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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1605

Visual Communications and Image Processing '91: Visual Communication
Editor(s): Kou-Hu Tzou; Toshio Koga
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Volume Number: 1605
Date Published: 1 November 1991
Softcover: 90 papers (994) pages
ISBN: 9780819407429

Table of Contents
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Some fundamental experiments in subband coding of images
Author(s): Sven Ole Aase; Tor A. Ramstad
Visual factors and image analysis in the encoding of high-quality still images
Author(s): V. Ralph Algazi; Todd Randall Reed; Gary E. Ford; Robert R. Estes
Multiresponse imaging system design for improved resolution
Author(s): Rachel Alter-Gartenberg; Carl L. Fales; Friedrich O. Huck; Zia-ur Rahman; Stephen E. Reichenbach
Motion-compensated subsampling of HDTV
Author(s): Ricardo A. F. Belfor; Reginald L. Lagendijk; Jan Biemond
Subband video-coding algorithm and its feasibility on a transputer video coder
Author(s): Sergio C. Brofferio; Elena Marcozzi; Luigi Mori; Dalmazio Raveglia
Estimation and prediction of object-oriented segmentation for video predictive coding
Author(s): Sergio C. Brofferio; Domenico Comunale; Stefano Tubaro
Statistically optimized PR-QMF design
Author(s): Hakan Caglar; Yipeng Liu; Ali Naci Akansu
Probabilistic model for quadtree representation of binary images
Author(s): Chun-Hsien Chou; Chih-Peng Chu
Motion field estimation for complex scenes
Author(s): Johannes Nicolaas Driessen; Jan Biemond
Digital video codec for medium bitrate transmission
Author(s): Touradj Ebrahimi; Frederic Dufaux; Iole Moccagatta; T. George Campbell; Murat Kunt
Motion-compensated priority discrete cosine transform coding of image sequences
Author(s): Serafim N. Efstratiadis; Yunming George Huang; Z. Xiong; Nikolas P. Galatsanos; Aggelos K. Katsaggelos
Compaction of color images with arithmetic coding
Author(s): Masahiro Iwahashi; Shun-ichi Masuda
Hierarchical block motion estimation for video subband coding
Author(s): Joon-Hyeon Jeon; Cheul-hee Hahm; Jae-Kyoon Kim
Method to convert image resolution using M-band-extended QMF banks
Author(s): Masahisa Kawashima; Hideyoshi Tominaga
Block arithmetic coding of contour images
Author(s): Kyoil Kim; Jonglak Kim; Taejeong Kim
Transmission of the motion of a walker by model-based image coding
Author(s): Tadahiko Kimoto; Yasuhiko Yasuda
Variable-bit-rate HDTV coding algorithm for ATM environments for B-ISDN
Author(s): Taizo Kinoshita; Tomoko Nakahashi; Masaaki Takizawa
High-resolution color image coding scheme for office systems
Author(s): Yutaka Koshi; Setsu Kunitake; Kazuhiro Suzuki; Koh Kamizawa; Toru Yamasaki; Hidetaka Miyake
Characteristic analysis of color information based on (R,G,B)-> (H,V,C) color space transformation
Author(s): Qing Gan; Makoto M. Miyahara; Kazunori Kotani
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Compact motion representation based on global features for semantic image sequence coding
Author(s): Claude Labit; Henri Nicolas
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Motion compensation by block matching and vector postprocessing in subband coding of TV signals at 15 Mbit/s
Author(s): Fabrice Lallauret; Dominique Barba
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Block-adaptive quantization of multiple-frame motion field
Author(s): Fabio Lavagetto; Riccardo Leonardi
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Construction of efficient variable-length codes with clear synchronizing codewords for digital video applications
Author(s): Shawmin Lei
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Design of parallel multiresolution filter banks by simulated annealing
Author(s): Wei Li; Andrea Basso; Ashok Chhabedia Popat; Andre Nicoulin; Murat Kunt
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Lapped orthogonal transform for motion-compensated video compression
Author(s): William E. Lynch; Amy R. Reibman
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Signal extension and noncausal filtering for subband coding of images
Author(s): Stephen A. Martucci
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High-speed hardware architecture for high-definition videotex system
Author(s): Mitsuru Maruyama; Hiroaki Sakamoto; Yutaka Ishibashi; Kazutoshi Nishimura
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45-Mbps multichannel TV coding system
Author(s): Shuichi Matsumoto; Takahiro Hamada; Masahiro Saito; Hitomi Murakami
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Efficient odd max quantizer for use in transform image coding
Author(s): Neal A. Hauser; Harvey B. Mitchell
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Image coding using adaptive-blocksize Princen-Bradley transform
Author(s): Takashi Mochizuki; Mitsuharu Yano; Takao Nishitani
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Edge-based subband image coding technique for encoding the upper-frequency bands
Author(s): Nader Mohsenian; Nasser M. Nasrabadi
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Overlapping block transform for offset-sampled image compression
Author(s): Yoshitaka Morikawa; Nobumoto Yamane; Hiroshi Hamada
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Experimental system using an interactive drawing input method
Author(s): Yasutada Nagano; Hideaki Kanechika; Satoshi Tanaka; Hideaki Maehara; Akira Maeda
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Three-dimensional motion analysis and structure recovering by multistage Hough transform
Author(s): Shigeyoshi Nakajima; Mingyong Zhou; Hiromitsu Hama; Kazumi Yamashita
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Study of binary image compression using universal coding
