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Integrated Optoelectronics for Communication and Processing
Editor(s): C.-S. Hong

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Volume Number: 1582
Date Published: 1 December 1992

Table of Contents
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Fiber optic technologies for aircraft applications
Author(s): N. Albion
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Reconfigurable optical interconnection
Author(s): Pochi Yeh
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Packet switch networks: network performance study
Author(s): Arun Ayyagari
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Concepts for two-dimensional phased-array optics with organic electro-optical materials
Author(s): Nickolas P. Vlannes
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Hybrid packaging of surface-emitting microlaser arrays on planar optical systems
Author(s): J. Jahns
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Optical interconnects in the Touchstone supercomputer program
Author(s): Bryan E. Floren
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Techniques for implementation of high-speed free-space optical interconnections
Author(s): Dean Z. Tsang
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Long wavelength optoelectronic integrated circuit (OEIC) transmitter
Author(s): Y. H. Lo
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Monolithic integration of AlGaAs/GaAs surface-emitting LEDs with silicon- or GaAs-based bipolar transistor driver circuits
Author(s): Jeffrey E. Cotter
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Electronically and optically controllable vertical cavity surface emitting laser arrays for optical interconnect and signal processing applications
Author(s): A. Von Lehman
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Development of efficient monolithic surface-emitting laser diode arrays (invited)
Author(s): M. Jansen
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A microchannel heat sink with alternating directions of water flow in adjacent channels
Author(s): L. J. Missaggia
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Hybrid optoelectronic integration of transmitter arrays on silicon waferboard
Author(s): C. A. Armiento
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High-power operation of distributed-feedback resonant-periodic-gain surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Mohammad Mahbobzadeh
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InP-based MSM-HEMT receiver OEIC's for long-wavelength lightwave systems
Author(s): Won-Pyo Hong
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Monolithic balanced pin-JFET front-end for 1.3-1.5 un coherent transmission
Author(s): Louis Giraudet
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Four-channel hybrid receiver using a silicon substrate for packaging
Author(s): M. Tabasky
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Low noise InGaAs/InP transimpedance receiver OEICs for direct detection and coherent applications
Author(s): J. Mun
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Novel processing techniques for optoelectonic devices and their integration
Author(s): James L. Merz
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Processing issues and technologies for optoelectronics-integrated circuits and devices (invited)
Author(s): G. Allen Vawter
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New developments in mass-transport fabrication for reliable high-performance integrated optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Z. L. Liau
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Planar diffusion-based processes for the fabrication of integrated optical and electronic components
Author(s): Robert L. Thornton
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Multi-Gbps fiber-optic transmitter and receiver for military avionics applications
Author(s): D. K. Smith
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Wideband impedance-matched integrated optoelectronic transmitter
Author(s): D. Yap
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A high speed laser structure for OEICs
Author(s): R. M. Ash
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Laser packaging for single-mode fiber systems
Author(s): Kenneth K. Li
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Fully self-consistent model of an integratable buried-heterostructure InP/InGaAsP laser diode
Author(s): P. C. R. Gurney
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Optical waveguide modulation in an (In,Ga)As strain layer superlattice structure
Author(s): K. T. Lee
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High-bandwidth velocity-matched optical directional coupler modulator in AlGaAs/GaAs
Author(s): M. Nisa Khan
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Wide band phase modulator for coherent optical systems in semiconductor materials
Author(s): Paolo Fasano
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Integrated active optical bistable circuit
Author(s): Ares I. Neophytou
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Improved thermal properties of etched-well surface-emitting lasers with highly-doped P-cladding
Author(s): Wlodzimierz Nakwaski
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Diffusion coefficient of the minority carriers in quantum confined lasers
Author(s): K. P. Ghatak
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