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Nonlinear Optical Properties of Organic Materials IV
Editor(s): Kenneth D. Singer
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Volume Number: 1560
Date Published: 1 December 1991
Softcover: 48 papers (488) pages
ISBN: 9780819406880

Table of Contents
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Experimental measurements and electron correlation theory of third-order nonlinear optical processes in linear chains
Author(s): James Randy Heflin; Yongming Cai; Qihou L. Zhou; Anthony F. Garito
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Dispersion of x(3) in fused aromatic ladder polymers and their precursors probed by third-harmonic generation
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Meth; Herman A. Vanherzeele; Samson A. Jenekhe; Michael F. Roberts; Anil K. Agrawal; Chen-Jen Yang
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Novel linear and ladder polymers from tetraynes for nonlinear optics
Author(s): Shuji Okada; Hiro Matsuda; Atsushi Masaki; Hachiro Nakanishi; Kikuko Hayamizu
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Extended pi-electron systems incorporating stabilized quinoidal bipolarons: anthracenyl polyene-polycarbonate composites
Author(s): Eric G. Nickel; Charles W. Spangler
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Guest-host polymer fibers and fractal clusters for nonlinear optics
Author(s): Mark G. Kuzyk; Mark P. Andrews; Un-Chul T. Paek; Carl W. Dirk
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Third-order nonlinear optical characterization of side-chain copolymers
Author(s): Robert A. Norwood; James R. Sounik; J. Popolo; Douglas P. Holcomb
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Design of highly soluble extended pi-electron oligomers capable of supporting stabilized delocalized bipolaronic states for NLO applications
Author(s): Kathleen O. Havelka; Charles W. Spangler
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Reversible phase transition and third-order nonlinearity of phthalocyanine derivatives
Author(s): Yasumasa Suda; Kiyotaka Shigehara; Akira Yamada; Hiro Matsuda; Shuji Okada; Atsushi Masaki; Hachiro Nakanishi
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Structure/property relationships for molecular second-order nonlinear optics
Author(s): Seth R. Marder; Lap-Tak A. Cheng; Bruce G. Tiemann; David N. Beratan
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Theoretical insight into the quadratic nonlinear optical response of organics: derivatives of pyrene and triaminotrinitrobenzene
Author(s): Jean-Luc Bredas; Christophe Dehu; Fabienne M. Meyers; Joseph Zyss
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Design of chromophores for nonlinear optical applications
Author(s): Donald M. Burland; J. E. Rice; John Downing; Josef Michl
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Synthesis and nonlinear optical activity of cumulenes
Author(s): Susan P. Ermer; Steven M. Lovejoy; Doris S. Leung; Ronnie C. Spitzer; Glenn A. Hansen; Richard J. Stone
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Molecular to material design for anomalous-dispersion phase-matched second-harmonic generation
Author(s): Paul A. Cahill; David R. Tallant; Tony C. Kowalczyk; Kenneth D. Singer
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Relationship between conjugation length and third-order nonlinearity in bis-donor substituted diphenyl polyenes
Author(s): Charles W. Spangler; Kathleen O. Havelka; Mark W. Becker; Tracy Ann Kelleher; Lap-Tak A. Cheng
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Theoretical analysis of the third-order nonlinear optical properties of linear cyanines and polyenes
Author(s): Brian M. Pierce
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Third-order optical nonlinearities and femtosecond responses in metallophthalocyanine thin films made by vacuum deposition, molecular beam epitaxy, and spin coating
Author(s): Tatsuo Wada; Masahiro Hosoda; Anthony F. Garito; Hiroyuki Sasabe; A. Terasaki; Takayoshi Kobayashi; Hiroaki Tada; Atsushi Koma
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Electro-optical light modulation in novel azo-dye-substituted poled polymers
Author(s): Yoshito Shuto; Michiyuki Amano; Toshikuni Kaino
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Poled polyimides as thermally stable electro-optic polymer
Author(s): Jeong Weon Wu; John Francis Valley; Marc A. Stiller; Susan P. Ermer; Edward S. Binkley; John T. Kenney; George F. Lipscomb; Richard S. Lytel
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High-Tg nonlinear optical polymer: poly(N-MNA acrylamide)
Author(s): Warren N. Herman; Warren A. Rosen; L. H. Sperling; Charles J. Murphy; H. Jain
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Nonlinear properties of poled-polymer films: SHG and electro-optic measurements
Author(s): D. Morichere; Michel L. Dumont; Yves Levy; Gregory Gadret; Francois Kajzar
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Nonlinear optical properties of poled polymers
Author(s): Gregory Gadret; Francois Kajzar; Paul Raimond
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In-plane poling of doped-polymer films: creation of two asymmetric directions for second-order optical nonlinearity
Author(s): Garry Berkovic; Shlomo Yitzchaik; Valeri Krongauz
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Photoconducting nonlinear optical polymers
Author(s): Lian Li; Ru Jong Jeng; J. Y. Lee; Jayant Kumar; Sukant K. Tripathy
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Sol-gel processed novel multicomponent inorganic oxide: organic polymer composites for nonlinear optics
Author(s): Yue Zhang; Yiping Cui; Chi-Chang J. Wung; Paras N. Prasad; Ryszard Burzynski
