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Optical Materials Technology for Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy Conversion X

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Volume Number: 1536
Date Published: 1 December 1991

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Review on electrochromic devices for automotive glazing
Author(s): Hulya Demiryont
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Structure and properties of electrochromic WO3 produced by sol-gel methods
Author(s): John M. Bell; David C. Green; A. Patterson; Geoffrey B. Smith; Kathleen A. MacDonald; K. D. Lee; L. Kirkup; J. D. Cullen; B. O. West; L. Spiccia; M. J. Kenny; L. S. Wielunski
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Detection by mirage effect of the counter-ion flux between an electrochrome and a liquid electrolyte: application to WO3, Prussian blue, and lutetium diphthalocyanine films
Author(s): Vincent Plichon; J. C. Giron; J. P. Delboulbe; F. Lerbet
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Transparent storage layers for H+ and Li+ ions prepared by sol-gel technique
Author(s): Bruno Valla; Juan Carlos Lop Tonazzi; Marcelo A. Macedo; L. H. Dall'Antonia; Michel Andre Aegerter; M. A.B. Gomes; Luis O. Bulhoes
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Cation intercalation in electrochromic NiOx films
Author(s): J. Scarminio; Annette Gorenstein; Franco Decker; Stefano Passerini; R. Pileggi; Bruno Scrosati
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Electrochromic properties and temperature dependence of chemically deposited Ni(OH)x thin films
Author(s): Marcia C.A. Fantini; George H. Bezerra; C. R. C. Carvalho; Annette Gorenstein
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Development of laminated nickel/manganese oxide and nickel/niobium oxide electrochromic devices
Author(s): Yan-Ping Ma; Phillip C. Yu; Carl M. Lampert
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Electrochromism in cobalt oxyhydroxide thin films
Author(s): Annette Gorenstein; C. N. Polo Da Fonseca; R. M. Torresi
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Angular-selective cermet films produced from a magnetically filtered cathodic arc
Author(s): Geoffrey B. Smith; M. W. Ng; Robert J. Ditchburn; Philip J. Martin; Roger Pryce Netterfield
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Optical performance of angle-dependent light-control glass
Author(s): Koichi Maeda; S. Ishizuka; T. Tsujino; Hiroaki Yamamoto; Akio Takigawa
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Antireflection coatings of sputter-deposited SnOxFy and SnNxFy
Author(s): Zhiqiang Yin; B. A. Stjerna; Claes-Goeran Granqvist
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Optical characterization of solar-selective transmitting coatings
Author(s): Arne Roos
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Optimization of optical properties of pigmented foils for radiative cooling applications: model calculations
Author(s): Torbjorn M.J. Nilsson; Gunnar A. Niklasson
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TiNxOy-Cu coatings for low-emissive solar-selective absorbers
Author(s): Michel P. Lazarov; B. Roehle; Thomas Eisenhammer; R. Sizmann
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Ultraviolet reflector materials for solar detoxification of hazardous waste
Author(s): Gary J. Jorgensen; Rangaprasad Govindarajan
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Design, fabrication, and integration of holographic dispersive solar concentrator for terrestrial applications
Author(s): Christo G. Stojanoff; Ruediger Kubitzek; Stephan Tropartz; Klaus Froehlich; Olivier Brasseur
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Electrodeposited nickel-cobalt thin films for photothermal conversion of solar energy
Author(s): N. Karuppiah; S. John; Sanjay S. Natarajan; V. Sivan
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Luminescence and chemical potential of solar cells
Author(s): Greg P. Smestad; Harald Ries
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Close-spaced vapor transport of II-VI semiconductors
Author(s): Gerard Perrier
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Photoelectrochemical etching of n-InP producing antireflecting structures for solar cells
Author(s): David Soltz; Lucila H. D. Cescato; Franco Decker
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Photoelectrochemical characteristics of slurry-coated CdSeTe films
Author(s): K. R. Murali; V. Subramanian; N. Rangarajan; A. S. Lakshmanan; S. K. Rangarajan
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Preparation, electrochemical, photoelectrochemical, and solid state characteristics of In-incorporated TiO2 thin films for solar energy applications
Author(s): Waheed A. Badawy; Emad M. El-Giar
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Two-dimensional model for high-efficiency microgroove silicon solar cells
Author(s): M. Abdus Sobhan; M. Nurul Islam
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Effects of film thickness on the thermoelectric behavior of pyrolytic ZnO thin film
Author(s): M. Ghulam Ambia; M. Nurul Islam; M. Obaidul Hakim
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Progress on the variable reflectivity electrochromic window
Author(s): Ronald B. Goldner; Floyd O. Arntz; G. Berera; Terry E. Haas; G. Wei; Kwok-keung Wong; Phillip C. Yu
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Solid state ionics and optical materials technology for energy efficiency, solar energy conversion, and environment control
Author(s): Andrejs R. Lusis
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