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Liquid-Crystal Devices and Materials
Editor(s): Paul S. Drzaic; Uzi Efron

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Volume Number: 1455
Date Published: 1 June 1991

Table of Contents
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Molecular anchoring at the droplet wall in PDLC materials
Author(s): Gregory P. Crawford; Renate Ondris-Crawford; J. William Doane
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Effect of polymer mixtures on the performance of PDLC films
Author(s): Scott D. Heavin; Bing M. Fung; Richard B. Mears; James J. Sluss Jr.; Theodore E. Batchman
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Comparative study of the dielectric and optical response of PDLC films
Author(s): Desmond L. Seekola; Jack R. Kelly
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Addressing factors for polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal displays
Author(s): J. David Margerum; Anna M. Lackner; John H. Erdmann; Elena Sherman
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Switching speeds in NCAP displays: dependence on collection angle and wavelength
Author(s): Robert H. Reamey; Wayne Montoya; Mark Wartenberg
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Droplet-size effects in light scattering from polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal films
Author(s): G. Paul Montgomery Jr.; John L. West; Winifred Tamura-Lis
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Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal shutters for IR imaging
Author(s): James W. McCargar; J. William Doane; John L. West; Thomas W. Anderson
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Smectic liquid crystals modified by tail and core fluorination
Author(s): Robert J. Twieg; K. M. Betterton; Richard C. DiPietro; D. Gravert; Cattien V. Nguyen; H. T. Nguyen; A. Babeau; C. Destrade
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Use of the Boulder model for the design of high-polarization fluorinated ferroelectric liquid crystals
Author(s): Michael D. Wand; Rohini T. Vohra; William N. Thurmes; David M. Walba; Thomas Geelhaar; Brigitte Littwitz
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Total internal reflection studies of a ferroelectric liquid crystal/anisotropic solid interface
Author(s): Zhiming Zhuang; Noel A. Clark; Michael Meadows
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Droplet-size polydispersity in polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal films
Author(s): Nuno A. Vaz; George W. Smith; T. H. VanSteenkiste; G. Paul Montgomery Jr.
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Liquid-crystal phase modulators for active micro-optic devices
Author(s): Alan Purvis; Geoffrey Williams; Norman J. Powell; Michael G. Clark; Michael C.K. Wiltshire
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Liquid-crystal television optical neural network: architecture, design, and models
Author(s): Francis T. S. Yu
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Polarization dependence and uniformity of FLC layers for phase modulation
Author(s): Paul D. Biernacki; Tyler Brown; Mark O. Freeman
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Scattering liquid crystal in optical attenuator applications
Author(s): Arto Karppinen; Harri K. Kopola; Risto A. Myllylae
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Optical neural networks based on liquid-crystal light valves and photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Yuri Owechko; Bernard H. Soffer
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Characteristics of a ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulator with a dielectric mirror
Author(s): Naoki Kato; Rieko Sekura; Junko Yamanaka; Teruo Ebihara; Shuhei Yamamoto
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Novel supertwisted nematic liquid-crystal-display operating modes and electro-optical performance of generally twisted nematic configurations
Author(s): Martin Schadt
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Liquid-crystal light valves for projection displays
Author(s): Steven E. Shields; William P. Bleha Jr.
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Charge-coupled-device-addressed liquid-crystal light valve: an update
Author(s): Uzi Efron; W. R. Byles; Norman W. Goodwin; Richard Alan Forber; Keyvan Sayyah; ChiungSheng Wu; Murray S. Welkowsky
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Active matrix LCDs driven by two- and three-terminal switches: a comparison
Author(s): Willem den Boer; Zvi Yaniv
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Schottky diode silicon liquid-crystal light valve
Author(s): Keyvan Sayyah; Uzi Efron; Richard Alan Forber; Norman W. Goodwin; Philip G. Reif
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Light budget and optimization strategies for display applications of dichroic nematic droplet/polymer films
Author(s): Paul S. Drzaic
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Threshold of structural transition in nematic drops with normal boundary conditions in AC electric field
Author(s): Vladimir G. Bodnar; Alexandr V. Koval'chuk; Oleg D. Lavrentovich; V. M. Pergamenshchik; V. V. Sergan
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Influence of phototransformed molecules on optical properties of finite cholesteric liquid-crystal cell
Author(s): Igor P. Pinkevich; Victor Yu. Reshetnyak; Yuri A. Reznikov
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Optical second-harmonic generation by polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal films
Author(s): Haiji J. Yuan; Le Li; Peter Palffy-Muhoray
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Transmissive analogue SLM using a chiral smectic liquid crystal switched by CdSe TFTs
Author(s): William A. Crossland; A. B. Davey; Adrian P. Sparks; Michael J. Lee; S. W. Wright; C. P. Judge
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Liquid-crystal devices in planar optics
Author(s): David Armitage; Anthony J. Ticknor
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