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The 20th AIPR Workshop: Computer Vision Applications: Meeting the Challenges
Editor(s): Joan B. Lurie

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Volume Number: 1623
Date Published: 1 April 1992

Table of Contents
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Real-time identification of fixed targets
Author(s): Patricia J. Rowland; Kevin A. Kreeger; Albert R. Sanders
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Image understanding architecture and its software development tools
Author(s): Charles C. Weems; James R. Burrill
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Issues central to a useful image understanding environment
Author(s): J. Ross Beveridge; Bruce A. Draper; Allen R. Hanson; Edward M. Riseman
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Massively parallel neural network intelligent browse
Author(s): Thomas P. Maxwell; Philip M. Zion
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LEGO: a research-oriented software development model
Author(s): Shirley Jane Gee
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RADIUS: the government viewpoint
Author(s): Donald J. Gerson
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Parallel processing of image contours
Author(s): Ling Tony Chen; Larry S. Davis; Clyde P. Kruskal
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Dynamically prioritized progressive transmission
Author(s): Ronald Blanford
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Extracting geometric structures and a region of interest for man-made object detection
Author(s): Hong-Qian Lu; Jake K. Aggarwal
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Global shape entropy: a mathematically tractable approach to building extraction in aerial imagery
Author(s): Louis A. Oddo
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Three-dimensional model alignment without computing pose
Author(s): Joseph L. Mundy; Paul Max Payton; Michael H. Brill; Eamon B. Barrett; Richard P. Welty
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Imagery test suites and their implication on the testability of computer vision algorithms
Author(s): Andrew C. Segal; Richard Greene; Robert Kero; Daniel Steuer
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Application of Fourier descriptors to the unconstrained handwritten digit recognition
Author(s): Yi Lu; Steven G. Schlosser; Michael Janeczko
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SCORPIUS algorithm benchmarks on the image understanding architecture machine
Author(s): Julius F. Bogdanowicz; J. Gregory Nash; David B. Shu
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Vision-controlled paint spray optimization
Author(s): Gary Ettinger; Donald J. Christian
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RADIUS: research and development for image understanding systems phase 1
Author(s): Randall M. Onishi; Shirley Jane Gee; Jeffrey Edwards; Arthur M. Newman; Felicia M. Vilnrotter
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PAPNET TM: an automated cytology screener using image processing and neural networks
Author(s): Randall L. Luck; Robert Tjon-Fo-Sang; Laurie Mango; Joel R. Recht; Eunice Lin; James Knapp
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Nonparametric analysis of LANDSAT maps using neural nets and parallel computers
Author(s): Yehuda Salu; James C. Tilton
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Highly automated nonparametric statistical learning for autonomous target recognition
Author(s): Keith C. Drake
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Results of the neural network investigation
Author(s): Lee A. Uvanni
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Hyperspectral data fusion for target detection using neural networks
Author(s): Joe R. Brown; Edward E. DeRouin; Hal E. Beck; Susan J. Archer
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Information fusion via fuzzy logic in automatic target recognition
Author(s): James M. Keller; Raghu J. Krishnapuram; Gregory L. Hobson
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Locally connected network for real-time target detection
Author(s): Gregory M. Budzban; Arthur V. Forman; Richard Skoblick
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RADIUS common development environment
Author(s): Joseph L. Mundy; Lynn H. Quam; Thomas M. Strat; W. Bremner; Mark Horwedel; D. Hackett; A. Hoogs; Richard P. Welty
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