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5th Congress of the Brazilian Society of Microelectronics
Editor(s): Vitor Baranauskas

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Volume Number: 1405
Date Published: 1 November 1990

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Single defects and noise in sub-u MOSFETs
Author(s): Max J. Schulz; A. Karmann
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Improvement of thermal SiO2 properties for advanced MOS technologies
Author(s): Afonso H. Costa e Silva; Yasushiro Nishioka; Carlos Leonidas Da Silva
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Bidimensional simulation of MOSFETs in thermal equilibrium
Author(s): Guido Araujo; Petronio Pulino; Bernard Waldman
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Double-level metal process for 1-um technologies
Author(s): Alain Rey
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Analytical model for the potential drop in the silicon substrate on thin-film SOI MOSFETs and its influence on the threshold voltage
Author(s): Joad A. Martino; L. Lauwers; Jean Pierre Colinge
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Smart power high-side switch technology for low-voltage automotive applications
Author(s): Marise Bafleur; J. Buxo; A. Elmoznine; P. Rossel
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Technology and design of SIPOS films used as field plates for high-voltage planar devices
Author(s): D. Jaume; G. Charitat; A. Peyre-Lavigne; P. Rossel
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Ion implantation in Gallium Arsenide MESFET technology
Author(s): Joel Pereira de Souza; Devindra K. Sadana
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Versatile ion implanter for submicron and 3-D device engineering
Author(s): Jerald P. Dykstra; Andy M. Ray; Robert Simonton
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Oxygen and nitrogen effects on the electronic properties of RF-sputtered a-SiGe alloys
Author(s): Jorge M. T. Pereira
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Hot electron launching using the AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs n-n heterojunction
Author(s): Humberto Abreu Santos; Carlos Ferreira Fernandes; Antonio Cruz Serra
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VLSI layout synthesis
Author(s): Gerhard Zimmermann
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Software to support logic synthesis from behavioral specifications
Author(s): Clarindo I.P.S. Padua
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Architecture and algorithm of a circuit simulator
Author(s): Norian Marranghello; Furio Damiani
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State assignment algorithm for incompletely specified finite state machines
Author(s): Jose Nelson Amaral; Wagner Chiepa Cunha
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Artificial neural networks: principles and VLSI implementation
Author(s): Jan Van der Spiegel; Paul Mueller; David Blackman; Christopher Donham; Ralph Etienne-Cummings; Pervez Aziz; A. Choudhury; L. Jones; J. Xin
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PC-based automated extraction of electrical parameters for VLSI MOSFETs: methods, algorithms, and implementation
Author(s): Sergio Bampi
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Two case studies for Level Sensitive Scan Design methodology
Author(s): Celso F. V. Brites; Augusto C. F. Morais
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Design of the datapath of a 16-bit RISC microprocessor using CMOS gate arrays technology
Author(s): Alfredo Olmos; F. Chavez; E. Aedo; A. Bernal; Edgar Charry
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Hierarchical circuit extractor
Author(s): Marcos Augusto Stemmer; Ricardo A. L. Reis
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