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Optical Space Communication II
Editor(s): Juergen Franz

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Volume Number: 1522
Date Published: 1 May 1991

Table of Contents
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European SILEX project and other advanced concepts for optical space communications
Author(s): Gotthard Oppenhauser; Manfred E. Wittig; Alexandru F. Popescu
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Current and future activities in the area of optical space communications in Japan
Author(s): Masayuki Fujise; Kenichi Araki; Hiroshi Arikawa; Yoji Furuhama
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Plan for the development and demonstration of optical communications for deep space
Author(s): James R. Lesh; L. J. Deutsch; W. J. Weber
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SOLACOS: a diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser breadboard for coherent space communication system verification
Author(s): Klaus Pribil; Ulrich A. Johann; Heinz Sontag
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Design study for high-performance optical communications satellite terminal with high-power laser diode transmitter
Author(s): Ulrich Hildebrand; Reinhard Seeliger; Berry Smutny; Rolf Sand
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Second-generation high-data-rate interorbit link based on diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser technology
Author(s): Heinz Sontag; Ulrich A. Johann; Klaus Pribil
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Definition of interorbit link optical terminals with diode-pumped Nd:host laser technology
Author(s): Andrea E. Marini; Antonio Della Torre
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Economic factors for a free-space laser communication system
Author(s): David L. Begley; Robert G. Marshalek
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Novel optical-fiber-based conical scan tracking device
Author(s): Ulrich A. Johann; Klaus Pribil; Heinz Sontag
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Electro-optic modulator for high-speed Nd:YAG laser communication
Author(s): Thomas Petsch
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Optical carrier modulation by integrated optical devices in lithium niobate
Author(s): Andreas S. Rasch; Wolfgang Buss; Rolf Goering; Steffen Steinberg; Wolfgang Karthe
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Experimental implementation of an optical multiple-aperture antenna for space communications
Author(s): Wolfgang M. Neubert; Walter R. Leeb; Arpad L. Scholtz
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Back-reflection measurements on the SILEX telexcope
Author(s): Reinhard A. Birkl; Sigmund Manhart
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Investigation of unobscured mirror telescope for telecom purposes
Author(s): Rolf Sand
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Optimum receiver structure and filter design for MPAM optical space communication systems
Author(s): Intesar F. Al-Ramli
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Effect of microaccelerations on an optical space communication system
Author(s): Manfred E. Wittig
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Design of a periscopic coarse pointing assembly for optical multiple access
Author(s): Paul V. Gatenby; Peter Boereboom; Michael A. Grant
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Image processing techniques for aquisition of faint point laser targets in space
Author(s): Rafael Garcia-Prieto; Francois Spiero; Alexandru F. Popescu
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Micromachined scanning mirrors for laser beam deflection
Author(s): Peter Huber; U. Gerlach-Meyer
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Realization of heterodyne acquisition and tracking with diode lasers at lambda=1.55 um
Author(s): Martin F. Hueber; Walter R. Leeb; Arpad L. Scholtz
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Lifetest on a high-power laser diode array transmitter
Author(s): Peter Greulich; Bernd Hespeler; Thomas Spatscheck
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Single-frequency Nd:YAG laser development for space communication
Author(s): Rudolf Letterer; Klaus Wallmeroth
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1W cw diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser for coherent space communication systems
Author(s): Ulrich A. Johann; Wolf Seelert
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Coherent optical fiber communications
Author(s): P. Meissner
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Realization of a coherent optical DPSK (differential phase-shift keying) heterodyne transmission system with 565 MBit/s at 1.064 um
Author(s): Bernhard Wandernoth; Juergen Franz
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BPSK homodyne and DPSK heterodyne receivers for free-space communication with ND:host lasers
Author(s): Matthias Bopp; Gerhard Huether; Thomas Spatscheck; Harald Specker; Theo J. Wiesmann
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90 degree optical hybrid for coherent receivers
Author(s): Reiner B. Garreis
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High-power diode-pumped solid state lasers for optical space communications
Author(s): Walter Koechner; Ralph L. Burnham; Jeff Kasinski; Patrick A. Bournes; Don DiBiase; Khoa Le; Larry R. Marshall; Alan D. Hays
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