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Camera and Input Scanner Systems
Editor(s): Winchyi Chang; James R. Milch
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Volume Number: 1448
Date Published: 1 June 1991
: 26 papers (246) pages
ISBN: 9780819405470

Table of Contents
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A 1.3-megapixel-resolution portable CCD electronic still camera
Author(s): Todd A. Jackson; Cynthia Sue Bell
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High-resolution CCD still/video and still-still/video systems
Author(s): Richard C. Kee
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High-resolution, low-light, image-intensified CCD camera
Author(s): Satoru C. Tanaka; Tom Silvey; Gregory J. Long; Bill Braze
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Comparison of Kodak Professional Digital Camera System images to conventional film, still video, and freeze-frame images
Author(s): Richard A. Kent; John T. McGlone; Norbert W. Zoltowski
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High-performance digital color video camera
Author(s): Kenneth A. Parulski; Brian L. Benamati; Lionel J. D'Luna; Paul R. Shelley
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Lens evaluation for electronic photography
Author(s): Cynthia Sue Bell
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Detection with a charge-coupled device in atomic emission spectroscopy
Author(s): Robert B. Bilhorn
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Fourier-transform holographic microscope
Author(s): Waleed S. Haddad; David Cullen; Johndale C. Solem; James W. Longworth; L. Armon McPherson; Keith Boyer; Charles K. Rhodes
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Quantitative microscope for image cytometry
Author(s): Bruno Jaggi; Steven S. S. Poon; Brian D. Pontifex; John J. Fengler; Jacques Marquis; Branko Palcic
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Use of a cooled CCD camera for confocal light microscopy
Author(s): Barry R. Masters
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High-resolution image digitizing camera for use in quantitative coronary arteriography
Author(s): Markus H. Muser; Thomas Leemann; M. Anliker
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Lung imaging fluorescence endoscope: development and experimental prototype
Author(s): Branko Palcic; Stephen Lam; Calum E. MacAulay; Jaclyn Hung; Bruno Jaggi; Massud Radjinia; Alfred Pon; A. Edward Profio
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Advanced imaging system for high-precision, high-resolution CCD imaging
Author(s): Peter E. Doherty; Gary R. Sims
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CCD camera for an autoguider
Author(s): William V. Schempp
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TDI camera for industrial applications
Author(s): Peter S. Castro; J. Gittings; Yau Ho J. Choi
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High-performance a-Si:H TFT-driven linear image sensor and its application to a compact scanner
Author(s): Hiroyuki Miyake; Kazuhiro Sakai; Tsutomu Abe; Yoshihiko Sakai; Hiroyuki Hotta; Hajime Sugino; Hisao Ito; Takashi Ozawa
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a-Si:H TFT-driven high-gray-scale contact image sensor with a ground-mesh-type multiplex circuit
Author(s): Ken-ichi Kobayashi; Tsutomu Abe; Hiroyuki Miyake; Hirotsugu Kashimura; Takashi Ozawa; Toshihisa Hamano; Leonard E. Fennell; William D. Turner; Richard L. Weisfield
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Colorimetric calibration for scanners and media
Author(s): Po-Chieh Hung
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Measuring the geometric accuracy of a very accurate, large, drum-type scanner
Author(s): John W. Wolber
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High-speed, high-resolution image reading technique using multi-area sensors
Author(s): Kazutake Uehira
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Optical scanning system for a CCD telecine for HDTV
Author(s): Andrew F. Kurtz; David Kessler
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Monte Carlo calculation of light distribution in an integrating cavity illuminator
Author(s): Martin Kaplan
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New design of the illuminating system for transmission film copy
Author(s): Ales A. Pesl
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Signal processing for low-light-level, high-precision CCD imaging
Author(s): Thomas W. McCurnin; Larry C. Schooley; Gary R. Sims
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High-speed electronic memory video recording
Author(s): Don L. Thomas
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High-precision digital charge-coupled device TV system
Author(s): Grigory I. Vishnevsky; S. A. Ioffe; V. Yu. Berezin; M. I. Rybakov; A. V. Mikhaylov; L. V. Belyaev
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