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Photopolymer Device Physics, Chemistry, and Applications II
Editor(s): Roger A. Lessard
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Volume Number: 1559
Date Published: 1 December 1991
Softcover: 49 papers (510) pages
ISBN: 9780819406873

Table of Contents
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Polymer waveguide systems for nonlinear and electro-optic applications
Author(s): Philip Pantelis; Julian R. Hill; Raman Kashyap
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Electronic materials basic research program managed by the Advanced Technology Directorate of the U.S. Army Strategic Defense Command
Author(s): William D. Martin
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O/I-MBE: formation of highly ordered phthalocyanine/semiconductor junctions by molecular-beam epitaxy: photoelectrochemical characterization
Author(s): Neal R. Armstrong; Ken W. Nebesny; Greg E. Collins; Paul A. Lee; Lai Kwan Chau; Claude Arbour; Bruce Parkinson
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Nonlinear optical and piezoelectric behavior of liquid-crystalline elastomers
Author(s): Harald Hirschmann; Wolfgang Meier; Heino Finkelmann
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Electro-optic measurements of dye/polymer systems
Author(s): Chin Hsien Wang; Hann-Wen Guan; J. F. Zhang
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Dye orientation in organic guest host systems on ferroelectric polymers
Author(s): Martin Osterfeld; Gerhard Knabke; Hilmar Franke
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Time-resolved photon echo and fluorescence anisotropy study of organically doped sol-gel glasses
Author(s): Eric L. Chronister; Drew M. L'Esperance; John Pelo; John Middleton; Robert A. Crowell
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Fabrication techniques of photopolymer-clad waveguides for nonlinear polymeric modulators
Author(s): Thomas Anthony Tumolillo; Paul R. Ashley
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Visible-laser-light-induced polymerization: an overview of photosensitive formulations
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Fouassier
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Photoconductivity of bridged polymeric phthalocyanines
Author(s): Hans Meier; Wolfgang Albrecht; Michael Hanack
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Photo-induced degradation of selected polyimides in the presence of oxygen: a rapid decomposition process
Author(s): Charles E. Hoyle; David Creed; Edguardo Anzures; P. Subramanian; Rajamani Nagarajan
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Photo-induced refractive-index changes and birefringence in optically nonlinear polyester
Author(s): Yongqiang Shi; William H. Steier; Luping Yu; Mai Chen; Larry Raymond Dalton
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Accurate measurement of thin-polymeric-films index variations: application to elasto-optic effect and to photochromism
Author(s): Michel L. Dumont; D. Morichere; Zouheir Sekkat; Yves Levy
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Photochemistry and fluorescence spectroscopy of polymeric materials containing triphenylsulfonium salts
Author(s): Nigel P. Hacker; Kevin M. Welsh
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Electrochromic properties of poly(pyrrole)/dodecylbenzenesulfonate
Author(s): Rosa Cristina D Peres; Marco-Aurelio De Paoli; Stefania Panero; Bruno Scrosati
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Photon-induced charge separation in molecular systems studied by time-resolved microwave conductivity: molecular optoelectric switches
Author(s): John M. Warman; Stephan A. Jonker; Matthijs P. de Haas; Jan W. Verhoeven; Michael N. Paddon-Row
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Photochemical hole burning in rigidly coupled polyacenes
Author(s): Mark A. Iannone; Kimberly L. Salt; Gary W. Scott; Tomihiro Yamashita
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Photoanisotropic polymeric media and their application in optical devices
Author(s): Valery A. Barachevsky
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Heterostructure photosensitive memory
Author(s): Vladimir A. Manasson; Lev S. Sadovnik; Ray T. Chen
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Polymerization kinetics of mono- and multifunctional monomers initiated by high-intensity laser pulses: dependence of rate on peak-pulse intensity and chemical structure
Author(s): Charles E. Hoyle; Per-Erik Sundell; Martin A. Trapp; Doekman Kang; D. Sheng; Rajamani Nagarajan
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Polymer effects on the photochemistry of triarylsulfonium salts
Author(s): Dennis R. McKean; Robert D. Allen; Paul H. Kasai; Scott A. MacDonald
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Microreflective elements for integrated planar optics interconnects
Author(s): Yunlong Sheng; Claude A. Delisle; Louis M. Moreau; Li Song; Roger A. Lessard; Henri H. Arsenault
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Mass-producible optical guided-wave devices fabricated by photopolymerization
