterization of Nd-doped SrGdGa3O7 as a diode-pumped laser host
Author(s): Gregory J. Quarles; Leon Esterowitz; Gregg H. Rosenblatt; Mark H. Randles; John E. Creamer; Roger F. Belt
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