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Extracting Meaning from Complex Data: Processing, Display, Interaction II
Editor(s): Edward J. Farrell

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Volume Number: 1459
Date Published: 1 June 1991

Table of Contents
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Octree optimization
Author(s): Al Globus
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Adaptive isosurface generation in a distortion-rate framework
Author(s): Paul C. Ning; Lambertus Hesselink
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Modeling and visualization of scattered volumetric data
Author(s): Gregory M. Nielson; Tim Dierks
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High-speed integrated rendering algorithm for interpreting multiple-variable 3-D data
Author(s): Tatsuo Miyazawa
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Interactive graphics system for multivariate data display
Author(s): Richard A. Becker; William S. Cleveland; William M. Shyu; Allan R. Wilks
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Visualization tool for human-machine interface designers
Author(s): Michael P. Prevost; Carolyn P. Banda
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Project DaVinci
Author(s): Norman Winarsky; Joanna R. Alexander
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Visualization of manufacturing process data in N-dimensional spaces: a reanalysis of the data
Author(s): Ann C. Fulop; Donald M. Allen; Gerhard Deffner
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Visual thinking in organizational analysis
Author(s): Charles E. Grantham
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Virtual environment technology
Author(s): David L. Zeltzer
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Analysis and representation of complex structures in separated flows
Author(s): James L. Helman; Lambertus Hesselink
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Three-dimensional visualization and quantification of evolving amorphous objects
Author(s): Deborah E. Silver; Norman J. Zabusky
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Radiative tetrahedral lattices
Author(s): Jesse W. Driver III; William Chris Buckalew
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Brain surface maps from 3-D medical images
Author(s): Jiuhuai Lu; Eric W. Hansen; Michael S. Gazzaniga
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Detection and visualization of porosity in industrial CT scans of aluminum die castings
Author(s): Lee T. Andrews; Joseph W. Klingler; Jeffery A. Schindler; Michael S. Begeman; Donald Farron; Bobbi J. Vaughan; Bud Riggs; John Cestaro
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Vector and scalar field interpretation
Author(s): Edward J. Farrell; Trond Aukrust; Josef M. Oberhuber
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Network visualization: user interface issues
Author(s): Richard A. Becker; Stephen G. Eick; Eileen O. Miller; Allan R. Wilks
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Computer animation method for simulating polymer flow for injection-molded parts
Author(s): Meg W. Perry; Richard C. Rumbaugh; David P. Frost
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System for making scientific videotapes
Author(s): Perry A. Appino; Edward J. Farrell
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Interactive analysis of transient field data
Author(s): Robert R. Dickinson
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Process of videotape making: presentation design, software, and hardware
Author(s): Robert R. Dickinson; Dan R. Brady; Tim Bennison; Thomas Burns; Sheldon Pines
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Global geometric, sound, and color controls for iconographic displays of scientific data
Author(s): Stuart Smith; Georges G. Grinstein; Ronald M. Pickett
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Using sound to extract meaning from complex data
Author(s): Carla Scaletti; Alan B. Craig
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Visualization and comparison of simulation results in computational fluid dynamics
Author(s): Wolfgang Felger; Peter Astheimer
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Object-oriented data management for interactive visual analysis of three-dimensional fluid-flow models
Author(s): Sandra S. Walther; Richard L. Peskin
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Visual workbench for analyzing the behavior of dynamical systems
Author(s): Peter Cahoon
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Efficient extraction of local myocardial motion with optical flow and a resolution hierarchy
Author(s): Geetha Srikantan; David B. Sher; Edward J. Newberger
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Collaborative processing to extract myocardium from a sequence of two-dimensional echocardiograms
Author(s): Shriram V. Revankar; David B. Sher; Steven Rosenthal
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Visualizing underwater acoustic matched-field processing
Author(s): Lawrence Rosenblum; Behzad Kamgar-Parsi; Margarida Karahalios; Richard Heitmeyer
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BRICORK: an automatic machine with image processing for the production of corks
Author(s): Roger Davies; Bento A. Brazio Correia; Fernando D. Carvalho; Fernando Carvalho Rodrigues
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