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Solid State Lasers II
Editor(s): George Dube
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Volume Number: 1410
Date Published: 1 July 1991
Softcover: 29 papers (262) pages
ISBN: 9780819405005

Table of Contents
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Upgrade of the LLNL Nova laser for inertial confinement fusion
Author(s): John R. Murray; John B. Trenholme; John T. Hunt; Donald N. Frank; W. Howard Lowdermilk; E. Storm
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Design and energy characteristics of a multisegment glass-disk amplifier
Author(s): John H. Kelly; Milton J. Shoup; Mark D. Skeldon; Snow T. Bui
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Large-aperture (80-cm diameter) phase plates for beam smoothing on Nova
Author(s): Bruce W. Woods; Ian M. Thomas; Mark A. Henesian; Sham N. Dixit; Howard T. Powell
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Nd-doped lasers with widely variable pulsewidths
Author(s): Li-Huang Lin; Wen Ge; Yilan Kang; Shisheng Chen; Ouyang Bin; Shiying Li; Shiji Wang
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Test results on pulsed cesium amalgam flashlamps for solid state laser pumping
Author(s): Harald L. Witting
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Diffraction-limited Nd:glass and alexandrite lasers using graded reflectivity mirror unstable resonators
Author(s): Kevin J. Snell; Gaetan Duplain; Andre Parent; Bruno Labranche; Pierre Galarneau
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Wavemeter for tuning solid state lasers
Author(s): Joseph H. Goad; Pamela L. Rinsland; Edward H. Kist; Steven C. Irick
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Performance of longitudinal-mode KD*P Pockels cells with transparent conductive coatings
Author(s): Mark D. Skeldon; Michael S. Jin; Douglas J. Smith; Snow T. Bui
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Fabrication of laser materials by laser-heated pedestal growth
Author(s): Robert S. F. Chang; Somnath Sengupta; Leslie B. Shaw; Nicholas Djeu
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Frequency stability of a solid state mode-locked laser system
Author(s): Thomas B. Simpson; Frank Doft; Michael M. Malley; George W. Sutton; Timothy Day
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2.014-micron Cr;Tm:YAG: optimization of doping concentration for flash lamp operation
Author(s): Dan Bar-Joseph
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2.8-um Er3+:YLiF4 laser resonantly pumped at 970 nm
Author(s): Robert C. Stoneman; Leon Esterowitz; James G. Lynn
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Upconversion-pumped IR (2.8-2.9 microns) lasing of Er3+ in garnets
Author(s): S. A. Pollack; David B. Chang; Milton Birnbaum; Milan R. Kokta
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Comparison of flash-pumped Cr;Tm 2-μm laser action in garnet hosts
Author(s): Gregory J. Quarles; Joseph F. Pinto; Leon Esterowitz; Milan R. Kokta
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Suppression of relaxation oscillations in flash-pumped 2-μm lasers
Author(s): Joseph F. Pinto; Leon Esterowitz
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Diode pumping of tunable Cr-doped lasers
Author(s): Richard Scheps
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Experimental and computer-modeled results of titanium sapphire lasers pumped by copper vapor lasers
Author(s): Martyn R. H. Knowles; Colin E. Webb; Graham A. Naylor
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UV-VIS solid state excimer laser: XeF in crystalline argon
Author(s): Gerald Zerza; F. Knopp; R. Kometer; Gerard Sliwinski; Nikolaus Schwentner
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Active-passive colliding pulse mode-locked Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Shiying Li; Shisheng Chen; Li-Huang Lin; Shiji Wang; Ouyang Bin; Zhizhan Xu
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Toward phase noise reduction in a Nd:YLF laser using electro-optic feedback control
Author(s): David L. Brown; Wolf D. Seka; Samuel A. Letzring
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Two-dimensional periodic structures in solid state laser resonator
Author(s): Alexey Yu. Okulov
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Thermal effects in diode-laser-pumped monolithic Nd:glass lasers
Author(s): Randal L. Schmitt; Paul A. Spence; David G. Scerbak
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Second-harmonic generation of mode-locked Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF lasers using LiB3O5
Author(s): Murray K. Reed; Jacek K. Tyminski; William K. Bischel
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High-peak-power Nd:glass laser facilities for end users
Author(s): John T. Hunt
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New opportunities with intense ultra-short-pulse lasers
Author(s): Martin C. Richardson
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Single-frequency solid state lasers and amplifiers
Author(s): Artur A. Mak; Oleg A. Orlov; Vladimir I. Ustugov; Il'ya B. Vitrishchak
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10-W Ho laser for surgery
Author(s): Vyatcheslav A. Boutchenkov; Boris I. Utenkov; Boris M. Antipenko; Yuri D. Berezin; Boris G. Malinin; Victor A. Serebryakov
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High-energy Nd:glass laser for oncology
Author(s): Vyatcheslav A. Boutchenkov; Boris I. Utenkov; V. K. Zaitsev; Valentin I. Bayanov; Victor A. Serebryakov
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Soviet developments in solid state lasers
Author(s): Alexander M. Prokhorov; Ivan Alexandrov Shcherbakov
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