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Optical Methods for Tumor Treatment and Early Diagnosis: Mechanisms and Techniques
Editor(s): Thomas J. Dougherty
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Volume Number: 1426
Date Published: 1 June 1991
Softcover: 42 papers (398) pages
ISBN: 9780819405166

Table of Contents
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Early diagnosis of lung cancer
Author(s): Geno Saccomanno; Joel J. Bechtel
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Contrast-agent-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging: early detection of neoplastic lesions of the CNS
Author(s): Mark J. Carvlin; Louis Rosa; Sunder S. Rajan; John Francisco
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Histochemical identification of malignant and premalignant lesions
Author(s): Charles Liebow; M. J. Maloney
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Fluorescence characteristics of atherosclerotic plaque and malignant tumors
Author(s): Stefan Andersson-Engels; Luc Baert; Roger Berg; Marie-Ange D'Hallewin; Jonas Johansson; Unne Stenram; Katarina Svanberg; Sune Svanberg
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Endoscopic fluorescence detection of early lung cancer
Author(s): A. Edward Profio; Oscar J. Balchum; Stephen Lam
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Early detection of dysplasia in colon and bladder tissue using laser-induced fluorescence
Author(s): Richard P. Rava; Rebecca R. Richards-Kortum; Maryann Fitzmaurice; Robert M. Cothren; Robert Petras; Michael J. Sivak; Howard H. Levine
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In-vitro model for evaluation of pulse oximetry
Author(s): Magnus Vegfors; Lars-Goeran Lindberg; Claes Lennmarken; P. Ake Oberg
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Fluorescence detection of tumors: studies on the early diagnosis of microscopic lesions in preclinical and clinical studies
Author(s): Thomas S. Mang; Carolyn McGinnis; David H. Crean; S. Khan; Charles Liebow
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Intraoperative metastases detection by laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Sandor G. Vari; Theodore G. Papazoglou; Maurits J. van der Veen; Michael C. Fishbein; J. D. Young; Mudjianto Chandra; Thanassis Papaioannou; Clain Beeder; Wei-Qiang Shi; Warren S. Grundfest
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Development of a novel in-vivo drug/in-vitro light system to investigate mechanisms of cell killing with photodynamic therapy
Author(s): James A. Hampton; Steven H. Selman
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Dependence of photodynamic threshold dose on treatment parameters in normal rat liver in vivo
Author(s): Thomas J. Farrell; Brian C. Wilson; Michael S. Patterson; Rowena Chow
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In-vivo optical attenuation in normal rat brain and its implication in PDT
Author(s): Qun Chen; Brian C. Wilson; Michael S. Patterson; Michael Chopp; Fred W. Hetzel
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Effectiveness of porphyrin-like compounds in photodynamic damage of atherosclerotic plaque
Author(s): Viacheslav N. Zalessky; Vladimir Bobrov; Igor Michalkin; Vitaliy Trunov
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Microlocalization of Photofrin in neoplastic lesions
Author(s): Mladen Korbelik; Gorazd Krosl; Stephen Lam; David J. Chaplin; Branko Palcic
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Pharmacokinetics of Photofrin II distribution in man
Author(s): David Kessel; Unyime O. Nseyo; Veronique Schulz; Elizabeth Sykes
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Studies on the absence of photodynamic mechanism in the normal pancreas
Author(s): Thomas S. Mang; Thomas Jeffery Wieman; David H. Crean
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Efficacy of photodynamic killing with membrane associated and internalized photosensitizer molecules
Author(s): Beth Allison; Frank N.J. Jiang; Julia G. Levy
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Evaluation of Nile Blue E chalcogen analogs as PDT agents
Author(s): James W. Foley; Louis Cincotta; Anthony H. Cincotta
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Nile Blue derivatives as lysosomotropic photosensitizers
Author(s): Chi-Wei Lin; Janine R. Shulok; S. D. Kirley; Louis Cincotta; James W. Foley
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Photosensitization is required for antiretroviral activity of hypericin
Author(s): Susan Carpenter; John Tossberg; George A. Kraus
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Interaction of phthalocyanine photodynamic treatment with ionophores and lysosomotrophic agents
Author(s): Nancy L. Oleinick; Marie E. Varnes; Marian E. Clay; Harry J. Menegay
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Photodynamic therapy of malignant brain tumors: supplementary postoperative light delivery by implanted optical fibers: field fractionation
Author(s): Paul J. Muller; Brian C. Wilson
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Rational anatomical treatment of basal cell carcinoma with photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Gregory S. Keller
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Endobronchial occlusive disease: Nd:YAG or PDT?
