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Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms, Architectures, and Implementations II
Editor(s): Franklin T. Luk
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Volume Number: 1566
Date Published: 1 December 1991
Softcover: 44 papers (504) pages
ISBN: 9780819406941

Table of Contents
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Systolic adaptive beamforming: from theory to practice
Author(s): Philip Hargrave
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Solution of the Yule-Walker equations
Author(s): I. Gohberg; Israel Koltracht; Tongsan D. Xiao
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Stability of Bareiss algorithm
Author(s): Adam W. Bojanczyk; Richard P. Brent; F. R. de Hoog
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Some fast Toeplitz least-squares algorithms
Author(s): James G. Nagy; Robert J. Plemmons
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Fast recursive-least-squares algorithms for Toeplitz matrices
Author(s): Sanzheng Qiao
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Minimum-phase LU factorization preconditioner for Toeplitz matrices
Author(s): Robert Ku; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Accurate fast Hankel matrix solver
Author(s): Adam W. Bojanczyk; Tong J. Lee; Franklin T. Luk
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Orthogonal polynomials, Hankel matrices, and the Lanczos algorithm
Author(s): Daniel L. Boley
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Time-varying higher order spectra
Author(s): Boualem Boashash; Peter O'Shea
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General approach for obtaining joint representations in signal analysis and an application to scale
Author(s): Leon Cohen
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Resolution advantages of quadratic signal processing
Author(s): Les E. Atlas; Jing Fang; Patrick Loughlin; Wayne Music
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Uncertainty, information, and time-frequency distributions
Author(s): William J. Williams; Mark L. Brown; Alfred O. Hero
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Instantaneous quantities and uncertainty concepts for signal-dependent time-frequency distributions
Author(s): Graeme Jones; Boualem Boashash
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Time-frequency distributions for propulsion-system diagnostics
Author(s): Michael E. Griffin; Sharayu Tulpule
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Time-varying system identification via explicit filtering of the parameter estimates
Author(s): Jerome R. Bellegarda
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Efficient computation of densely sampled wavelet transforms
Author(s): Douglas L. Jones; Richard G. Baraniuk
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VLSI processor for high-performance arithmetic computations
Author(s): S. E. McQuillan; J. V. McCanny
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Arithmetic processor design for the T9000 transputer
Author(s): Simon C. Knowles
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Arithmetic unit based on a high-speed multiplier with a redundant-binary addition tree
Author(s): Naofumi Takagi
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Parallel uses for serial arithmetic in signal processors
Author(s): Robert M. Owens; Mary Jane Irwin
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On-line arithmetic for recurrence problems
Author(s): Milos D. Ercegovac
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New algorithms for on-line computation of elementary functions
Author(s): Sylvanus Kla; Christophe Mazenc; Xavier Merrheim; Jean-Michel Muller
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CORDIC processor architectures
Author(s): Johann F. Boehme; D. Timmermann; H. Hahn; Bedrich J. Hosticka
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Error analysis in unnormalized floating point arithmetic
Author(s): Jesse L. Barlow; Richard J. Zaccone
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Naval Research Laboratory flex processor for radar signal processing
Author(s): James J. Alter; James B. Evins; J. P. Letellier
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Parallel implementation of some fast adaptive algorithms on a digital signal processor network
Author(s): Roger Reynaud; Abdennasser Chebira; Guy Demoment
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DSP array for real-time adaptive sidelobe cancellation
Author(s): Terry L. Rorabaugh; John J. Vaccaro; Kevin H. Grace; Eric K. Pauer
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Fast algorithm and architecture for constrained adaptive sidelobe cancellation
Author(s): Richard A. Games; Willard L. Eastman; Michael J. Sousa
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Performance of a parallel bispectrum estimation code
Author(s): Edward A. Carmona; Charles L. Matson
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Massively parallel synthetic-aperture radar autofocus
Author(s): Gary A. Mastin; Steven J. Plimpton; Dennis C. Ghiglia
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Comparison of synthetic-aperture radar autofocus techniques: phase gradient versus subaperture
Author(s): Terry M. Calloway; Charles V. Jakowatz; Paul A. Thompson; Paul H. Eichel
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Restoration of subpixel detail using the regularized pseudoinverse of the imaging operator
Author(s): John B. Abbiss; Bryan J. Brames
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Noniterative subspace updating
Author(s): Ronald D. DeGroat; Eric M. Dowling
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Recent results in adaptive array detection
Author(s): S. Z. Kalson
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Modular implementations of linearly constrained beamformers
Author(s): Tsung-Ching Liu; Barry D. Van Veen
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Multiwindow method for spectrum estimation and sinusoid detection in an array environment
Author(s): Ruth Onn; Allan O. Steinhardt
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Comparison of two kernels for the modified Wigner distribution function
Author(s): Chintana Griffin; Albert H. Nuttall
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Multifrequency beamspace Root-MUSIC: an experimental evaluation
Author(s): Michael D. Zoltowski; Gregory M. Kautz; Seth D. Silverstein
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Application of canonical correlation analysis in detection in presence of spatially correlated noise
Author(s): Wei Guo Chen; James P. Reilly; Kon Max Wong
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Effect of resampling on the MUSIC algorithm when applied to inverse-synthetic-aperture radar
Author(s): Graeme Nash
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Algorithmic sensor failure detection on passive antenna arrays
Author(s): Joohwan Chun; Franklin T. Luk
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Instantaneous amplitude and frequency estimation: performance bounds and applications to source localization
Author(s): K. Shukla Arun; R. M. Liang
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Systolic array architecture of a new VLSI vision chip
Author(s): Robert W. Means
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Architecture and performance of a hardware collision-checking accelerator
Author(s): R. Keith Bardin; Vibeke Libby
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