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Electron Image Tubes and Image Intensifiers II
Editor(s): Illes P. Csorba

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Volume Number: 1449
Date Published: 1 June 1991

Table of Contents
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High-resolution microchannel plate image tube development
Author(s): C. Bruce Johnson; Stanley B. Patton; Edward J. Bender
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MCP image intensifier in the 100-KeV to 1-MeV x-ray range
Author(s): Jacqueline Veaux; Claude Cavailler; Jean-Pierre Gex; Alain Hauducoeur; M. Hivernage
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Light-pulse-induced background in image intensifiers with MCPs
Author(s): Boris Efimovich Dashevsky
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Ultraviolet light imaging technology and applications
Author(s): Takane Yokoi; Kenji Suzuki; Koichiro Oba
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Transferred electron photocathode with greater than 5% quantum efficiency beyond 1 micron
Author(s): Kenneth A. Costello; Gary A. Davis; Robert E. Weiss; Verle W. Aebi
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Production considerations necessary to produce large quantities of optoelectronic devices by MOCVD epitaxy
Author(s): Steven I. Boldish
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Cerenkov background radiation in imaging detectors
Author(s): Edward I. Rosenblatt; Edward A. Beaver; Ross D. Cohen; J. B. Linsky; Ron W. Lyons
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MIC photon counting detector
Author(s): John L. A. Fordham; J. G. Bellis; David A. Bone; Timothy J. Norton
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Real-time region hierarchy and identification algorithm
Author(s): Kamran Reihani; Wiley E. Thompson
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High-resolution MS-type Saticon pick-up tube with optimized electron optical properties
Author(s): Raimund Barden; Thomas Mertelmeier; U. Traupe
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New 2/3-inch MF image pick-up tubes for HDTV camera
Author(s): Akira Kobayashi; Masayoshi Ishikawa; Takayoshi Suzuki; Morihiro Ikeya; Yasuharu Shimomoto
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Superconducting IR focal plane arrays
Author(s): Fred W. Quelle
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Fiber array optics for electronic imaging
Author(s): Robert Jay Burger; David A. Greenberg
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Fabrication and optical performance of fractal fiber optics
Author(s): Lee M. Cook; Robert Jay Burger
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Method of estimating light loadings power and repetition frequency effects on the image quality of gated image intensifier tubes
Author(s): Boris Efimovich Dashevsky
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Hybrid phototube with Si target
Author(s): Lambertus K. van Geest; Karel W. J. Stoop
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Thinned backside-illuminated cooled CCDs for UV and VUV applications
Author(s): Ilia Nikolaevic Dalinenko; G. A. Kuz'min; Alexandre Victorovic Malyarov; Alexander M. Prokhorov; Mikhail Ya. Schelev
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Design and operational characteristics of a PV 001 image tube incorporated with EB CCD readout
Author(s): Gennadii I. Bryukhnevich; Ilia Nikolaevic Dalinenko; K. N. Ivanov; S. A. Kaidalov; G. A. Kuz'min; B. B. Moskalev; Sergei K. Naumov; E. V. Pischelin; Valdis E. Postovalov; Alexander M. Prokhorov; Mikhail Ya. Schelev
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Circular streak camera application for satellite laser ranging
Author(s): Ivan Prochazka; Karel Hamal; Georg Kirchner; Mikhail Ya. Schelev; Valdis E. Postovalov
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