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Optical Fibers in Medicine VI
Editor(s): Abraham Katzir
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Volume Number: 1420
Date Published: 1 July 1991
Softcover: 38 papers (294) pages
ISBN: 9780819405104

Table of Contents
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Sensitive fiber-optic immunoassay
Author(s): Irene M. Walczak; Walter F. Love; Rudolf E. Slovacek
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Detection of general anesthetics using a fluorescence-based sensor: incorporation of a single-fiber approach
Author(s): Susan B. Abrams; Hillary L. MacDonald; Paul Yager
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Clinical applications of pulmonary artery oximetry
Author(s): Steven J. Barker
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Venous occlusion plethysmography based on fiber-optic sensor using the microbending principle
Author(s): Erik N. D. Stenow; Hakan Rohman; Inger Eriksson; P. Ake Oberg
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Using a fiber-optic pulse sensor in magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Michael R. Henning; David W. Gerdt; Thomas A. Spraggins
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New method for detection of blood coagulation using fiber-optic sensor
Author(s): Sergey G. Fediay; Alexsey V. Kuznetzov
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Small single-sensor for temperature, flow, and pressure measurement
Author(s): Mei H. Sun; Arvind K. Kamal
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Microwave warming of biological tissue and its control by IR fiber thermometry
Author(s): S. Drizlikh; Albert Zur; Frank Moser; Abraham Katzir
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Monitoring of tissue temperature during microwave hyperthermia utilizing a fiber optic liquid crystalline microsensor
Author(s): Andrzej W. Domanski; Stanislaw Kostrzewa; Andrzej Hliniak
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Reflective optical sensor system for measurement of intracranial pressure
Author(s): Behbood Zoghi; Sohi Rastegar
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Laser speckle and optical fiber sensors for micromovements monitoring in biotissues
Author(s): Valery V. Tuchin; Andrey V. Ampilogov; Alexander G. Bogoroditsky; Emmanuil M. Rabinovich; Vladimir P. Ryabukho; Sergey S. Ulyanov; Maksim E. V'yushkin
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Hollow-tube-guide for UV-power laser beams
Author(s): Uichi Kubo; Katsuyuki Okada; Yuichi Hashishin
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Plastic hollow fibers employed for CO2 laser power transmission in oral surgery
Author(s): Shlomo Calderon; Israel Gannot; Jacob Dror; Reuben Dahan; Nathan I. Croitoru
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Comparison of silica-core optical fibers
Author(s): Brian P. McCann
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High-strength optical fiber for medical applications
Author(s): David A. Krohn; Mokhtar S. Maklad; Fredrick Bacon
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Optical characteristics of sapphire laser scalpels analysed by ray-tracing
Author(s): Rudolf M. Verdaasdonck; Cornelius Borst
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Core-clad silver halide fibers for CO2 laser power transmission
Author(s): Idan Paiss; Frank Moser; Abraham Katzir
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Fused silica fibers for the delivery of high-power UV radiation
Author(s): Vjacheslav G. Artioushenko; Vitali I. Konov; Vladimir P. Pashinin; Alexander S. Silenok; Leonid M. Blinov; A. M. Solomatin; I. P. Shilov; V. V. Volodko; Gerhard J. Mueller; Brita J. Schaldach; R. Ulrich; Wolfgang Neuberger
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Infrared cables and catheters for medical applications
Author(s): Vjacheslav G. Artioushenko; N. Ivchenko; Vitali I. Konov; Alexander P. Kryukov; Vladimir P. Krupchitsky; R. Kuznetcov; Alexander A. Lerman; E. G. Litvinenko; A. O. Nabatov; Victor G. Plotnichenko; Alexander M. Prokhorov; I. L. Pylnov; Andrew B. Tsiboulia; V. V. Vojtsekhovsky; Naim Ashraf; Wolfgang Neuberger; Kelly B. Moran; Gerhard J. Mueller; Brita J. Schaldach
