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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1503

Excimer Lasers and Applications III
Editor(s): Tommaso Letardi; Lucien Diego Laude
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 1503
Date Published: 1 September 1991
Softcover: 54 papers (524) pages
ISBN: 9780819406125

Table of Contents
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Recent progress towards multikilowatt output
Author(s): Elmar Mueller-Horsche; Peter Oesterlin; Dirk Basting
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Design considerations for high-power industrial excimer lasers
Author(s): Heinz-Leonard Jetter
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Review of the multikilohertz performance of the CHIRP laser and components
Author(s): Jim Fieret; J. Michael Green; R. Heath; Michael A. O'Key; Michael R. Osborne; S. J. Osbourn; Arthur F. D. S. Taylor; R. J. Winfield
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Parametric study of small-volume long-pulse x-ray preionized XeCl laser with double-discharge and fast magnetic switch
Author(s): Jean-Marc Hueber; Bernard L. Fontaine; M. Boyomo Ngo Kobhio; Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Bernard M. Forestier; Marc L. Sentis
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Excimer laser development at the ENEA Frascati Centre: discharge instabilities study
Author(s): Sarah Bollanti; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Francesco Flora; Shufen Fu; Gualtiero Giordano; Tommaso Letardi; Nicola Lisi; Giovanni Schina; Cheng En Zheng
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Modeling of a long-pulse high-efficiency XeCl laser with double-discharge and fast magnetic switch
Author(s): M. Boyomo Ngo Kobhio; Bernard L. Fontaine; Jean-Marc Hueber; Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Bernard M. Forestier; Marc L. Sentis
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Theoretical and experimental investigations on pressure-wave reflections and attenuation in high-power excimer lasers
Author(s): Achim Holzwarth; Juergen Griebsch; Peter Berger
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Super small excimer laser
Author(s): Arnold A. Vill; Ants A. Salk; Irina K. Berik
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Experimental studies of an XeCl laser with UV preionization perpendicular and parallel to the electrode surfaces
Author(s): Vincenzo Nassisi
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Importance of nonequilibrium vibrational kinetics of HCl in XeCl laser modeling
Author(s): Mario Capitelli; Claudine Gorse; Savino Longo; J. Bretagne; Emmanuel Estocq
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Excimer laser with sealed x-ray preionizer
Author(s): Vladimir V. Atjezhev; Sergey R. Belov; Viacheslav S. Bukreev; Serge K. Vartapetov; Alexander N. Zhukov; Ilnur T. Ziganshin; Alexander M. Prokhorov; Alexey E. Soldatkin; Dmitrii Yu. Stepanov
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Excitation of an excimer laser with microwave resonator
Author(s): Lucia Huenermann; Rudolph Meyer; Franz Richter; Alexander Schnase
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Excimer laser performance under various microwave excitation conditions
Author(s): Hans Hermann Klingenberg; Frank Gekat
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Low-loss line-narrowed excimer oscillator for projection photolithography: experiments and simulation
Author(s): Gennady S. Volkov; D. Yu. Zaroslov
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Pulse compression of KrF laser radiation by stimulated scattering
Author(s): Sergey Sergeivich Alimpiev; Viacheslav S. Bukreev; Vladimir I. Kusakin; Sergey V. Likhansky; Alexey Z. Obidin; Serge K. Vartapetov; Igor A. Veselovsky
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Evolution of an excimer laser gas mix
Author(s): Allan D. Boardman; Elizabeth M. Hodgson; A. J. Spence; A. D. Richardson; M. B. Richardson
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High-repetition-rate pseudospark switches for pulsed high-power lasers
Author(s): Peter G. Bickel; Jens Christiansen; K. H. Frank; Andreas Goertler; Werner Hartmann; Claudius Kozlik; Peter Wiesneth
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Damage testing of optical components for high-power excimer lasers
Author(s): Klaus R. Mann; Harald Gerhardt
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Electrical discharges investigation in gas-pulsed laser
Author(s): Peter Persephonis; V. Giannetas; J. Parthenios; C. Georgiades
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Controlled structuring of polymer surfaces by UV laser irradiation
Author(s): Thomas Bahners; Wolfgang Kesting; Eckhard Schollmeyer
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Excimer laser patterning of flexible materials
Author(s): Z. Kollia; Elias I. Hontzopoulos
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Influencing adherence properties of polymers by excimer laser radiation
Author(s): J. Breuer; Simeon Metev; Gerd Sepold; G. Krueger; O. D. Hennemann
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Effective temperatures of polymer laser ablation
Author(s): Nickolay P. Furzikov
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Excimer laser processing of ceramics and fiber-reinforced polymers assisted by a diagnostic system
Author(s): Manfred Geiger; Norbert Lutz; Stephan Biermann
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Excimer laser surface treatment of ceramics
Author(s): G. Hourdakis; Elias I. Hontzopoulos; Athena Tsetsekou; Th. Zampetakis; C. J. Stournaras
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Surface nitride synthesis by multipulse excimer laser irradiation
Author(s): Emilia D'Anna; Gilberto Leggieri; Armando Luches; Maurizio Martino; Antonio Luigi Perrone; Guiseppe Majni; Paolo Mengucci; A. V. Drigo; Ion N. Mihailescu
