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Fiber Optic Components and Reliability
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Volume Number: 1580
Date Published: 1 February 1992
Softcover: 56 papers (480) pages
ISBN: 9780819407115

Table of Contents
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Fabrication, performance, and reliability of strained InGaAs QW lasers
Author(s): Naresh Chand; Niloy K. Dutta; Sung-Nee G. Chu; William S. Hobson; John Lopata; R. Wetzel
Reliability of InGaAs detectors and arrays
Author(s): Abhay M. Joshi; Gregory H. Olsen; Suhas R. Patil
Determination of safe design stress
Author(s): Daniel R. Roberts; Enrique Cuellar; Michael T. Kennedy; John E. Ritter
Automated testing of multiport single-mode couplers
Author(s): Dean A. Werthman; David E. Haynes; Amy R. Beaudet; Michael Corke; Laura L. Slyk; David W. Stowe
Single-mode optical fiber tunable couplers
Author(s): Luksun Li; Anthony Kerr; Ian P. Giles
1xN broadband fused biconical taper fiber couplers
Author(s): Hani S. Daniel; Douglas R. Moore; Vincent J. Tekippe
The Superflat coupler and its application as a wideband attenuator
Author(s): Daniel R. Campbell; David W. Stowe
In-line optical fiber modulators without interruption of the fiber
Author(s): Walter Johnstone; David G. Moodie; Graham Thursby; S. Murray; M. Gill; Alaster McDonach; Brian Culshaw
Application study of optical switch using thermo-optic effect
Author(s): Toshiyuki Tsuchiya; Kazuyoshi Ohno; Jun Sato
High-power single-mode edge-emitting LED for methane sensing applications
Author(s): Richard D. Ash; M. Faultless; H. Hiams; J. Humpage; N. Maung; J. Thompson
1.25-Gb/s LED-based optical transmitter
Author(s): Warren A. Rosen; Warren N. Herman; Afshin S. Daryoush; T. Daniel
Right-angle connectors for high-density patch panels and interconnects
Author(s): David W. Stowe; James R. Curley; Frederick J. Gillham; David R. Maack
Comparison of single-mode connector back-reflection performance from a multivendor sample
Author(s): David R. Maack; Ronald J. Kleckowski; R. Moran; Michael Corke
Couplers for fiber-in-the-loop systems
Author(s): Clarel Thevenot; Martin D. McCourt; Thierry Dannoux; Fabrice Jean; Jean-Louis Malinge; Christian Lerminaux
Single-mode dematable mechanical splice with low insertion and return loss, and very fast termination on the field
Author(s): Bruno Capelle; Albert Lissilour; Hubert Ricard; Christophe Villemain; Jean-Jacques Maillard; Richard Puille; James J. Bedell
1.5-um isolator with in-line fiber polarizer
Author(s): Rongsheng Chen; Tong Yu; Shong He Yan; Man Xu
Design considerations for achromatic single-mode fibers
Author(s): Ulrich G. Fotheringham; Hans J. Hoffmann; Noboru Kobayashi; Kurt Nattermann
Determination of fiber buffer refractive-index and dimensions
Author(s): Russell Dudley Morgan; Julian D. C. Jones; James S. Barton; Philip G. Harper
Stress-free aging of optical fibers in liquid water and humid environments: part 1
Author(s): Michael T. Kennedy; Enrique Cuellar; Daniel R. Roberts
Fiber reliability standards
Author(s): Felix P. Kapron
Reliability studies of single-mode optical branching devices
Author(s): James E. Matthews; Cynthia B. Giroux; Jean-Louis Malinge
Rugged hermaphroditic single-terminus connector
Author(s): Bruce V. Darden; Bruce G. LeFevre; Vasilios E. Kalomiris
High-temperature coatings for optical fiber
Author(s): Harvey N. Rogers

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