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Photorefractivity in doped nonlinear organic polymers
Author(s): William E. Moerner; C. A. Walsh; J. Campbell Scott; Stephen P. Ducharme; Donald M. Burland; Gary C. Bjorklund; Robert J. Twieg
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Photorefractive gratings in the organic crystal 2-cyclooctylamino-5-nitropyridine doped with 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane
Author(s): Kurt Sutter; Jurg Hulliger; Peter Guenter
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Nonlinear optical properties of N-(4-nitro-2-pyridinyl)-phenylalaninol single crystals
Author(s): Kurt Sutter; Jurg Hulliger; Guenter Knoepfle; N. Saupper; Peter Guenter
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Organic salts with large electro-optic coefficients
Author(s): Joseph W. Perry; Seth R. Marder; Kelly J. Perry; Edward T. Sleva; Christopher P. Yakymyshyn; Kevin R. Stewart; Eugene P. Boden
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New organic crystal material for SHG, 2-cyano-3-(3,4-methylene dioxy phenyl)-2-propionic acid ethyl ester
Author(s): Yasushi Mori; Kenji Sano; Kenji Todori; Yosiaki Kawamonzen
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Second-order and third-order processes as diagnostic tools for the analysis of organic polymers: an overview
Author(s): Gerd Marowsky; G. Luepke
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Determination of the orientational order parameters , in a polysilane LB film via polarization-dependent THG
Author(s): Dieter Neher; Silvia Mittler-Neher; Myoungsik Cha; George I. Stegeman; F. W. Embs; Gerhard Wegner; Robert D. Miller; C. Grant Willson
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Guided-wave nonlinear optics in 2-docosylamino-5-nitropyridine Langmuir-Blodgett films
Author(s): Christian Bosshard; Manfred Kuepfer; M. Floersheimer; Peter Guenter
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Synthesis and nonlinear optical properties of preformed polymers forming Langmuir-Blodgett films
Author(s): Thierry Verbiest; Andre P. Persoons; Celest Samyn
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Approaches to the construction of intrinsically acentric chromophoric NLO materials: chemical elaboration and resultant properties of self-assembled multilayer structures
Author(s): D. S. Allan; F. Kubota; Tobin J. Marks; T. J. Zhang; Weiping Lin; George K. Wong
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Electrical and nonlinear optical properties of zirconium phosphonate multilayer assemblies
Author(s): Howard Edan Katz; Marcia L. Schilling; S. Ungashe; T. M. Putvinski; G. E. Scheller; C. E.D. Chidsey; William P. Wilson
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Langmuir-Blodgett films for second-order nonlinear optics
Author(s): Thomas L. Penner; Nancy J. Armstrong; Craig S. Willand; Jay S. Schildkraut; Douglas R. Robello
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Organic electro-optic devices for optical interconnnection
Author(s): George F. Lipscomb; Richard S. Lytel; Anthony J. Ticknor; Timothy E. Van Eck; Dexter G. Girton; Susan P. Ermer; John Francis Valley; John T. Kenney; Edward S. Binkley
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Electro-optic coefficients in electric-field poled-polymer waveguides
Author(s): Barton A. Smith; Stephan Herminghaus; Jerome D. Swalen
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Reflection-mode polymeric interference modulators
Author(s): Diego R. Yankelevich; Andre Knoesen; Charles A. Eldering; Stephen T. Kowel
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Multilayered optically activated devices based on organic third-order nonlinear optical materials
Author(s): David A. Swanson; Joseph C. Altman; Brian J. Sullivan; Ronnie C. Spitzer; Glenn A. Hansen; Richard J. Stone
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Optically nonlinear polymeric devices
Author(s): Gustaaf R. Moehlmann; Winfried H. G. Horsthuis; Hans W. Mertens; Mart B. J. Diemeer; Frank M.M. Suyten; Berend Hendriksen; Christian Duchet; Pascal Fabre; Christian Brot; J. M. Copeland; John E. Mellor; E. van Tomme; Peter Van Daele; Roel G. Baets
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Model systems for optoelectronic devices based on nonlinear molecular absorption
Author(s): Shammai Speiser
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New syndioregic main-chain, nonlinear optical polymers, and their ellipsometric characterization
Author(s): Geoffrey A. Lindsay; Soe-Mie F. Nee; James M. Hoover; John D. Stenger-Smith; Ronald A. Henry; R. F. Kubin; Michael D. Seltzer
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Quasirelaxation-free guest-host poled-polymer waveguide modulator: material, technology, and characterization
Author(s): R. Pinsard-Levenson; Julienne Liang; Eric Toussaere; Alain Carenco; Joseph Zyss
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Decay of the nonlinear susceptibility components in main-chain functionalized poled polymers
Author(s): Remi Meyrueix; J. P. LeCompte; Gilles Tapolsky
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Dielectric relaxation studies of x2 dye containing polystyrene films
Author(s): Michael A. Schen; Fred Mopsik
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Frequency-tunable THG measurements of x(3) between 1-2.1um of organic conjugated-polymer films using an optical parametric oscillator
Author(s): Alfred Gierulski; Herbert Naarmann; Wolfgang Schrof; Anton Ticktin
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Nonlinear susceptibilities investigated by the electroabsorption of polymer ion-hemicyanine dye complexes
Author(s): Shintaro Nomura; Takayoshi Kobayashi; Hachiro Nakanishi; Hiro Matsuda; Shuji Okada; Hiromitsu Tomiyama
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