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Nonlinear Image Processing II
Editor(s): Edward R. Dougherty; Gonzalo R. Arce; Charles G. Boncelet
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Volume Number: 1451
Date Published: 1 April 1991
: 29 papers (318) pages
ISBN: 9780819405500

Table of Contents
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Pyramid median filtering by block threshold decomposition
Author(s): Hongbing Zhou; Bing Zeng; Yrjo A. Neuvo
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New type of modified trimmed mean filter
Author(s): Wen-Rong Wu; Amlan Kundu
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Image restoration based on perception-related cost functions
Author(s): Francesco Palmieri; R. Edward Croteau
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Class of GOS (generalized order-statistic) filters, similar to the median, that provide edge enhancement
Author(s): Harold G. Longbotham; Norman Barsalou
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Some properties of the two-dimensional pseudomedian filter
Author(s): Mark A. Schulze; John Anthony Pearce
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Intensity edge detection with stack filters
Author(s): Ji-Sang Yoo; Charles A. Bouman; Edward J. Delp; Edward J. Coyle
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LUM filters for smoothing and sharpening
Author(s): Charles G. Boncelet; Russell C. Hardie; M. Reza Hakami; Gonzalo R. Arce
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Analysis of noise attenuation in morphological image processing
Author(s): Lasse Koskinen; Jaakko T. Astola; Yrjo A. Neuvo
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Distribution of the pattern spectrum mean for convex base images
Author(s): Edward R. Dougherty; Francis M. Sand
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Fast algorithm for size analysis of irregular pore areas
Author(s): Li-Ping Yuan
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Conditional-expectation-based implementation of the optimal mean-square binary morphological filter
Author(s): Edward R. Dougherty; Athimootil V. Mathew; Vivek Swarnakar
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Quadtree decomposition of binary structuring elements
Author(s): Kenji Shoji
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New trends in morphological algorithms
Author(s): Luc M. Vincent
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Domain-variant gray-scale morphology
Author(s): Eugene J. Kraus
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Optimum structure learning algorithms for competitive learning neural network
Author(s): Toshio Uchiyama; Mitsuhiro Sakai; Tomohide Saito; Taichi Nakamura
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Neural network edge detector
Author(s): Luuk J. Spreeuwers
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Adaptive multistage weighted order-statistic filters for image restoration
Author(s): Lin Yin; Jaakko T. Astola; Yrjo A. Neuvo
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Application of back-propagation to the recognition of handwritten digits using morphologically derived features
Author(s): Daniel J. Hepp
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Recurrent neural network application to image filtering: 2-D Kalman filtering approach
Author(s): Roman W. Swiniarski; Andrzej Dzielinski; Slawomir Skoneczny; Michael P. Butler
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Order-statistic filters on matrices of images
Author(s): Stephen S. Wilson
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L-filter design using the gradient search algorithm
Author(s): Sumit Roy
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Nonlinear regression for signal processing
Author(s): Alfredo Restrepo
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Noise reduction in ultrasound images using multiple linear regression in a temporal context
Author(s): Bjoern Olstad
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Architecture for surveillance in real time using nonlinear image-processing hardware
Author(s): Cassiano Paixao Pais; Fernando D. Carvalho; Victor M. Silvestre
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Clustering algorithms for a PC-based hardware implementation of the unsupervised classifier for the shuttle ice detection system
Author(s): Sandeep Jaggi
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Ll-filters in CFAR (constant false-alarm rate) detection
Author(s): Syed Mahmood Reza; Peter K. Willett
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Use of threshold decomposition theory to derive basic properties of median filters
Author(s): Robert W. Hawley; Neal C. Gallagher
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Marker-controlled picture segmentation applied to electrical logging images
Author(s): Jean-Francois Rivest; Serge Beucher; J. Delhomme
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Trade-offs between pseudohexagonal and pseudocubic filters
Author(s): Kendall Preston
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