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Light-induced polishing of evaporating surface
Author(s): Vladimir N. Tokarev; Vitali I. Konov
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In-situ growth of Y1Ba2Cu3O7-x thin films using XeCl excimer and Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Mireille Gerri; Vladimir I. Marine; Yves Mathey; Marc L. Sentis; Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Bernard L. Fontaine; Bernard M. Forestier
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Ablation of ITO and TO films from glass substrates
Author(s): Frode Meringdal; Harald Slinde
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Investigations on excimer-laser-treated Cu/Cr contact materials
Author(s): Emil Schubert; S. Rosiwal; Hans W. Bergmann
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Excimer laser deposition and characterization of tin and tin-oxide films
Author(s): E. Borsella; P. De Padova; Rosanna Larciprete
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Laser chemistry of dimethylcadmium adsorbed on silicon: 308- versus 222-nm laser excitation
Author(s): Alexander P. Simonov; Vladimir N. Varakin; Anatoly M. Panesh; V. A. Lunchev
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Photochemical changes of rare-earth valent state in gamma-irradiated CaF2:Pr crystals by the excimer laser radiation: investigation and application
Author(s): Svetlana G. Lukishova; Alexey Z. Obidin; Serge K. Vartapetov; Igor A. Veselovsky; Anatoly V. Osiko; Tamara V. Tulaikova; Valerii V. Ter-Mikirtychev; Nestor Raul Minhu Mendez
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Use of excimer lasers in medicine: applications, problems, and dangers
Author(s): Jens Mommsen; Martin Stuermer
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Bundle of tapered fibers for the transmission of high-power excimer laser pulses
Author(s): Hermine Hitzler; Norbert Leclerc; Christoph Pfleiderer; Juergen M. Wolfrum; Karl-Otto Greulich; Karl-Friedrich Klein
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Spectral and time-resolved measurements of pollutants on water surface by an XeCl laser fluorosensor
Author(s): Roberto Barbini; Roberta Fantoni; Antonio Palucci; Sergio Ribezzo; Hendricus J. L. van der Steen
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Excimer laser cutting of corneal transplants
Author(s): Raivo Tamkivi; Leo L. Schotter; Tat'yana A. Pakhomova
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Laser plasma XUV sources: a role for excimer lasers?
Author(s): Fred Bijkerk; Alexander P. Shevelko
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100-Hz KrF laser plasma x-ray source
Author(s): I. C. Edmond Turcu; Malcolm C. Gower; C. J. Reason; P. Huntington; M. Schulz; Alan G. Michette; Fred Bijkerk; Eric Louis; Gregory J. Tallents; Yas Al-Hadithi; Dimitri Batani
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Applications of laser plasmas in XUV photoabsorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Eugene T. Kennedy; John T. Costello; Jean-Paul Mosnier
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Laser-produced continua for studies in the XUV
Author(s): P. Kevin Carroll; Gerard D. O'Sullivan
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Efficient population of low-vibrational-number electronic states of excimer molecules: the argon dimer
Author(s): Tom Efthimiopoulos
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Atomic xenon recombination laser excited by thermal ionizing radiation from a magnetoplasma compressor and discharge
Author(s): A. S. Kamrukov; Nicolay P. Kozlov; A. G. Opekan; Yuri S. Protasov; I. G. Rudoi; A. M. Soroka
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Excimer laser processing of diamond-like films
Author(s): Vladimir G. Ageev; T. N. Glushko; V. F. Dorfman; A. V. Kuzmichov; B. N. Pypkin
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Time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy apparatus using laser plasma as an x-ray source
Author(s): Osamu Yoda; Atsumi Miyashita; Kouichi Murakami; Sadao Aoki; Naohiro Yamaguchi
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Excimer-dye laser system for diagnosis and therapy of cancer
Author(s): Ludwik Jerzy Pokora; Zbigniew Puzewicz
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L-shell x-ray spectroscopy of laser-produced plasmas in the 1-keV region
Author(s): Dimitri Batani; Antonio Giulietti; Libero Palladino; Gregory J. Tallents; I. C. Edmond Turcu
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Parametric study of a high-average-power XeCl laser
Author(s): Bruno Godard; Emmanuel Estocq; Franck Joulain; Pierre Murer; Marc X. Stehle; Jean C. Bonnet; Daniel R. Pigache
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Kilowatt-range high-repetition-rate excimer lasers
Author(s): Vladimir M. Borisov; Oleg B. Khristoforov; Yurii B. Kirykhin; S. G. Kuznetsov; Yu. Yu. Stepanov; Aleksandr Yu. Vinokhodov
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Multistage XeCl excimer system "Cactus" and some investigations of stimulated scattering in liquids
Author(s): Vladimir B. Karpov; Vladlen V. Korobkin; A. K. Naboichenko; D. A. Dolgolenko
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Photodestruction of organic compounds exposed to pulsed VUV irradiation
Author(s): Sergei N. Belov; Albert I. Vangonen; Olga V. Levina; Anatoly M. Puhov
Laser-assisted deposition of thin films onto transparent substrates from liquid-phase organometallic precursor: iron acetylacetonate
Author(s): George A. Shafeev; Lucien Diego Laude
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Free-electron lasers as light sources for basic research
Author(s): P. Wim van Amersfoort
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Motivation for DOC III: 64-bit digital optical computer
Author(s): Peter S. Guilfoyle
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