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Three-Dimensional Bioimaging Systems and Lasers in the Neurosciences
Editor(s): James E. Boggan; Leonard J. Cerullo M.D.; Louis C. Smith

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Volume Number: 1428
Date Published: 1 May 1991

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Laser Doppler flowmetry in neurosurgery
Author(s): Victor Aldo Fasano M.D.; Rosa Urciuoli; Paolo Bolognese M.D.; Marco Fontanella
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Influence of helium, oxygen, nitrogen, and room air environment in determining Nd-YAG laser/brain tissue interaction
Author(s): Maria Cristina Chavantes M.D.; Federico Vinas M.D.; Lucia J. Zamorano; Manuel Dujovny M.D.; Ljubisa Dragovic
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Photosensitized receptor inactivation with He-Ne laser: preliminary results
Author(s): Simon Arber; William Zev Rymer; David Crumrine
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ZD multipurpose neurosurgical image-guided localizing unit: experience in 103 consecutive cases of open stereotaxis
Author(s): Lucia J. Zamorano; Manuel Dujovny M.D.
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Intraoperative clinical use of low-power laser irradiation following surgical treatment of the tethered spinal cord
Author(s): S. Rochkind; M. Alon; G. E. Ouaknine; S. Weiss; J. Avram; Nisim Razon; Rachel Lubart; Harry Friedmann
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Computer-assisted surgical planning and automation of laser delivery systems
Author(s): Lucia J. Zamorano; Manuel Dujovny M.D.; Ada Dong; A. Majeed Kadi
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Photoablation using the Holmium:YAG laser: a laboratory and clinical study
Author(s): Erich Waidhauser M.D.; U. Markmiller; S. Enders M.D.; Stefan Frank F. Hessel; Frank Ulrich; Oskar J. Beck M.D.
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Instrumentation for simultaneous kinetic imaging of multiple fluorophores in single living cells
Author(s): Stephen J. Morris; Diane M. Beatty; Larry W. Welling M.D.; Thomas B. Wiegmann M.D.
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Microscopic feature extraction from optical sections of contracting cardiac muscle cells recorded at high speed
Author(s): Kenneth P. Roos; David S. Lake; Bradford A. Lubell
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New developments in CCD imaging devices for low-level confocal light imaging
Author(s): Barry R. Masters
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Reduced defocus degradation in a system for high-speed three-dimensional digital microscopy
Author(s): Laura A. Quesenberry; V. Arlene Morris; Ian R. Neering; Stuart R. Taylor
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Preliminary tests of maximum likelihood image reconstruction method on 3-D real data and some practical considerations for the data corrections
Author(s): Yi-Hwa Liu; Timothy J. Holmes; Matthew Koshy
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Digital imaging of Giemsa-banded human chromosomes: eigenanalysis and the Fourier phase reconstruction
Author(s): Zeljko Jericevic; Loris McGavran; Louis C. Smith
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Degradation of cholesterol crystals in macrophages: the role of phospholipids
Author(s): Eugen Koren M.D.; Mirna Koscec; Robert D. Fugate
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HIV detection by in-situ hybridization based on confocal reflected light microscopy
Author(s): Louis C. Smith; Zeljko Jericevic; Roland Cuellar; Stephen W. Paddock; Dorothy E. Lewis
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Knowledge-driven image analysis of cell structures
Author(s): Michel A. Nederlof; Andrew P. Witkin; D. Lansing Taylor
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Imaging spectroscope with an optical recombination system
Author(s): Wenchong Li; Chunhua Ma
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Current and future use of lasers in vascular neurosurgery
Author(s): Maria Cristina Chavantes M.D.; Lucia J. Zamorano
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Laser neural tissue interactions using bilayer membrane models
Author(s): David L. VanderMeulen; Mustafa Khoka; Kenneth G. Spears
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Quantitative analysis at the molecular level of laser/neural tissue interactions using a liposome model system
Author(s): David L. VanderMeulen; Prabhakar Misra; Jason Michael; Kenneth G. Spears; Mustafa Khoka
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Optimal surface characteristics for instruments for use in laser neurosurgery
Author(s): Kenneth S. Heiferman M.D.; Kevin E. Cramer; Joseph T. Walsh Jr.
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Hearing preservation using CO2 laser for acoustic nerve tumors
Author(s): James Grutsch; Kenneth S. Heiferman M.D.; Leonard J. Cerullo M.D.
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Positron emission tomography of laser-induced interstitial hyperthermia in cerebral gliomas
Author(s): Frank Ulrich; Martin Bettag; K. J. Langen
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