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8th Intl Symp on Gas Flow and Chemical Lasers
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Volume Number: 1397
Date Published: 1 February 1991
Softcover: 147 papers (890) pages
ISBN: 9780819404800

Table of Contents
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Study of the interaction of a high-power laser radiation and a transparent liquid
Author(s): Anne-Patricia B. Alloncle; Jacques Viernes; Daniel Dufresne; X. Clement; Jean Guerin; P. Testud
Measurements of atmospheric transmittance of CO2 laser radiation
Author(s): Vladimir N. Aref'ev
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Boiling process in PMMA irradiated by CO2, DF and HF laser radiations
Author(s): Rene C. Joeckle; Gerard Rapp; Andre Sontag
Comparison of high-current discharges with axial and transverse gas flow for UV ion lasers
Author(s): Sergey V. Babin; Andrey E. Kuklin
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Possibility of long population inversion in active media for IR chemical lasers
Author(s): Boris D. Barmashenko; Viatcheslav A. Kochelap
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New emission spectra from chemically excited oxygen and potentiality as a visible chemical laser
Author(s): Roger Bacis; Jean C. Bonnet; Annie J. Bouvier; S. Churassy; P. Grozet; B. Erba; Eric Georges; C. Jouvet; J. Lamarre; Yolande Louvet; M. Nota; Daniel R. Pigache; Adam T. Ross; M. Setra
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Quantitative analysis of a CO2 laser beam by PMMA burn patterns
Author(s): Rene C. Joeckle; Axel Koeneke; Andre Sontag
Very high reflective all-dielectric coatings for high-power CO2 lasers
Author(s): R. M. Berger; Martina Chmelir; Herman E. Reedy; Jack P. Chambers
Pulsed HF chemical laser using a VUV phototriggered discharge
Author(s): Henri Brunet; Michel Mabru; J. Rocca Serra; C. Vannier
Influence of mixing on the characteristics of the oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): A. N. Dvoryankin; Yuri A. Kulagin; N. Yu. Kudryavtcev
Test of Geltman theory of multiple ionization of xenon by intense laser pulses
Author(s): Riccardo Bruzzese; V. Berardi; C. de Lisio; Salvatore Solimeno; Nicola Spinelli
Chemical generation of electronically excited nitrogen N2(A3 sigma +u) and lasers on electronic transitions
Author(s): A. N. Dvoryankin; V. N. Makarov
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Gas-dynamically cooled CO laser with rf-excitation: design and performance
Author(s): Hartwig von Buelow; Eberhard Zeyfang
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Solar-powered blackbody-pumped lasers
Author(s): Walter H. Christiansen; J. Marcos Sirota
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Quartz gauge and ballistic pendulum measurements of the mechanical impulse imparted to a target by a laser pulse
Author(s): Jean-Yves David; J. C. Wettling; Patrick Combis; G. Nierat; M. Rostaing
Continuous chemical lasers of visible region
Author(s): A. N. Dvoryankin
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Laser welding of INCONEL 600
Author(s): Giuseppe Daurelio; G. Dionoro; F. Memola Capece Minutolo
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New photovoltaic effect in semiconductor junctions n+/p
Author(s): E. Dominguez Ferrari; F. Encinas Sanz; Jose M. Guerra Perez
Surface quenching of singlet delta oxygen
Author(s): R. P. Crannage; Daniel E. Johnson; Ernest A. Dorko
Laser interaction with solids
Author(s): David C. Emmony; Stuart E. Clark; Noel C. Kerr; Basil Arthur Omar
30-Torr pulsed singlet oxygen generator
Author(s): Masamori Endo; S. Arai; T. Yamashita; Taro Uchiyama
Large volume XeCl laser with longitudinal gas flow: experimental results and theoretical analysis
