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Diagnostic and Therapeutic Cardiovascular Interventions
Editor(s): George S. Abela
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Volume Number: 1425
Date Published: 1 May 1991
Softcover: 32 papers (246) pages
ISBN: 9780819405159

Table of Contents
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Time-resolved fluorescence of normal and atherosclerotic arteries
Author(s): Asima Pradhan; Bidyut Baran Das; C. H. Liu; Robert R. Alfano; Kenneth M. O'Brien; Mark L. Stetz; John J. Scott; Lawrence I. Deckelbaum
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Fluorescence spectroscopy of normal and atheromatous human aorta: optimum illumination wavelength
Author(s): Andrew L. Alexander; Carolyn M.C. Davenport; Arthur F. Gmitro
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Optimal fluorescence imaging of atherosclerotic human tissue
Author(s): Carolyn M.C. Davenport; Andrew L. Alexander; Arthur F. Gmitro
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Diagnosis of atherosclerotic tissue by resonance fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Walter Neu; Karl Konstantin Haase; Christian Tischler; Ralf Nyga; Karl R. Karsch
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Ultrafast imaging of vascular tissue ablation by an XeCl excimer laser
Author(s): Walter Neu; Ralf Nyga; Christian Tischler; Karl Konstantin Haase; Karl R. Karsch
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Decrease in total fluorescence from human arteries with increasing beta-carotene content
Author(s): Biqing Ye; George S. Abela
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Optical and mechanical parameter detection of calcified plaque for laser angioplasty
Author(s): Mark L. Stetz; Kenneth M. O'Brien; John J. Scott; Glenn S. Baker; Lawrence I. Deckelbaum
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Advances in clinical percutaneous excimer laser angioplasty
Author(s): Riccardo Viligiardi; Roberto Pini; Renzo Salimbeni; Sandra Galiberti
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Percutaneous peripheral excimer laser angioplasty: immediate success rate and short-term outcome
Author(s): Adriana Visona; Guido Liessi; Andrea Bonanome; Luigi Lusiani; Luigi Miserocchi; Antonio Pagnan
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Clinical experience with an excimer laser angioplasty system
Author(s): Robert A. Golobic; Thomas K. Bohley; Lisa D. Wells; Timothy A. Sanborn
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Temperature increase during in vitro 308 nm excimer laser ablation of porcine aortic tissue
Author(s): Geert H. Gijsbers; Rene L. H. Sprangers; Duco G. van den Broecke; Niek van Wieringen; Marco J. P. Brugmans; Martin J. C. van Gemert
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Ray-tracing of optically modified fiber tips for laser angioplasty
Author(s): Rudolf M. Verdaasdonck; Cornelius Borst
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In-line power meter for use during laser angioplasty
Author(s): Roy E. Smith; Peter Milnes; David H. Edwards; David C. Mitchell; Richard F. M. Wood
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Restenosis after hot-tip laser-balloon angioplasty: histologic evaluation of the samples removed by Simpson atherectomy
Author(s): Enrico Barbieri; Pietro Tanganelli; Giuseppe Taddei; Antonio Perbellini; Vito Attino; Gianni Destro; Piero Zardini
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Laser angioplasty with lensed fibers and a holmium:YAG laser in iliac artery occlusions
Author(s): Christopher J. White; Stephen R. Ramee; Juan E. Mesa; Tyrone J. Collins; Robert Kotmel; Maureen A. Godfrey
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Integral prism-tipped optical fibers
Author(s): Stephan E. Friedl; Warren F. Kunz; Eric D. Mathews; George S. Abela
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Application of conjugated heparin-albumin microparticles with laser-balloon angioplasty: a potential method for reducing adverse biologic reactivity after angioplasty
Author(s): Sourav K. Kundu; Linda P. McMath; Jonathan T. Zaidan; J. Richard Spears
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Mechanical and acoustic analysis in ultrasonic angioplasty
Author(s): Paul W. Detwiler; James F. Watkins; Eric A. Rose; A. Ratner; Louis P. Vu; J. Y. Severinsky; Uri Rosenschein
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Frequency-doubled alexandrite laser for tissue differentiation in angioplasty
Author(s): M. Scheu; Ralf Engelhardt
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Efficacy of argon-laser-mediated hot-balloon angioplasty
Author(s): Masami Sakurada; Akira Miyamoto; Kyoichi Mizuno; Youichi Nozaki; Hirotsugu Tabata; Hirokuni Etsuda; Akira Kurita; Haruo Nakamura; Tsunenori Arai; Akira Suda; Makoto Kikuchi; Tamishige Watanabe; Atsushi Utsumi; Yoshiro Akai; Kiyoshi Takeuchi
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Percutaneous laser balloon coagulation of accessory pathways
Author(s): Linda P. McMath; Claudio D. Schuger; Richard J. Crilley; J. Richard Spears
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Effect of coagulation on laser light distribution in myocardial tissue
Author(s): Ramtin Agah; Devang Sheth; Massoud Motamedi
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Intraoperative endovascular ultrasonography
Author(s): Darwin Eton; Samuel S. Ahn; J. Dennis Baker; Joseph Pensabene; Lawrence S. Yeatman; Wesley S. Moore
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Coronary and peripheral angioscopy with carbon dioxide gas and saline in animals
Author(s): Pieter Cornelius Smits; Mark J. Post; Evelyn Velema; Rienk Rienks; Cornelius Borst
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Combined guidance technique using angioscope and fluoroscope images for CO laser angioplasty: in-vivo animal experiment
Author(s): Tsunenori Arai; Kyoichi Mizuno; Masami Sakurada; Akira Miyamoto; Koh Arakawa; Akira Kurita; Akira Suda; Makoto Kikuchi; Haruo Nakamura; Atsushi Utsumi; Yoshiro Akai; Kiyoshi Takeuchi
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Intravascular ultrasound imaging and intracardiac echocardiography: recent developments and future directions
Author(s): Natesa G. Pandian
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Hypoechoic media: a landmark for intravascular ultrasonic imaging
Author(s): Elma J. Gussenhoven; Nicolaas Bom; Wenguang Li; Hero van Urk; Herman Pietermann; Robert J. van Suylen; H.K. Salem
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Doppler-guided retrograde catheterization system
Author(s): Leon J. Frazin; Michael J. Vonesh; Krishnan B. Chandran; Fouad Khasho; George M. Lanza; James V. Talano; David D. McPherson
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In-vivo intravascular ultrasound in human ileo-femoral vessels
Author(s): Marwan R. Tabbara; Douglas Cavaye; George E. Kopchok; Rodney A. White
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Intraluminal laser atherectomy with ultrasound and electromagnetic guidance
Author(s): Kenton W. Gregory; H. Thomas Aretz; Michael A. Martinelli; Earl G. LeDet; G. Frederick Hatch; Richard E. Gregg; Tomas Sedlacek; Wayne C. Haase
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Volumetric-intravascular imaging by high-frequency ultrasound
Author(s): Chandra M. Sehgal; K. Chandrasekaran; Natesa G. Pandian
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