Author(s): Hayami Hosokawa; Noriyoshi Horie; Tsukasa Yamashita
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Nonlinear optical properties of phenosafranin-doped substrates
Author(s): Shammai Speiser
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Photopolymers for optical devices in the USSR
Author(s): Andrei L. Mikaelian; Valery A. Barachevsky
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Photochemical delineation of waveguides in polymeric thin films
Author(s): Karl W. Beeson; Keith A. Horn; Christina Lau; Michael J. McFarland; David R. Schwind; James T. Yardley
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Highly sensitive absorption measurements in organic thin films and optical media
Author(s): Andrew Skumanich
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Applications of optical polymer waveguide devices on future optical communication and signal processing
Author(s): Norbert Keil; Bernhard N. Strebel; HuiHai Yao; Juergen Krauser
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Wavelength shift in DCG holograms
Author(s): Sylviane Lelievre; Romuald Pawluczyk
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New technique for characterizing holographic recording materials
Author(s): Philippe E.L.G. Leclere; Yvon L. M. Renotte; Yves F. Lion
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Photopolymer elements for an optical correlator system
Author(s): Robert W. Brandstetter; Nils J. Fonneland
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Photochemical and thermal treatment of dichromated gelatin film for the manufacturing of holographic optical elements for operation in the IR
Author(s): Christo G. Stojanoff; Hartmut Schuette; Olivier Brasseur; Ruediger Kubitzek; Stephan Tropartz
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Optimal characteristics of rheology and electric field in deformable polymer films of optoelectronic image formation devices
Author(s): Victor A. Tarasov; Nickolay B. Kuleshov; Mikhail K. Novoselets; Sergey S. Sarkisov
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Optical waveguides in polymer materials by ion implantation
Author(s): Werner F. Frank; Juergen R. Kulisch; Hilmar Franke; Dorothee M. Rueck; Stefan Brunner; Roger A. Lessard
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Peculiarities of anisotropic photopolymerization in films
Author(s): Vadim V. Krongayz; E. Richard Schmelzer
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Coupled-mode analysis of dynamic polarization volume holograms
Author(s): Tizhi Huang; Kelvin H. Wagner
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Degenerate four-wave mixing using wave pump beams near the critical angle: two distinct behaviors
Author(s): Christian Malouin; Li Song; Simon Thibault; Marguerite-M. Denariez-Roberge; Roger A. Lessard
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Light-induced volume-phase holograms for cold neutrons
Author(s): Konrad Ibel; Ralph Matull; Romano A. Rupp; Peter Eschkoetter; Joerg Hehmann
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Holographic recordings on 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate and applications of water-immersed holograms
Author(s): Araz Yacoubian; Gajendra D. Savant; Tin M. Aye
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Photo-induced adhesion changes: a technique for patterning lightguide structures
Author(s): H. G. Festl; Hilmar Franke
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Instant measurement of phase-characteristic curve
Author(s): Lev S. Sadovnik; Chris C. Rich
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Holographic characterization of DYE-PVA films studied at 442 nm for optical elements fabrication
Author(s): Jean J.A. Couture
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Metal-ion-doped polymer systems for real-time holographic recording
Author(s): Roger A. Lessard; Rupak Changkakoti; Gurusamy Manivannan
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Collinear asymmetrical polymer waveguide modulator
Author(s): Ray T. Chen; Lev S. Sadovnik
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Triplet-sensitized reactions of some main chain liquid-crystalline polyaryl cinnamates
Author(s): P. Subramanian; David Creed; Charles E. Hoyle; Krishnan Venkataram
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Holographic devices using photo-induced effect in nondestructive testing techniques
Author(s): George Eugene Dovgalenko; Yuri I. Onischenko
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Experimental simulation analysis of nonlinear problem: investigation into the mechanical and optical behavior of silver chloride of photoplastic material
Author(s): Zhi Xiang Yin; Shikun Zhang; Zong Yan Li
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Linear and nonlinear optical effects in polymer waveguides
Author(s): Andreas H. Braeuer; Ulrike Bartuch; M. Zeisberger; Th. Bauer; Peter Dannberg
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High-speed board-to-board optical interconnection
Author(s): Ray T. Chen; Huey T. Lu; Daniel P. Robinson; David V. Plant; Harold R. Fetterman
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