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Mobile Robots VI
Editor(s): William J. Wolfe; Wendell H. Chun

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Volume Number: 1613
Date Published: 14 February 1992

Table of Contents
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Learning by ostentation for robotic assembly
Author(s): Norman Haas
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Perceptual support for ballistic motion in docking for a mobile robot
Author(s): Douglas C. MacKenzie; Ronald C. Arkin
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Survival of falling robots
Author(s): Jonathan M. Cameron; Ronald C. Arkin
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Controlling a mobile robot using partial representations
Author(s): Jonathan Connell
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Batlike mobile robot for tracking a moving obstacle
Author(s): Billur Barshan; Roman Kuc
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Self-awareness in mobile robots
Author(s): Willie Y. Lim
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Autonomous vehicle maneuvering
Author(s): Karen I. Trovato
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Supervisory control of mobile robots: architectures and distributed intelligence (Proceedings Only)
Author(s): William J. Wolfe; Wendell H. Chun
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How to move in a corridor revisited
Author(s): Arcot Sowmya; Nizam Ahmed
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Junction detection and pathway selection
Author(s): Alex N. Peck; Willie Y. Lim; Harry T. Breul
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Robot position estimation using range and compass data
Author(s): Raashid Malik; Braham Benteftifa
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Mobile robot localization with multiple stationary cameras
Author(s): Jae Hung Yoo; Ishwar K. Sethi
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Parallel approach to simultaneously solving the correspondence problem and the pose estimation problem
Author(s): William J. Wolfe
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Robot path planning based on variational methods
Author(s): Ulrich G. Leuthaeusser
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Robot mapping in unstructured environments
Author(s): Raashid Malik; Samuel Prasad
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Robot path planning using expert systems and machine vision
Author(s): Denis E. Malone; Werner E. Friedrich
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Comparison of two stereo vision-based motion determination methods
Author(s): Olli Silven; Markku Hihnala
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Multilayer robust estimation for motion segmentation
Author(s): Trevor J. Darrell; Alexander P. Pentland
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Spatiotemporal filtering for visual motion estimation from real images
Author(s): Patrizia Baraldi; Massimo Tistarelli; Giulio Sandini; Francesca Gandolfo
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Experience with optical flow algorithms based on the geometry of points in two frames
Author(s): Arthur S. Stephens; Neil Matthews; Phil Greenway
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Model for shape and motion perception
Author(s): Tarek M. Sobh
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Space-time tradeoffs for adaptive real-time tracking
Author(s): Ted A. Camus; Heinrich H. Buelthoff
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Building representations for the environment of a mobile robot from image data
Author(s): Camillo J. Taylor
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New vision-based approach for navigation
Author(s): Huseyin Hakan Yakali; Daniel Raviv; Martin Herman
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Hough-based recognition of complex 3-D road scenes
Author(s): Gian Luca Foresti; Carlo S. Regazzoni
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New color road segmentation method
Author(s): Ke Liu; Yanxing Liu; Jingyu Yang; Yong-Qing Cheng; Nian-Chun Gu
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Contrast pixel enhancement and matching in an image sequence by relaxation
Author(s): Xiaowei Tu; Bernard Dubuisson
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Review of filtering methods in mobile vision from ground vehicles in low light conditions
Author(s): Cassiano Paixao Pais; Fernando D. Carvalho; Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues; Mateus da Silva
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Thermal and range fusion for a planetary rover
Author(s): Claude L. Caillas
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High-level modes for controlling mobile robots
Author(s): Willie Y. Lim; Harry T. Breul; Alex N. Peck
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Neural-network-based classification of highway scenes for vehicle guidance
Author(s): Surender K. Kenue
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Vision algorithm for mobile vehicle navigation
Author(s): Tiziana D'Orazio; Arcangelo Distante; Giovanni Attolico; Laura Caponetti; Ettore Stella
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Underground mining and construction robotics
Author(s): Robert H. King
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Vision-based method for autonomous landing
Author(s): Huseyin Hakan Yakali; Daniel Raviv
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MARVEL: a system that recognizes world locations
Author(s): David J. Braunegg
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