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Hollow curved Al2O3 waveguides for CO2 laser surgery
Author(s): Christopher C. Gregory; James A. Harrington; Robert I. Altkorn; Rudy H. Haidle; Tomasz K. Helenowski
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Imaging in digestive videoendoscopy
Author(s): Stefano Guadagni; Theodore R. Nadeau; Loreto Lombardi; Francesco Pistoia; Maria Antonietta Pistoia
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Laser-induced fluorescence imaging of coronary arteries for open-heart surgery applications
Author(s): Roderick S. Taylor; D. Gladysz; Derek W. Brown; Lyall A. J. Higginson
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New image diagnosis system with ultrathin endoscope and clinical results
Author(s): Takashi Tsumanuma; Tomoaki Toriya; T. Tanaka; Naoki Shamoto; K. Seto; Kazuo Sanada; A. Okazaki
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Fiber optic image guide rods as ultrathin endoscopy
Author(s): Longin Kociszewski; Dariusz Pysz
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Percutaneous coronary angioscopy during coronary angioplasty: clinical findings and implications
Author(s): Stephen R. Ramee; Christopher J. White; Juan E. Mesa; Ashit Jain; Tyrone J. Collins
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Practical considerations for effective microendoscopy
Author(s): Thanassis Papaioannou; Theodore G. Papazoglou; Leon Daykhovsky; Alex Gershman; Jacob Segalowitz; G. Reznik; Clain Beeder; Mudjianto Chandra; Warren S. Grundfest
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Optical fibers in artificial joint
Author(s): Jie Yu; Jianmin Huang; Kui Zhang; Liang Zhang
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New approach for endoscopic stereotactic brain surgery using high-power laser
Author(s): Taisuke Otsuki; Takashi Yoshimoto
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Potentials for pulsed YAG:Nd laser application to endoscopic surgery
Author(s): Alexander A. Manenkov; N. N. Denisov; V. H. Bagdasarov; A. N. Starkovsky; S. V. Yurchenko; Yu. M. Kornilov; V. M. Mikaberidze; S. E. Sarkisov
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Promising applications of scanning electron-beam-pumped laser devices in medicine and biology
Author(s): Victor Katsap; Alexander V. Koshevoy; Gennadii A. Meerovich; Vladimir N. Ulasjuk
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New results in dosimetry of laser radiation in medical treatment
Author(s): Juergen Beuthan; Roland Hagemann; Gerhard J. Mueller; Brita J. Schaldach; Ch. Zur
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Fiber design for interstitial laser treatment
Author(s): Juergen Beuthan; Gerhard J. Mueller; Brita J. Schaldach; Ch. Zur
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Reduction of acoustic transients in tissue with a 2 um thulium laser
Author(s): Joseph F. Pinto; Leon Esterowitz; Robert F. Bonner
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Lesion-specific laser catheters for angioplasty
Author(s): Douglas Murphy-Chutorian
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In-vitro ablation of fibrocartilage by XeCl excimer laser
Author(s): Martin Buchelt; Thanassis Papaioannou; Michael C. Fishbein; Werner Peters; Clain Beeder; Warren S. Grundfest
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Fiber optic photoplethysmograph
Author(s): Leszek J. Bokun; Andrzej W. Domanski
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Mechanism of excimer-laser-induced absorption in fused silica fibers
Author(s): Vjacheslav G. Artioushenko; Vitali I. Konov; Vladimir P. Pashinin; Alexander S. Silenok; Gerhard J. Mueller; Brita J. Schaldach; R. Ulrich
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Spectral-luminescence analysis as method of tissue states evaluation and laser influence on tissues before and after transplantation
Author(s): Victor B. Loschenov; M. V. Baryshev; V. M. Svystushkin; Yuriy M. Ovchinnikov; A. V. Babyn; Brita J. Schaldach; Gerhard J. Mueller
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