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Propagation Engineering: Fourth in a Series
Editor(s): Luc R. Bissonnette; Walter B. Miller
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Volume Number: 1487
Date Published: 1 July 1991
Softcover: 38 papers (422) pages
ISBN: 9780819405968

Table of Contents
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Double-passage imaging through turbulence
Author(s): J. C. Dainty; Theo Mavroidis; Christopher J. Solomon
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Measurements of the atmospheric turbulence spectrum and intermittency using laser scintillation
Author(s): Rod G. Frehlich
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Expressions for the spherical-wave-structure function based on a bump spectrum model for the index of refraction
Author(s): Christina E. Richardson; Larry C. Andrews
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Two-frequency correlation in a turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Reuven Mazar; Mark Rozental
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Prediction of Cn2 on the basis of macroscale meteorology including aerosols
Author(s): Dan Sadot; Norman S. Kopeika
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Cn2 estimates in the boundary layer for damp unstable conditions
Author(s): Arnold Tunick; Henry Rachele; Walter B. Miller
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Wavefront curvature sensing and compensation methods in adaptive optics
Author(s): Francois J. Roddier
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Blur identification and image restoration with the expectation-maximization algorithm
Author(s): Donald L. Durack
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Interaction of exposure time and system noise with angle-of-arrival measurements
Author(s): Frank D. Eaton; William A. Peterson; John R. Hines; Arthur Howard Waldie; James J. Drexler; John A. Qualtrough; David B. Soules
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GRAND: a 4-D wave optics code for atmospheric laser propagation
Author(s): Naresh C. Mehta
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Sensing refractive-turbulence profiles (Cn2) using wavefront phase measurements from multiple reference sources
Author(s): Byron M. Welsh
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Characterization and effect of system noise in a differential angle of arrival measurement device
Author(s): Arthur Howard Waldie; James J. Drexler; John A. Qualtrough; David B. Soules; Frank D. Eaton; William A. Peterson; John R. Hines
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Simulation of vertical profiles of extinction and backscatter coefficients in very low stratus clouds and subcloud regions
Author(s): Neal Harold Kilmer; Henry Rachele
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Aerosol models for optical and IR propagation in the marine atmospheric boundary layer
Author(s): Gerrit de Leeuw
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Evaluation of the Navy Oceanic Vertical Aerosol Model using lidar and PMS particle-size spectrometers
Author(s): Douglas R. Jensen
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Correlation between the aerosol profiles measurements, the meteorological conditions, and the atmospheric IR transmission in a mediterranean marine atmosphere
Author(s): Mireille Tanguy; Herve Bonhommet; Michel L. Autric; Patrick Vigliano
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Multiple-scattering effects on pulse propagation through burning particles
Author(s): Yushieh Ma; Vijay K. Varadan; Vasundara V. Varadan
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Prediction of coarse-aerosol statistics according to weather forecast
Author(s): J. Gottlieb; Norman S. Kopeika
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Prediction of thermal-image quality as a function of weather forecast
Author(s): A. Shushan; Y. Meninberg; Izhak Levy; Norman S. Kopeika
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Measurement of modulation transfer function of desert atmospheres
Author(s): Carlos McDonald
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Lidar evaluation of the propagation environment
Author(s): Edward E. Uthe; John M. Livingston
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Forward-looking IR and lidar atmospheric propagation in the infrared field program
Author(s): George G. Koenig; Luc R. Bissonnette
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Multiscattered lidar returns from atmospheric aerosols
Author(s): Daniel L. Hutt; Luc R. Bissonnette; Louis-Gilles Durand
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Wide-spectral-range transmissometer used for fog measurements
Author(s): Vernon Turner; Christian A. Trowbridge
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Atmospheric visibility monitoring for planetary optical communications
Author(s): Kelly A. Cowles
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Comparison of laser radar transmittance for the five atmospheric models
Author(s): Robert H. Au
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Atmospheric continuum absorption models
Author(s): Corinne T. Delaye; Michael E. Thomas
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Visible extinction measurements in rain and snow using a forward-scatter meter
Author(s): Daniel L. Hutt; Jamie Oman
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Scattering and thermal emission from spatially inhomogeneous atmospheric rain and cloud
Author(s): Yaqiu Jin
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Overall atmospheric MTF and aerosol MTF cutoff
Author(s): Itai Dror; Norman S. Kopeika
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Blurring effect of aerosols on imaging systems
Author(s): Luc R. Bissonnette
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New look at bump spectra models for temperature and refractive-index fluctuations
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Sisterman; Larry C. Andrews
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Increasing the isoplanatic patch size with phase-derivative adaptive optics
Author(s): Yue-Zhong Feng; Zhiben Gong; Zhengfang Song
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Finite aperture effects on intensity fluctuations of laser radiation in a turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Reuven Mazar; Alexander Bronshtein
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Empirical modeling of laser propagation effects in intermediate turbulence
Author(s): David H. Tofsted
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Correlation of bifrequency beam propagating in a folded turbulent path
Author(s): Zhengfang Song; Jun Ma
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High-resolution astronomical observations using deconvolution from wavefront sensing
Author(s): Vincent Michau; T. Marais; Jean Laurent; Jerome Primot; Jean-Claude Fontanella; Michel Tallon; Jesus Jimenez Fuensalida
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Determination of the temperature of a single particle heated by a highly concentrated laser beam
Author(s): Philippe J.L. Herve; Sophie Bednarczyk; Philippe Masclet
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