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7th Mtg in Israel on Optical Engineering
Editor(s): Moshe Oron; Itzhak Shladov
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Volume Number: 1442
Date Published: 1 April 1991
Softcover: 44 papers (410) pages
ISBN: 9780819405371

Table of Contents
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Narrow (0.1 um to 0.5 um) copper lines for ultra-large-scale integration technology
Author(s): Yosef Y. Shacham-Diamand
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Optical engineering of an excimer laser ophthalmic surgery system
Author(s): Paul R. Yoder
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Laser photodynamic therapy of cancer: the chorioallantoic membrane model for measuring damage to blood vessels in-vivo
Author(s): Varda Gottfried; Ella S. Lindenbaum; Sol Kimel; Marie J. Hammer-Wilson; Michael W. Berns
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Pattern recognition with incoherent light and rotation invariance
Author(s): Eran Elizur; Asher A. Friesem
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Accuracies in FLIR test equipment
Author(s): Ron Fourier
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Target acquisition model appropriate for dynamically changing scenarios
Author(s): Stanley R. Rotman; E. S. Gordon
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Nonlinear optics in poled polymers with two-dimensional asymmetry
Author(s): Garry Berkovic; Valeri Krongauz; Shlomo Yitzchaik
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Hard carbon coating on ZnS
Author(s): A. Azran; U. Elfersi; Ephraim Greenfield
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Infrared transparent conductive coatings deposited by activated reactive evaporation
Author(s): Orna Marcovitch; Hedva Zipin; Zeev Klein; Iftah Lubezky
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Optimization of point source detection
Author(s): Abraham Friedenberg
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Submicron thin-film metal-oxide-metal infrared detectors
Author(s): Ingrid Wilke; Dominique B. Moix; W. Herrmann; Fritz K. Kneubuehl
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Elements with long-focal depth and high-lateral resolution
Author(s): Nir Davidson; Asher A. Friesem; Erez Hasman
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Does a Fourier holographic lens exist?
Author(s): R. Blank; Asher A. Friesem
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Fabrication of special-purpose optical components
Author(s): David H. Leuw
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Beam quality measurements and improvement in solar-pumped laser systems
Author(s): Hana Bernstein; George A. Thompson; Amnon Yogev; Moshe Oron
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Laser boresighting by second-harmonic generation
Author(s): Michael E. Adel; Robert A. Buckwald; Dario Cabib
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Color- and intensity-balanced multichannel optical beamsplitter
Author(s): Mordechai Gilo; Kopel Rabinovitch
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Design of multiple-beam gratings for far-IR applications
Author(s): Opher Kinrot; Asher A. Friesem
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Experimental study of the optical properties of LTCVD SiO2
Author(s): Herzl Aharoni; Pieter L. Swart
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IR objective with internal scan mirror
Author(s): Shai Eisenberg; Ram Menache
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Laser designation integration into M-65 turret
Author(s): Menachem Goldmunz; Steve Bloomberg; Michael L. Neugarten
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Line-of-sight alignment of a multisensor system
Author(s): Shalom Wilk; Menachem Goldmunz; Nachum Shahaf; Yitschak Klein; Shmuel Goldman; Ehud Oren
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Characterization and uses of plastic hollow fibers for CO2 laser energy transmission
Author(s): Israel Gannot; Jacob Dror; Reuben Dahan; M. Alaluf; Nathan I. Croitoru
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Pointing stability of copper vapor laser with novel off-axis unstable resonator
Author(s): Mordechai Lando; D. Belker; A. Lerrer; Haim Lotem; A. Dikman; Gabriel Bialolanker; S. Lavi; Shimon Gabay
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Composite image joint transform correlator
Author(s): David Mendlovic; Naim Konforti; Meir Deutsch; Emanuel Marom
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Unusually fast energy transfer in solid state crystals and glasses
Author(s): Stanley R. Rotman; O. Maoz; Arnon Shlomi; F. Kaczelnik; Y. Felus; Aryeh M. Weiss; Renata Reisfeld; Marek Eyal; F. X. Hartmann
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Mechanisms for the cathodoluminescence of cerium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet phosphors
Author(s): Stanley R. Rotman; Gustavo E. Aizenberg; E. S. Gordon; Harry L. Tuller; Cardinal Warde
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Optical thresholding with a liquid crystal light valve
Author(s): I. Shariv; Asher A. Friesem
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Clutter metrics in infrared target acquisition
Author(s): Gil Tidhar; Stanley R. Rotman
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Portable fiber optic current sensor
Author(s): Ehud Shafir; Amit Ben-kish; Naim Konforti; Moshe Tur
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Research on a curved optical fiber
Author(s): Shlomo Eisenbach; Josef S. Bodenheimer
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Single-mode fibers to single-mode waveguides coupling with minimum Fresnel back-reflection
Author(s): Anat Sneh; Shlomo Ruschin; Emanuel Marom
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Determination of surface quality using moire methods
Author(s): Eliezer Keren; Kathi Kreske; Yaacov Zac; Amiadav Livnat
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Quantum efficiency and crosstalk of an improved backside-illuminated indium antimonide focal plane array
Author(s): Ilam Bloom; Yael Nemirovsky
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High-performance, wide-magnification-range IR zoom telescope with automatic compensation for temperature effects
Author(s): Mark S. Shechterman
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Quantitative evaluation of errors in remote measurements using a thermal imager
Author(s): Michael Y. Engel; Leslie Salem Balfour
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Correlation between images in the long-wave infrared and short-wave infrared of natural ground terrain
Author(s): Eyal Agassi; Kalman Wilner; Nissim Ben-Yosef
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Forecasting optical turbulence strength: effects of macroscale meteorology and aerosols
Author(s): Dan Sadot; Norman S. Kopeika
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Water continuum in the 15- to 25-um spectral region: evidence for H2O2 in the atmosphere
Author(s): Adam D. Devir; M. Neumann; Steven G. Lipson; Uri P. Oppenheim
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CiNeRaMa model: a useful tool for detection range estimate
Author(s): Eli T. Talmor
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Holographic optical profilometer
Author(s): Erez Hasman; Nir Davidson; Asher A. Friesem
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Mechanically stable external cavity for laser diodes
Author(s): Joseph M. Yaeli; William S. Streifer; P. S. Cross; Alicia Rozhyki; Donald R. Scifres; David F. Welch
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Rapid procedure for obtaining time-average interferograms of vibrating bodies
Author(s): Eliezer Rapoport; Doron Bar; Klara Shiloh
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Generic model for line-of-sight analysis and calibration
Author(s): Zvika Afik; A. Shammas; Roni Schwartz; Eli Gal
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