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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1554A

Second Intl Conf on Photomechanics and Speckle Metrology: Speckle Techniques, Birefringence Methods, and Applications to Solid Mechanics
Editor(s): Fu-Pen Chiang
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Volume Number: 1554A
Date Published: 1 December 1991
Softcover: 91 papers (966) pages
ISBN: 9780819406828

Table of Contents
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Temperature rise due to dynamic crack growth in Beta-C titanium
Author(s): Alan T. Zehnder; Jacob A. Kallivayalil
Experimental investigation of dynamic mixed-mode fracture initiation
Author(s): John M. Lambros; James J. Mason; Ares J. Rosakis
Three-dimensional contour of crack tips using a grating method
Author(s): Klaus Andresen; Birger Kamp; Reinhold Ritter
Application of visioplasticity to an experimental analysis of the shearing phenomenon
Author(s): Nobuhiro Koga; Takeshi Kudoh; Masao Murakawa
Measurement of residual stresses in plastic materials by electronic shearography
Author(s): Kahwah Long; Y.Y. Hung; Joseph Der Hovanesian
Dynamic photoelasticity applied to crack-branching investigations
Author(s): Slimane Hammami; Mario Cottron; Alexis Lagarde
First direct measurements of transformation strains in crack-tip zone
Author(s): Mahyar S. Dadkhah; David B. Marshall; Winfred L. Morris
Use of scattered-light photoelasticity at crack tips
Author(s): Krishnaswamy Ravi-Chandar
Elasto-plastic contact between rollers
Author(s): Kunliang Chu; Penghui Li
Optical isodyne measurements in fracture mechanics
Author(s): Jerzy Pindera; Baicheng Wen
Dynamic caustic method is applied to fracture
Author(s): Zengtao Chen; Maolin Guo; Duo Wang; Xianzhi Bi
Laser metrological measurement of transient strain fields in Hopkinson-bar experiments
Author(s): Dietmar Vogel; Bernd Michel; Werner F. Totzauer; Ulrich Schreppel; Rainer Clos
Reducing errors in bending tests of ceramic materials
Author(s): Franco M. Furgiuele; Antonio Lamberti; Leonard Pagnotta
Void-crack interaction in aluminum single crystal
Author(s): X. M. Li; Fu-Pen Chiang
Integrated photoelasticity for residual stresses in glass specimens of complicated shape
Author(s): Hillar K. Aben; Siim J. Idnurm; Juri Josepson; Kalle-Juri E. Kell; Alfred E. Puro
Holographic photoelasticity applied to ceramics fracture
Author(s): Maolin Guo; Yigong Wang; Yi Zhao; Shanyi Du
Photoelastic investigation of stress waves using models of viscoelastic materials
Author(s): A. V. Dmokhovskij; I. G. Filippov; S. A. Skropkin; T. G.q Kobakhidze
Automatization of measurement and processing of experimental data in photoelasticity
Author(s): I. V. Zhavoronok; V. V. Nemchinov; S. A. Litvin; A. M. Skanavi; V. V. Pavlov; V. S. Evsenjov
Photoelastic stress investigation in underground large hole in permafrost soil (statics, thermoelasticity, dynamics, photoelastic strain-gauges)
Author(s): V. N. Savostjanov; V. V. Dvalishvili; V. N. Sakharov; A. S. Isajkin; L. J. Frishter; A. V. Starchevsky
Application of a dynamic photoelasticity technique for the study of two- and three-dimensional structures under seismic, shock, and explosive loads effect
Author(s): Ivan Kh. Kostin; V. V. Dvalishvili; E. V. Ureneva; N. A. Freishist; A. V. Fjodorov; O. L. Dmitriyenko
Photoelastic sensors for automatic control system of dam safety
Author(s): Joanna Konwerska-Hrabowska; Tadeusz Kryszczynski; Tomasz Tomaszewicz; J. Lietz; Wojciech Mazurkiewicz
Synthesis and property research of birefringent polymers with predicted optical-mechanical parameters
Author(s): A. A. Askadskij; A. S. Marshalkovich; E. G. Latysh; L. M. Goleneva; A. V. Pastukhov; G. I. Sidorova
Stress analysis in patella by three-dimensional photoelasticity
Author(s): Riqi Chen; Jianxing Zhang; Kunsheng Jiang
Photoelastic study of friction at multipoint contacts
Author(s): James W. Dally; Yung-Mien Chen
Photoelastic investigation of statics, kinetics, and dynamics of crack formation in transparent models and natural structural elements
Author(s): B. I. Taratorin; V. N. Sakharov; O. U. Komlev; V. N. Stcherbakov; A. V. Starchevsky
Solution of optimization problems of perforated and box-shaped structures by photoelasticity and numerical methods
Author(s): E. M. Shvej; E. G. Latysh; A. N. Morgunov; O. E. Mikhalchenko; A. L. Stchetinin; K. Yu. Volokh
Laser-stimulated thermoelastic stress wave inside a solid medium and measurement of its initial speed
Author(s): Anzhi He; Xiao-Wu Ni; Jian Lu; Chang Xing Wang; Hong-Yi Wang
Correspondence in damage phenomena and R-curve behavior in ceramics and geomaterials using moire interferometry
Author(s): Kenneth E. Perry; Jonathan Stone Epstein; G. B. May; J. L. Shull
Speckle measurement for 3-D surface movement
Author(s): Jens Hilbig; Reinhold Ritter
Study of measuring skin blood flow using speckle counting
Author(s): Ying Liu; Shining Ma; Fuli Du; Xiang Peng; Shenghua Ye
Accumulating displacement fields from different steps in laser or white-light speckle methods
Author(s): C. A. Shao; H. J. King; Yeon-Kang Wang; Fu-Pen Chiang
White-light speckle applied to composites
Author(s): Maolin Guo; Yi Zhao; Zhongming Wu; Shanyi Du
In-plane ESPI measurements in hostile environments
Author(s): Richard W. T. Preater; Robin C. Swain
Study of electronic shearing speckle technique
Author(s): Yuwen Qin; Jinqi Wang; Xinhua Ji
Automatic data processing of speckle fringe pattern
Author(s): Jean-Christophe Dupre; Alexis Lagarde
Application of phase-stepping speckle interferometry to shape and deformation measurement of a 3-D surface
Author(s): Brian N. Dobbins; Shi Ping He; S. Kapasi; Lewis S. Wang; B. L. Button; Xiaoping Wu
Higher-order theory of caustics for fast running cracks under general loadings
Author(s): Toshihisa Nishioka; R. Murakami; Seitaro Matsuo; Y. Ohishi
Method of caustics for anisotropic materials
Author(s): H. P. Rossmanith
Interface cracks close to free surfaces: a caustic study
Author(s): H. P. Rossmanith; Rudolf J. Beer; R. E. Knasmillner
Range of measurement of computer-aided speckle interferometry
Author(s): Duan-Jun Chen; Shen Li; T. Y. Hsu; Fu-Pen Chiang

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