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Data Structures and Target Classification
Editor(s): Vibeke Libby

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Volume Number: 1470
Date Published: 1 August 1991

Table of Contents
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Fusion or confusion: knowledge or nonsense?
Author(s): Peter L. Rothman; Richard V. Denton
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Survey of multisensor data fusion systems
Author(s): Robert J. Linn; David L. Hall; James Llinas
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Adaptive selection of sensors based on individual performances in a multisensor environment
Author(s): Ramon Parra; Wiley E. Thompson; Ajit P. Salvi
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Fusion of multiple-sensor imagery based on target motion characteristics
Author(s): Thomas R. Tsao; John M. Libert
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Pseudo K-means approach to the multisensor multitarget tracking problem
Author(s): Wiley E. Thompson; Ramon Parra; Chin-Wang Tao
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Conversion of sensor data for real-time scene generation
Author(s): Vibeke Libby; R. Keith Bardin
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MITAS: multisensor imaging technology for airborne surveillance
Author(s): John D. Thomas
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Routing in distributed information systems
Author(s): Zbigniew W. Ras
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Flow-control mechanism for distributed systems
Author(s): Jacek Maitan
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Maximum likelihood estimation of differential delay and differential Doppler
Author(s): Herbert Gary Greene; Jay MacMullan
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State estimation for distributed systems with sensing delay
Author(s): Harold L. Alexander
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Step towards optimal topology of communication networks
Author(s): Zbigniew Michalewicz
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Fault-tolerant capacity-1 protocol for very fast local networks
Author(s): Wlodek Dobosiewicz; Pawel Gburzynski
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Scanning strategies for target detection
Author(s): Izidor Gertner; Yehoshua Y. Zeevi
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Scaling of digital shapes with subpixel boundary estimation
Author(s): Jack Koplowitz
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Markov random fields on a SIMD machine for global region labelling
Author(s): Gregory M. Budzban; John M. DeCatrel
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Efficient software techniques for morphological image processing with desktop computers
Author(s): Michael A. Zmuda; Louis A. Tamburino; Mateen M. Rizki
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Innovative architectural and theoretical considerations yield efficient fuzzy logic controller VLSI design
Author(s): Paul Basehore; Joseph Thomas Yestrebsky
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Scientific data compression for space: a modified block truncation coding algorithm
Author(s): Wei-Wei Lu; Michael Paul Gough; Peter N. H. Davies
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Optical correlation filters for large-class OCR applications
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Anand K. Iyer; Srinivasan Gopalaswamy
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Building an optical pattern recognizer
Author(s): Perry C. Lindberg; Don A. Gregory
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Efficient use of data structures for digital monopulse feature extraction
Author(s): Robert McEachern; Andrew J. Eckhardt; Alexander Nauda
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Survey of radar-based target recognition techniques
Author(s): Marvin N. Cohen
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Ground target classification using moving target indicator radar signatures
Author(s): Chun S. Yoon
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Assumption truth maintenance in model-based ATR algorithm design
Author(s): Laura Fulton Bennett; Rubin Johnson; Cecil Ivan Hudson
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Automatic and operator-assisted solid modeling of objects for automatic recognition
Author(s): J. Ross Stenstrom; C. Ian Connolly
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Algorithm for statistical classification of radar clutter into one of several categories
Author(s): Nicholas A. Nechval
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DIGNET: a self-organizing neural network for automatic pattern recognition and classification
Author(s): Stelios C.A. Thomopoulos; Dimitrios K. Bougoulias
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Recognition of contacts between objects in the presence of uncertainties
Author(s): Jing Xiao
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