Author(s): Sarah Bollanti; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Francesco Flora; Gualtiero Giordano; Tommaso Letardi; Nicola Lisi; Giovanni Schina; Cheng En Zheng
Fast-flow gas-dynamic effects in high-pulse repetition-rate excimer lasers
Author(s): Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Bernard L. Fontaine; Bernard M. Forestier; Marc L. Sentis
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Excimer laser ceramic and metal surface alloying applications
Author(s): Elias I. Hontzopoulos; A. Zervaki; G. Zergioti; G. Hourdakis; E. Raptakis; A. Giannacopoulos; Costas Fotakis
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Development of chemical oxygen-iodine laser for industrial application
Author(s): Hiroo Fujii; Masahiro Iizuka; Mikio Muro; Hirotsuna Kuchiki; Toshio Atsuta
Output characteristics of a multikilowatt repetitively pulsed XeF laser
Author(s): Robert F. Walter; Louis J. Palumbo; Steven W. Townsend; Peter D. Tannen
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Chemical oxygen-iodine laser: flow diagnostics and overall qualification
Author(s): Eric Georges; Roger Barraud; Alain Mouthon
Study of high-average-power excimer laser with circulation loop
Author(s): Bruno Godard; Emmanuel Estocq; Marc X. Stehle; Jean C. Bonnet; Daniel R. Pigache
Chemically driven pulsed and continuous visible laser amplifiers and oscillators
Author(s): James L. Gole; J. R. Woodward; S. H. Cobb; KangKang Shen; J. R. Doughty
Electron density measurements of laser-induced surface plasma by means of a beam deflection technique
Author(s): Alexander Michaelis; Juergen Uhlenbusch; Wolfgang Vioel
Pulse shape effects in a twin cell DF laser
Author(s): Eric K. Gorton; E. W. Parcell; P. H. Cross
Characteristics of a downstream-mixing CO2 gas-dynamic laser
Author(s): Takashi Hashimoto; Susumu Nakano; Michio Hachijin; Katsuhiko Komatsu; Hiroshi Hara
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Progress toward the demonstration of a visible (blue) chemical laser
Author(s): John M. Herbelin
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High-power CO2 laser excited by 2.45 GHz microwave discharges
Author(s): Bernhard Freisinger; Markus Pauls; Johannes Heinrich Schaefer; Juergen Uhlenbusch
2.5 kHz high-repetition-rate XeCl excimer laser
Author(s): Ken Ishikawa; S. Takagi; Naomichi Okamoto; K. Kakizaki; Saburoh Satoh; Tatsumi Goto
Reactive-flow modeling of the H/NF2/BiF reaction system
Author(s): Robert Acebal; Jeffrey P. Dansereau; Randy C.R. Jones; Robert J. Malins; H. Schreiber; William S. Smith; S. Taylor; William Anthony Duncan; Stanley P. Patterson
Design and performance of an atmospheric pressure HF chemical laser
Author(s): D. Chuchem; Yehoshua Y. Kalisky; M. Amit; Israel Smilanski
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Power stabilization of high-power industrial CO laser using gas exchange
Author(s): Hirotaka Kanazawa; Naohito Yamaguchi; Takuro Nakajima; Yasunori Hamano; Ryoichi Satani; Tatsuji Taira
Scaling of self-sustained discharge-excited cw CO laser
Author(s): Shunichi Sato; Kunimitsu Takahashi; Osama Noda; Shizuma Kuribayashi; Shigenori Imatake; Motoe Kondo
Measurements of gas flow and gas constituent in a wind-tunnel-type excimer laser under high-repetition-rate operations
Author(s): Koichi Kasuya; Kazuhiko Horioka; N. Hikida; M. Murazi; K. Nakata; Yasumasa Kawakita; Yoichi Miyai; S. Kato; S. Yoshida; S. Ideno
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High-power KrF lasers
Author(s): Michael H. Key; Rene Bailly-Salins; B. Edwards; Erol C. Harvey; Graeme J. Hirst; Chris J. Hooker; A. K. Kidd; E. M. Madraszek; P. A. Rodgers; Ian N. Ross; M. J. Shaw; M. Steyer
High-power unstable resonator CO laser
