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Lasers in Microelectronic Manufacturing
Editor(s): Bodil Braren

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Volume Number: 1598
Date Published: 1 December 1991

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Threshold measurements in laser-assisted particle removal
Author(s): Shyan Jer Lee; Kamran Imen; Susan Davis Allen
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Efficient laser cleaning of small particulates using pulsed laser irradiation synchronized with liquid-film deposition
Author(s): Andrew C. Tam; Werner Zapka; Winfrid Ziemlich
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Thin-film selective multishot ablation at 248 nm
Author(s): Hans Eckard Hunger; H. Pietsch; Stefan Petzoldt; Eckart Matthias
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KrF laser ablation of polyurethane
Author(s): Stephan Kueper; James H. Brannon
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Excimer laser projector for microelectronics applications
Author(s): Phil T. Rumsby; Malcolm C. Gower
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Material influence on cutting and drilling of metals using copper vapor lasers
Author(s): Roland Kupfer; Hans W. Bergmann; Marion Lingenauer
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Laser-generated 3-D prototypes
Author(s): Franco E. DeAngelis
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Role of defects in the ablation of wide-bandgap materials
Author(s): J. Thomas Dickinson; Steve C. Langford; L. C. Jensen
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Dynamics of the optical parameters of molten silicon during nanosecond laser annealing
Author(s): Johannes Boneberg; Oguz Yavas; B. Mierswa; Paul Leiderer
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Interference effect on laser trimming and layer thickness optimization
Author(s): Yunlong Sun
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Characterization of microstructure of Si films grown by laser-enhanced photo-CVD using Si2H6
Author(s): Sean Lian; Burt W. Fowler; S. Krishnan; Le-Tien Jung; Chien-Yen Li; Sanjay K. Banerjee
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Modeling of photochemical vapor deposition of epitaxial silicon using an ArF excimer laser
Author(s): Burt W. Fowler; Sean Lian; S. Krishnan; Le-Tien Jung; Chien-Yen Li; Sanjay K. Banerjee
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Laser drilling vias in GaAs wafers
Author(s): Susan Riley; Larry A. Schick
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Laser-induced gold deposition for thin-film circuit repair
Author(s): Thomas H. Baum; Paul B. Comita; Toivo T. Kodas
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Laser process for personalization and repair of multichip modules
Author(s): Heinrich G. Mueller; Claire T. Galanakis; Scott C. Sommerfeldt; Tom J. Hirsch; Robert F. Miracky
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Laser processes for repair of thin-film wiring
Author(s): Thomas A. Wassick
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IC rewiring by laser microchemistry
Author(s): Gerard Pelous; Yves Guern; D. Gobleid; J. David; A. Chion; Didier Tonneau
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Laser-formed structures to facilitate TAB bonding
Author(s): Peter G. Ledermann; Glen W. Johnson; Mark B. Ritter
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Development of laser bonding as a manufacturing process for inner lead bonding
Author(s): James D. Hayward
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Experimental investigations in laser microsoldering
Author(s): Martin Hartmann; Hans W. Bergmann; Roland Kupfer
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Reflow soldering of fine-pitch devices using a Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Thomas J. Glynn; Aidan J.H. Flanagan; R. Michael Redfern
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Cumulative effect and cutting quality improvement of XeCl laser ablation of PMMA
Author(s): Qihong Lou; Hongping Guo
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Unique symbol for marking and tracking very small semiconductor products
Author(s): James P. Martin
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Applications of excimer lasers in microelectronics
Author(s): Chang Yu; Gurtej S. Sandhu; V. K. Mathews; Trung Tri Doan
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Stoichiometry of laser-deposited Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O films on silicon and mass spectrometric investigations of superconductors
Author(s): J. Sabine Becker; Michael Lorenz; H.-J. Dietze
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