Author(s): Anne-Marie Regal; Hiroshi Takita
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Stage III endobronchial squamous cell cancer: survival after Nd:YAG laser combined with photodynamic therapy versus Nd:YAG laser or photodynamic therapy alone
Author(s): James S. McCaughan; Rostislav D. Barabash; Philip Hawley
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Photodynamic therapy in the prophylactic management of bladder cancer
Author(s): Unyime O. Nseyo; Scott L. Lundahl; Daniel C. Merrill
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Clinical applications of PDT in urology: present and near future
Author(s): Bryan P. Shumaker
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Current status of photodynamic therapy for human cancer
Author(s): Stuart L. Marcus
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Photodynamic therapy of pet animals with spontaneously occurring head and neck carcinomas
Author(s): Elsa R. Beck; Fred W. Hetzel
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Tripyrroledimethine-derived ("texaphyrin"-type) macrocycles: potential photosensitizers which absorb in the far-red spectral region
Author(s): Jonathan L. Sessler; Gregory Hemmi; Bhaskar G. Maiya; Anthony Harriman; Millard M. Judy; Richard L. Boriak; James Lester Matthews; Benjamin Ehrenberg; Zvi Malik; Yeshayahu Nitzan; Angelika C. Rueck
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Synthetic approaches to long-wavelength photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Fuu-Yau Shiau; Ravindra K. Pandey; Thomas J. Dougherty; Kevin M. Smith
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Naphthalocyanines relevant to the search for second-generation PDT sensitizers
Author(s): James R. Sounik; Boris D. Rihter; William E. Ford; Michael A. J. Rodgers; Malcolm E. Kenney
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New sensitizers for PDT
Author(s): Alan Raymond Morgan; Greta M. Garbo; T. Krivak; Marta Mastroianni; Nikolaos H. Petousis; T. St Clair; M. Weisenberger; Johan E. van Lier
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Syntheses of porphyrin and chlorin dimers for photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Ravindra K. Pandey; M. Graca H. Vicente; Fuu-Yau Shiau; Thomas J. Dougherty; Kevin M. Smith
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Intracellular uptake and ultrastructural phototoxic effects of sulfonated chlor-aluminum phthalocyanine on bladder tumor cells in vitro
Author(s): Kurt Miller; Ella Dumbravia Reich; T. Grau
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Radiolabeled red blood cells for the direct measurement of the blood flow kinetics in experimental tumors after photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Benoit Paquette; Jacques Rousseau; Rene Ouellet; Johan E. van Lier
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Spectroscopic studies of second-generation sensitizers and their photochemical reactions in liposomes and cells
Author(s): Benjamin Ehrenberg; Eitan Gross; Adina Lavi; Fred M. Johnson; Zvi Malik
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Investigation of the photodynamic properties of some chlorophyll a derivatives: the effect of doxorubicin on the chlorine e6 photosensitized death of Ehrlich carcinoma cells
Author(s): V. Chekulayev; Igor Shevchuk; Anne Kahru; Virgo Th. Mihkelsoo; A. P. Kallikorm
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Design and analysis of a water window imaging x-ray microscope
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover; Phillip C. Baker; David L. Shealy; B. R. Brinkley; Arthur B. C. Walker; Troy W. Barbee
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Digital image processing for the early localization of cancer
Author(s): Cheryl M. Kelmar
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Detection of atheroma using Photofrin IIr and laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Sandor G. Vari; Theodore G. Papazoglou; Maurits J. van der Veen; Thanassis Papaioannou; Michael C. Fishbein; Mudjianto Chandra; Clain Beeder; Wei-Qiang Shi; Warren S. Grundfest
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High-sensitivity sensor of gases based on IR tunable diode lasers for human exhalation monitoring
Author(s): Konstantin L. Moskalenko; Alexander I. Nadezhdinskii; Eugene V. Stepanov
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