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Charge-Coupled Devices and Solid State Optical Sensors II
Editor(s): Morley M. Blouke
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Volume Number: 1447
Date Published: 1 July 1991
Softcover: 29 papers (328) pages
ISBN: 9780819405463

Table of Contents
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Applications of charge-coupled and charge-injection devices in analytical spectroscopy
Author(s): M. Bonner Denton
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Large-aperture CCD x-ray detector for protein crystallography using a fiber-optic taper
Author(s): Michael G. Strauss; Edwin M. Westbrook; Istvan Naday; Tom A. Coleman; Mary L. Westbrook; Dale J. Travis; Robert M. Sweet; J. W. Pflugrath; Martin J. Stanton
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Three-dimensional imaging using TDI CCD sensors
Author(s): Aaron Fenster; David W. Holdsworth; Maria Drangova
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Digital radiology with solid state linear x-ray detectors
Author(s): Bernard Munier; Pascal Prieur-Drevon; Jean Chabbal
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Performance of a thinned back-illuminated CCD coupled to a confocal microscope for low-light-level fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Barry R. Masters
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Displacement damage in Si imagers for space applications
Author(s): Cheryl J. Dale; Paul W. Marshall
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Effects of proton damage on charge-coupled devices
Author(s): James R. Janesick; George B. Soli; Tom S. Elliott; Stewart A. Collins
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Backside-thinned CCDs for keV electron detection
Author(s): Mihir K. Ravel; Alice L. Reinheimer
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Radiation concerns for the Solar-A soft x-ray telescope
Author(s): Loren W. Acton; Mons D. Morrison; James R. Janesick; Tom S. Elliott
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Simplified model of the back surface of a charge-coupled device
Author(s): Morley M. Blouke; Alan W. Delamere; Garry Womack
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Quantum efficiency model for p+-doped back-illuminated CCD imager
Author(s): Chin Ming Huang; Bernard B. Kosicki; Joseph R. Theriault; James A. Gregory; Barry E. Burke; Brett W. Johnson; Edward T. Hurley
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Megapixel CCD thinning/backside progress at SAIC
Author(s): A. Russell Schaefer; Richard H. Varian; John R. Cover; Robert G. Larsen
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Back-illuminated large-format Loral CCDs
Author(s): Michael P. Lesser
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Selectable one-to-four-port, very high speed 512 x 512 charge-injection device
Author(s): Jeffrey J. Zarnowski; Bryn Williams; Matthew A. Pace; Michael Joyner; Joseph Carbone; Claudia Borman; Frank S. Arnold; Mark V. Wadsworth
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High radiometric performance CCD for the third-generation stratospheric aerosol and gas experiment
Author(s): Alan W. Delamere; James W. Baer; Thomas H. Ebben; James S. Flores; Gary Kleiman; Morley M. Blouke; Michael P. McCormick
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Performance tests of large CCDs
Author(s): Lloyd B. Robinson; William E. Brown; David Kirk Gilmore; Richard J. Stover; Mingzhi Wei; John C. Geary
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Application of low-noise CID imagers in scientific instrumentation cameras
Author(s): Joseph Carbone; J. Hutton; Frank S. Arnold; Jeffrey J. Zarnowski; S. VanGorden; Michael J. Pilon; Mark V. Wadsworth
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Two-dimensional electron gas charge-coupled devices
Author(s): Eric R. Fossum; John Song; David Vance Rossi
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Update on focal-plane image processing research
Author(s): Sabrina E. Kemeny; Sayed I. Eid; Sunetra K. Mendis; Eric R. Fossum
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4096 x 4096 pixel CCD mosaic imager for astronomical applications
Author(s): John C. Geary; Gerard Anthony Luppino; Richard A. Bredthauer; Robert J. Hlivak; Lloyd B. Robinson
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Large-format 1280 x 1024 full-frame CCD image sensor with a lateral-overflow drain and transparent gate electrode
Author(s): Eric G. Stevens; Stephen L. Kosman; John C. Cassidy; Winchyi Chang; Wesley A. Miller
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1536 x 1024 CCD image sensor
Author(s): Kwok Y. Wong; Georgia R. Torok; Winchyi Chang; Eric J. Meisenzahl
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Space telescope imaging spectrograph 2048 CCD and its characteristics
Author(s): Alan W. Delamere; Thomas H. Ebben; Debbie Murata-Seawalt; Morley M. Blouke; Richard Reed; Bruce E. Woodgate
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Back-illuminated 1024 x 1024 quadrant readout imager: operation and screening test results
Author(s): Harry H. Marsh; Raymond Hayes; Morley M. Blouke; Fanling H. Yang
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Notch and large-area CCD imagers
Author(s): Richard A. Bredthauer; Jeff H. Pinter; James R. Janesick; Lloyd B. Robinson
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Direct view thermal imager
Author(s): Ralph R. Reinhold
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Digital charge-coupled device color TV system for endoscopy
Author(s): Grigory I. Vishnevsky; V. Yu. Berezin; Leonid Yu. Lazovsky; Michail G. Vydrevitch; Vladimir L. Rivkind; B. N. Zhemerov
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Virtual-phase charge-coupled device imaging system for astronomy
Author(s): Alexander T. Khvilivitzky; A. G. Zuev; M. I. Rybakov; G. V. Kiryan; V. Yu. Berezin
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Virtual-phase charge-coupled device image sensors for industrial and scientific applications
Author(s): Alexander T. Khvilivitzky; V. Yu. Berezin; Leonid Yu. Lazovsky; S. S. Tataurschikov; A. N. Pisarevsky; Michail G. Vydrevitch; Vladimir G. Kossov
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