Author(s): Shunichi Sato; Kunimitsu Takahashi; Ikuzo Tanaka; Osama Noda; Shizuma Kuribayashi; Shigenori Imatake; Motoe Kondo
Design, construction, and operation of 65 kilowatt carbon dioxide electric discharge coaxial laser device
Author(s): James P. Reilly; Michael L. Lander; K. Maxwell; Robert J. Hull
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Probe measurements in a CO2 laser plasma
Author(s): Christophe Leys; P. Sona; Peter F. Muys
Variable reflectivity output coupler for improvement of the beam quality of a fast-axial flow CO2 laser
Author(s): P. Sona; Peter F. Muys; Christophe Leys; Glenn H. Sherman
Chemical gas-dynamic mixing CO2 laser pumped by the reactions between N2O and CO
Author(s): Maxim Doroschenko; N. N. Kudriavtsev; A. M. Sukhov
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Output characteristics of a transverse-flow cw CO2 modular laser
Author(s): P. Kukiello; Grazyna T. Rabczuk
Beam quality in laser amplifiers
Author(s): Rosario Martinez-Herrero; Pedro M. Mejias
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Development of the aerodynamic window for high-power CO laser
Author(s): Shizuma Kuribayashi; Osama Noda; M. Ogino; Shigenori Imatake; Motoe Kondo; Shunichi Sato; Kunimitsu Takahashi
Resonators for coaxial slow-flow CO2 lasers
Author(s): Uwe Habich; Axel Bauer; Peter Loosen; Heinz-Dieter Plum
Coupled CO2 lasers
Author(s): V. V. Antyukhov; Alexander V. Bondarenko; Alexander F. Glova; A. A. Golubenzev; E. Danshikov; O. R. Kachurin; Fedor V. Lebedev; Vladimir V. Likhanskii; Anatoly P. Napartovich; Vladislav D. Pis'mennyi; Vladimir P. Yartsev
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Potential IF chemical laser
Author(s): B. Leporcq; C. Verdier; F. Lemoine; Richard Arbus
Optical quality of a combined aerodynamic window
Author(s): Keming Du; Joachim Franek; Peter Loosen; H. Zefferer; Junquan Shen
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CO2 coupled-mode, CO, and other lasers with supersonic cooling of gas mixture
Author(s): Eugene M. Kudriavtsev
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High-power chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): B. Barnault; Roger Barraud; L. Forestier; Eric Georges; Yolande Louvet; Alain Mouthon; M. Ory; Daniel R. Pigache
N-substituted 1,8-naphthalimide derivatives as high-efficiency laser-dye: dependence of dye laser emission of protonated solvent
Author(s): E. Martin; Antonio Martinez Pardo; J. M. L. Poyato; Rosa Weigand; Jose M. Guerra Perez
Visual observation and numerical analysis on the reaction zone structure of a supersonic-flow CO chemical laser
Author(s): Wataru Masuda
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Second harmonic generation of chemical oxygen-iodine laser
Author(s): Fumio Matsuzaka; Kazushige Nigawara; Ken Terasawa; Taro Uchiyama
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Optimization of discharge parameters of an e-beam sustained repetitively pulsed CO2 laser
Author(s): Mark-Udo Beth; Thomas Hall; Wilhelm Mayerhofer
Resonant IR laser-induced diffusion of oxygen in silicon
Author(s): M. V. Artsimovich; A. N. Baranov; V. V. Krivov; Eugene M. Kudriavtsev; Emma N. Lotkova; B. H. Makeev; I. F. Mogilnik; V. N. Pavlovich; B. N. Romanuk; V. I. Soroka; V. V. Tokarevski; Sergey D. Zotov
Cavityless dielectric-waveguide-mode generation in a weakly amplifying gaseous medium
Author(s): Lev Yu. Mel'nikov; Viatcheslav A. Kochelap; Igor A. Izmailov
Comparison of welding results with stable and unstable resonators
Author(s): Joachim Franek; Keming Du; Silke Pflueger; Ralf Imhoff; Peter Loosen
Thermocapillary effects in a melted pool during laser surface treatment
Author(s): D. Morvan; Francois Dominique Cipriani; Daniel Dufresne; A. Garino
High-power electron beam controlled discharge N2O laser
