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Surveillance Technologies
Editor(s): Sankaran Gowrinathan; Raymond J. Mataloni; Stanley J. Schwartz
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Volume Number: 1479
Date Published: 1 August 1991
Softcover: 40 papers (458) pages
ISBN: 9780819405883

Table of Contents
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CCD performance model
Author(s): Oliver E. Dial
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Development of a large pixel, spectrally optimized, pinned photodiode/interline CCD detector for the Earth Observing System/Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer-Tilt Instrument
Author(s): Audrey J. Ewin; Murzy D. Jhabvala; Peter K. Shu
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Space telescope imaging spectrograph 2048 CCD and its characteristics
Author(s): Alan W. Delamere; Thomas H. Ebben; Debbie Murata-Seawalt; Morley M. Blouke; Richard Reed; Bruce E. Woodgate
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High-radiometric-performance CCD for the third-generation stratospheric aerosol and gas experiment
Author(s): Alan W. Delamere; James W. Baer; Thomas H. Ebben; James S. Flores; Gary Kleiman; Morley M. Blouke; Michael P. McCormick
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Space-based visible surveillance experiment
Author(s): Charles P. Dyjak; David C. Harrison
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Space-based visible all-reflective stray light telescope
Author(s): Dexter Wang; Leo R. Gardner; Wallace K. Wong; Peter Hadfield
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Temperature-monitored/controlled silicon photodiodes for standardization
Author(s): George P. Eppeldauer
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Space-based sensing of atmospheric conditions over data-void regions
Author(s): Jan L. Behunek; Thomas H. Vonder Haar
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Shock-layer-induced ultraviolet emissions measured by rocket payloads
Author(s): Leonard H. Caveny; David M. Mann
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Signal processor for space-based visible sensing
Author(s): James C. Anderson; George S. Downs; Pierre C. Trepagnier
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Miniature signal processor for surveillance sensor applications
Author(s): William J. Jacobi; Preben D. Jensen; Nicholas J. Teneketges; Leo A. Wadsworth
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Nonrejected earth radiance performance of the visible ultraviolet experiment sensor
Author(s): Timothy C. Betts; Jerome M. Dowling; Richard M. Friedman
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New concept for a highly compact imaging Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Denis Simeoni
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Space-spectrum resolution function of the imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Xin Zhi Han; Ying Qiu
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Optical filters for the wind imaging interferometer
Author(s): R. Glenn Sellar; William A. Gault; Christopher K. Karp
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Passive and active sensors for autonomous space applications
Author(s): Peter Tchoryk; Kurt W. Gleichman; Dwayne C. Carmer; Yuji Morita; Milton Trichel; R. Kent Gilbert
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Errors inherent in the restoration of imagery acquired through remotely sensed refractive interfaces and scattering media
Author(s): Mark S. Schmalz
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Graphical interface for multispectral simulation, scene generation, and analysis
Author(s): Terry L. Sikes; William T. Kreiss
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Use of spline expansions and regularization in the unfolding of data from spaceborne sensors
Author(s): Thornton R. Fisher; Joseph D. Perez
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SADARM status report
Author(s): Anthony J. DiNardo
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Flight test integration and evaluation of the LANTIRN system on the F-15E
Author(s): Gary G. Presuhn; Joseph E. Zeis
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Error analysis of combined stereo/optical-flow passive ranging
Author(s): Yair Barniv
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Coherent laser radar for target classification
Author(s): Wolfgang Kranz
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NIRATAM-NATO infrared air target model
Author(s): Meg A. Noah; Joseph A. Kristl; John W. Schroeder; B. P. Sandford
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Optical delay tester
Author(s): Shin-ichi Wakana; Toshiaki Nagai; Soichi Hama; Yoshiro Goto
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Low-cost space platforms for detection and tracking technologies
Author(s): Robert M. Cullen
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Application of lighter-than-air platforms to law enforcement
Author(s): Raymond J. Mataloni
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High-performance InSb 256 x 256 infrared camera
Author(s): John D. Blackwell; William J. Parrish; Glenn T. Kincaid
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Buried object remote detection technology for law enforcement
Author(s): Nancy Del Grande; Gregory A. Clark; Philip F. Durbin; David J. Fields; Jose D. Hernandez; Robert J. Sherwood
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Application of backscatter absorption gas imaging to the detection of chemicals related to drug production
Author(s): Thomas J. Kulp; Darrel G. Garvis; Randall B. Kennedy; Thomas G. McRae
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Applications of aerial photography to law enforcement and disaster assessment: a consideration of the state-of-the-art
Author(s): William J. Cox; Andrew Biache
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Overview of U.S. Fishery requirements
Author(s): Steven C. Springer; Craig McLean
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Wedge imaging spectrometer: application to drug and pollution law enforcement
Author(s): George T. Elerding; John G. Thunen; Loren M. Woody
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Airborne lidar elastic scattering, fluorescent scattering, and differential absorption observations
Author(s): Edward E. Uthe
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Remote spectral fingerprinting for law enforcement
Author(s): Robert L. Huguenin; Donald J. Tahmoush
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Ultraviolet-laser-induced fluorescence imaging sensor
Author(s): Jill C. Thompson
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Image enhancement of infrared uncooled focal plane array imagery
Author(s): Howard M. McCauley; John Eric Auborn
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Design and testing of data fusion systems for the U.S. Customs Service drug interdiction program
Author(s): John R. Stoltz; Donald C. Cole
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Airborne infrared and visible sensors used for law enforcement and drug interdiction
Author(s): David M. Aikens; William R. Young
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Detection of contraband brought into the United States by aircraft and other transportation methods: a changing problem
Author(s): Joseph A. Bruder; Eugene F. Greneker; F. E. Nathanson; T. C. Henneberger
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