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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1441

Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 1990
Editor(s): Harold E. Bennett; Lloyd L. Chase; Arthur H. Guenther; Brian Emerson Newnam; M. J. Soileau
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Volume Number: 1441
Date Published: 1 June 1991
Softcover: 56 papers (592) pages
ISBN: 9780819405326

Table of Contents
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Interferometric technique for the concurrent determination of thermo-optic and thermal expansion coefficients
Author(s): John M. Jewell; Charles G. Askins; Ishwar D. Aggarwal
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Simple high-precision extinction method for measuring refractive index of transparent materials
Author(s): Soe-Mie F. Nee; Harold E. Bennett
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Understanding of the abnormal wavelength effect of overcoats
Author(s): Zhouling Wu; Michael Reichling; Zhengxiu Fan; ZhiJiang Wang
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Characterization of subsurface damage in glass and metal optics
Author(s): Robert S. Polvani; Christopher J. Evans
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Correlation of surface topography and coating damage with changes in the responsivity of silicon PIN photodiodes
Author(s): Diana L. Huffaker; Rodger M. Walser; Michael F. Becker
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Defect enhancement of local electric fields in dielectric films
Author(s): Steven M. Risser; Kim F. Ferris
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Development and implementation of MIS-36477 laser damage certification of designator optical components
Author(s): David W. Mordaunt; Daniel E. Nieuwsma
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Development of damage resistant optics for KrF excimer lasers
Author(s): James D. Boyer; Billie R. Mauro; Virgil E. Sanders
Fabrication and characterization of microwave-plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposited dielectric coatings
Author(s): Roger M. Wood; Adrian C. Greenham; Bruce A. Nichols; Noorallah Nourshargh; Keith L. Lewis
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High laser-damage threshold and low-cost sol-gel-coated epoxy-replicated mirrors
Author(s): Herve G. Floch; Michel Berger; Marc Novaro; Ian M. Thomas
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High-power transmission through step-index multimode fibers
Author(s): Ellen B. Stechel; Kent D. Meeks; Wayne M. Trott; Paul E. Klingsporn; Dante M. Berry
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Ion-assisted deposition of graded index silicon oxynitride coatings
Author(s): Ghanim A. Al-Jumaily; F. J. Gagliardi; P. McColl; Lawrence J. Mizerka
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Ion beam milling of fused silica for window fabrication
Author(s): Scott R. Wilson; David W. Reicher; C. F. Kranenberg; John Robert McNeil; Patricia L. White; Peter M. Martin; David E. McCready
Laser-induced damage of diamond films
Author(s): Harold E. Read; M. Merker; Gerry A. Gurtman; Russell S. Wilson
Monte Carlo calculations of laser-induced free-electron heating in SiO2
Author(s): Douglas Arnold; Eduard Cartier; Massimo V. Fischetti
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Multipulse laser-induced failure prediction for Mo metal mirrors
Author(s): Michael F. Becker; Chun Chi Ma; Rodger M. Walser
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Multishot ablation of thin films: sensitive detection of film/substrate transition by shockwave monitoring
Author(s): Hans Eckard Hunger; Stefan Petzoldt; H. Pietsch; Juergen Reif; Eckart Matthias
Reactive ion-beam-sputtering of fluoride coatings for the UV/VUV range
Author(s): Harald Schink; Jurgen Kolbe; F. Zimmermann; Detlev Ristau; Herbert Welling
Subsurface polishing damage of fused silica: nature and effect on laser damage of coated surfaces
Author(s): Aleta A. Tesar; Norman J. Brown; John R. Taylor; Christopher J. Stolz
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Use of dome (meniscus) lenses to eliminate birefringence and tensile stresses in spatial filters for the Nova laser
Author(s): John H. Pitts; Demos T. Kyrazis; Lynn G. Seppala; Stanley E. Bumpas
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Role of valence-band excitation in laser ablation of KC1
Author(s): Richard F. Haglund; Kai Tang; P. H. Bunton; Ling-jun Wang
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Time dependence of laser-induced surface breakdown in fused silica at 355 nm in the nanosecond regime
Author(s): Douglas Albagli; Joseph A. Izatt; Gary B. Hayes; Bryan Banish; G. Sargent Janes; Irving Itzkan; Michael S. Feld
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Interaction of 1064 nm photons with the Al2O3(1120) surface
Author(s): M. A. Schildbach; Alex V. Hamza
Effect of polarization on two-color laser-induced damage
Author(s): Wilhelm Becker; John K. McIver; Arthur H. Guenther
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Comparison of laser-induced damage of optical crystals from the USA and USSR
Author(s): M. J. Soileau; Tai-Huei Wei; Ali A. Said; N. I. Chapliev; Serge V. Garnov; Alexander S. Epifanov
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Damage resistant optics for a megajoule solid state laser
Author(s): Jack H. Campbell; Frank Rainer; Mark R. Kozlowski; C. Robert Wolfe; Ian M. Thomas; Fred P. Milanovich
Laser conditioning and electronic defects of HfO2 and SiO2 thin films
Author(s): Mark R. Kozlowski; Michael C. Staggs; Frank Rainer; J. H. Stathis
High-threshold highly reflective coatings at 1064 nm
Author(s): Frank Rainer; Frank P. De Marco; John T. Hunt; Amber J. Morgan; Leonard P. Mott; Frane Marcelja; Michael R. Greenberg
Determination of SBS-induced damage limits in large fused silica optics for intense, time-varying laser pulses
Author(s): Demos T. Kyrazis; Timothy L. Weiland
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Investigation of neutral atom and ion emission during laser conditioning of multilayer HfO2-SiO2 coatings
Author(s): M. A. Schildbach; Lloyd L. Chase; Alex V. Hamza
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Dispersion of n2 in solids
Author(s): Mansoor Sheik-Bahae; David C. Hutchings; David J. Hagan; M. J. Soileau; Eric W. Van Stryland
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Thermal analysis of multifacet-mirror ring resonator for XUV free-electron lasers
Author(s): Brian D. McVey; John C. Goldstein; Robert D. McFarland; Brian Emerson Newnam
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Multiple-pulse damage of BK-7 glass
Author(s): Kunio Yoshida; Hiroshi Yoshida; T. Noda; Sadao Nakai
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Morphology and laser damage studies by atomic force microscopy of e-beam evaporation deposited antireflection and high-reflection coatings
Author(s): Aleta A. Tesar; Mehdi Balooch; K. W. Shotts; Wigbert J. Siekhaus
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Need for laser beam diagnostics
Author(s): Chuck Farnworth
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Effect of ionizing radiations and thermal treatment on the infrared transmittance of polycrystal CsI
Author(s): George H. Miley; O. Barnouin; Alfredo Procoli
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Optical characterization of damage resistant kilolayer rugate filters
Author(s): Melanie L. Elder; Kenneth S. Jancaitis; David Milam; Jack H. Campbell
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Highly damage-resistant reflectors for 248 nm formed by fluorides multilayers
Author(s): Takao Izawa; N. Yamamura; R. Uchimura; I. Hashimoto; T. Yakuoh; Yoshiro Owadano; Yuji Matsumoto; M. Yano
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Finite element analysis of the transient behavior of optical components under irradiation
Author(s): Stefan Borik; Adolf Giesen
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Excimer laser optics
Author(s): Nikolay V. Morozov; Spartak I. Sagitov; P. B. Sergeyev
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