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Nonlinear Optics and Materials
Editor(s): Cyrus D. Cantrell; Charles M. Bowden
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Volume Number: 1497
Date Published: 1 September 1991
Softcover: 45 papers (478) pages
ISBN: 9780819406064

Table of Contents
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Nonlinear optical processes in droplets with single-mode laser excitation
Author(s): Richard K. Chang; Chang-ho Chen; Steven C. Hill; Peter W. Barber
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Resonances and internal electric energy density in droplets
Author(s): Steven C. Hill; Peter W. Barber; Dipakbin Qasem Chowdhury; Elsayed-Esam M. Khaled; Md. Mohiuddin Mazumder
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Overview of stimulated Brillouin scattering in microdroplets
Author(s): Cyrus D. Cantrell
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Nonlinear optical amplification and oscillation in spherical microdroplets
Author(s): Gershon Kurizki; E. Goldner
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Electromagnetic field calculations for a tightly focused laser beam incident upon a microdroplet: applications to nonlinear optics
Author(s): John P. Barton; Dennis R. Alexander
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Cavity-QED-enhanced spontaneous emission and lasing in liquid droplets
Author(s): Anthony J. Campillo; Jay D. Eversole; Horn-Bond Lin; Charles D. Merritt
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Nonlinear laser interactions with saltwater aerosols
Author(s): Dennis R. Alexander; Dana E. Poulain; Scott A. Schaub; John P. Barton
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Stimulated Raman diagnostics in diesel droplets
Author(s): Michael Golombok
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Time-resolved Raman spectroscopy from reacting optically levitated microdroplets
Author(s): Joseph C. Carls; James R. Brock
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Superheating phenomena in absorbing microdroplets irradiated by pulsed lasers
Author(s): Robert L. Armstrong
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Intercomparison of homogeneous laser models with transverse effects
Author(s): Donna Kay Bandy; L. W. Hunter; Darlena J. Jones
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Theory of transient self-focusing
Author(s): Kangmin Hsia; Cyrus D. Cantrell
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Parametric pulse breakup due to population pulsations in three-level systems
Author(s): Steven F. DiMarco; Cyrus D. Cantrell
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Pulse reshaping and coherent sideband generation effects on multiphoton excitation of polyatomic molecules
Author(s): Steven T. Garner; Cyrus D. Cantrell
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Intrapulse stimulated Raman scattering and ultrashort solitons in optical fibers
Author(s): Clifford Headley; Govind P. Agrawal; A. C. Reardon
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Vector beam propagation using Hertz vectors
Author(s): Carl S. Milsted; Cyrus D. Cantrell
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Statistics of spontaneously generated Raman solitons
Author(s): John C. Englund; Charles M. Bowden
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Time reversal, enhancement, and suppression of dipole radiation by a phase-conjugate mirror
Author(s): Erik J. Bochove
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Vector squeezed states
Author(s): Heun Jin Lee; Joseph W. Haus
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Influence of atomic decay on micromaser operation
Author(s): Shi-Yao Zhu
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Higher order effect of regular pumping in lasers and masers
Author(s): Shi-Yao Zhu; Marlan O. Scully; Chang Su
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Gain and threshold in noninversion lasers
Author(s): Marlan O. Scully; Shi-Yao Zhu; Lorenzo M. Narducci; Heidi Fearn
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Similarity and difference between degenerate parametric oscillators and two-photon correlated-spontaneous-emission lasers
Author(s): Shi-Yao Zhu; Marlan O. Scully
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Nonlinear theory of a three-level laser with microwave coupling: numerical calculation
Author(s): Heidi Fearn; Willis E. Lamb; Marlan O. Scully
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Chaotic behavior of a Raman ring laser
Author(s): John C. Englund
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Transition from homoclinic to heteroclinic chaos in coupled laser arrays
Author(s): Kenju Otsuka
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Amplified quantum fluctuation as a mechanism for generating ultrashort pulses in semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Ruixi Yuan; Henry Fuller Taylor
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Ultrashort pulse propagation in visible semiconductor diode laser amplifiers
Author(s): Jim A. Tatum; Duncan L. MacFarlane
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Laser linac in vacuum: assessment of a high-energy particle accelerator
Author(s): Gerald T. Moore; Erik J. Bochove; Marlan O. Scully
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Laser linac: nondiffractive beam and gas-loading effects
Author(s): Erik J. Bochove; Gerald T. Moore; Marlan O. Scully; K. Wodkiewicz
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Corrections to the Golden Rule
Author(s): Heidi Fearn; Willis E. Lamb
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Nonlinear optical properties of composite materials
Author(s): Joseph W. Haus; Ramarao Inguva
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Preparation and characterization of silver-colloid/polymer-composite nonlinear optical materials
Author(s): Richard LaPeruta; E. A. Van Wagenen; J. J. Roche; Prakob Kitipichai; Gary E. Wnek; Gerald M. Korenowski
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Fabrication and nonlinear optical properties of mixed and layered colloidal particles
Author(s): Joseph K. McDonald; Kenneth LaiHing
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Nonlinear optical properties of suspensions of microparticles: electrostrictive effect and enhanced backscatter
Author(s): Chih-Chieh Kang; Michael A. Fiddy
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Nonlinear electromagnetic field response of high-Tc superconducting microparticle composites
Author(s): Joseph W. Haus; F. Chung-Yau; Charles M. Bowden
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Photodegradation of a laser dye in a silica gel matrix
Author(s): Wallace L. Glab; Mark Bistransin; Walter L. Borst
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Excited-state nonlinear optical processes in polymers
Author(s): James Randy Heflin; Qihou L. Zhou; Anthony F. Garito
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Synthesis and incorporation of ladder polymer subunits in copolyamides, pendant polymers, and composites for enhanced nonlinear optical response
Author(s): Charles W. Spangler; Michelle L. Saindon; Eric G. Nickel; Linda S. Sapochak; David W. Polis; Larry Raymond Dalton; Robert A. Norwood
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New class of mainchain chromophoric nonlinear optical polymers
Author(s): Geoffrey A. Lindsay; John D. Stenger-Smith; Ronald A. Henry; James M. Hoover; R. F. Kubin
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Nonlinear optical properties of inorganic coordination polymers and organometallic complexes
Author(s): Mark E. Thompson; William Chiang; Lori K. Myers; Charles A. Langhoff
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Importance of nonlinear gain in semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Govind P. Agrawal; George R. Gray
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