Author(s): Yasuhiko Nakano; Hirotaka Chiba; Yoshiyuki Okada; Shigeru Yoshida; Masahiro Mori
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Iterative motion estimation method using triangular patches for motion compensation
Author(s): Yuichiro Nakaya; Hiroshi Harashima
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Classified transform coding of images using two-channel conjugate vector quantization
Author(s): Jae Yeal Nam; K. R. Rao
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Hybrid coder for image sequences using detailed motion estimates
Author(s): Michael Nickel; John Hakon Husoy
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Entropy coding for wavelet transform of image and its application for motion picture coding
Author(s): Mutsumi Ohta; Mitsuharu Yano; Takao Nishitani
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Practical approach to fractal-based image compression
Author(s): Alexander P. Pentland; Bradley Horowitz
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Arithmetic coding model for compression of LANDSAT images
Author(s): Arnulfo Perez; Sei-ichiro Kamata; Eiji Kawaguchi
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Subband coding of video using energy-adaptive arithmetic coding and statistical feedback-free rate control
Author(s): Ashok Chhabedia Popat; Andre Nicoulin; Andrea Basso; Wei Li; Murat Kunt
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Fast piecewise-constant approximation of images
Author(s): Hayder Radha; Martin Vetterli; Riccardo Leonardi
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Temporal projection for motion estimation and motion compensating interpolation
Author(s): Philippe Robert
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High-speed two-dimensional pyramid image coding method and its implementation
Author(s): Haralambos Sahinoglou; Sergio D. Cabrera
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High-fidelity subband coding for superhigh-resolution images
Author(s): Takahiro Saito; Hirofumi Higuchi; Takashi Komatsu
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Motion affine models identification and application to television image coding
Author(s): Henri Sanson
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Two-layer pyramid image coding scheme for interworking of video services in ATM
Author(s): Thomas Sikora; Thiow Keng Tan; Khok Khee Pang
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Model-based coding of facial images based on facial muscle motion through isodensity maps
Author(s): Ikken So; Osamu Nakamura; Toshi Minami
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Laplacian pyramid coding of prediction error images
Author(s): Christoph Stiller; Dirk Lappe
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Subsampled vector quantization with nonlinear estimation using neural network approach
Author(s): Huifang Sun; Constantine N. Manikopoulos; Hwei P. Hsu
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Analysis of optimum-frame-rate in low-bit-rate video coding
Author(s): Yasuhiro Takishima; Masahiro Wada; Hitomi Murakami
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3-D TV: joined identification of global motion parameters for stereoscopic sequence coding
Author(s): Ahmed Tamtaoui; Claude Labit
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Secret transmission method of character data in motion picture communication
Author(s): Kiyoshi Tanaka; Yasuhiro Nakamura; Kineo Matsui
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New subband scheme for super-HDTV coding
Author(s): Masayuki Tanimoto; Akio Yamada; Yoichi Naito
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Model for packet image communication in a centralized distribution system
Author(s): Habib H. Torbey; Zhensheng Zhang
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VLSI implementation of a buffer, universal quantizer, and frame-rate-control processor
Author(s): H. Uwabu; Eiji Kakii; R. Lacombe; Masanori Maruyama; Hiroshi Fujiwara
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Video compression algorithm with adaptive bit allocation and quantization
Author(s): Eric Viscito; Cesar A. Gonzales
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Signal loss recovery in DCT-based image and video codecs
Author(s): Yao Wang; Qin-Fan Zhu
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Windowed motion compensation
Author(s): Hiroshi Watanabe; Sharad Singhal
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Enhancement of transform coding by nonlinear interpolation
Author(s): Siu-Wai Wu; Allen Gersho
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HDTV compression with vector quantization of transform coefficients
Author(s): Siu-Wai Wu; Allen Gersho
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Effects of M-transform for bit-error resilement in the adaptive DCT coding
Author(s): Nobumoto Yamane; Yoshitaka Morikawa; Hiroshi Hamada
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Design of M-band filter banks based on wavelet transform
Author(s): Ming-Haw Yaou; WenThong Chang
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Motion-compensated wavelet transform coding for color video compression
Author(s): Ya-Qin Zhang; Sohail Zafar
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Vector quantization of image pyramids with the ECPNN algorithm
Author(s): Diego Pinto de Garrido; William A. Pearlman; Weiler A. Finamore
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Tree-structured vector quantization with input-weighted distortion measures
Author(s): Pamela C. Cosman; Karen Oehler; Amanda A. Heaton; Robert M. Gray
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Hierarchical motion-compensated deinterlacing
Author(s): John W. Woods; Soo-Chul Han
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