Author(s): K. Frolov; Andrei A. Ionin; M. Kelner; Dmitrii V. Sinitsyn; A. F. Suchkov; I. Zhivukcin
High-average power XeCl laser with surface corona-discharge preionization
Author(s): Haruhiko Nagai; Kenyu Haruta; Yukio Sato; Masao Inoue; Akihiro Suzuki
Long-time operation of a 5kW cw CO laser
Author(s): Osama Noda; Shizuma Kuribayashi; Shigenori Imatake; Motoe Kondo; Shunichi Sato; Kunimitsu Takahashi
Estimation of CO2/N2 mixing region by the small-signal gain measurement
Author(s): Hiroshi Ohue; Eiji Kasahara; Kamon Uemura; Keiichi Mito
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Measurement of the gain in a XeF (C-A) laser pumped by a coaxial e-beam
Author(s): H. M. J. Bastiaens; Peter J. M. Peters; Wilhelmus J. Witteman
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Kinetics and yield of Xe excitation as third body in the process of N(4S) atom recombination
Author(s): U. V. Ivanov; A. M. Pravilov; L. G. Smirnova; A. F. Vilesov
Study of the production of S2(B) from the recombination of sulfur atoms
Author(s): Pascale Prigent; Henri Brunet
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Visible and UV gas lasers with high-current radiative discharges excitation
Author(s): A. S. Kamrukov; Nicolay P. Kozlov; Yuri S. Protasov
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Red emitter resulting from O2 (a1 delta g): a new lasing species?
Author(s): Qi Zhuang; Tieji Cui; X. B. Xie; Fengting Sang; Q. N. Yuan; Rongyao Zhang; H. P. Yang; Li Li; Q. S. Zhu; Cun Hao Zhang
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The EU 194 project: industrial applications of high-power CO2 cw lasers
Author(s): A. Quenzer; Eckhard Beyer; Jose M. Orza; G. Ricciardi; J. Derek Russell; Pedro Sanz Justes; Alexander A. Serafetinides; Dieter Schuoecker; B. Thorstensen
Plasma motion velocity along laser beam and continuous optical discharge in gas flow
Author(s): A. P. Budnik; K. G. Gus'kov; Yuri P. Raizer; S. T. Surjhikov
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Assessment of a discharge-excited supersonic free jet as a laser medium
Author(s): Fumihiko Kannari; F. Sato; Minoru Obara
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Laser surface treatment: numerical simulation of thermocapillary flows
Author(s): Agnes Roux; Francois Dominique Cipriani
Numerical simulation of the combustion chamber of a chemical laser
Author(s): E. Saatdjian; J. P. Caressa; Jean-Claude Andre
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Luminescence and ionization of krypton by multiphotonic excitation near the 3P1 resonant state
Author(s): M. Saissac; P. Berejny; Philippe Millet; M. Yousfi; Y. Salamero
Free propagation of high-order moments of laser beam intensity distribution
Author(s): Miguel A. Sanchez; Jose Luis Hernandez Neira; J. Delgado; G. Calvo
Modeling of high-power laser welding
Author(s): Dieter Schuoecker
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Advanced matrix optics and its incidence in laser optics
Author(s): Shaomin Wang; Eusebio Bernabeu; Javier Alda
Tutorial on x-ray lasers
Author(s): William T. Silfvast
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Arc heater for thermal driven HF/DF chemical laser
Author(s): Andre Sontag; Jean-Marie Baronnet
Surface absorptance in CO2 laser steel processing
Author(s): L. Covelli; I. de Iorio; V. Tagliaferri
Flowfield in a CO2-N2 gas-dynamics laser with staggered nozzles
Author(s): D. Tarabelli; David Zeitoun; Michel P. Imbert
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Advanced concepts of electron-beam-pumped excimer lasers
Author(s): Frank K. Tittel; P. Canarelli; C. Brent Dane; Thomas Hofmann; Roland A. Sauerbrey; Tracy S. Sharp-Clement; Gabor Szabo; William L. Wilson; P. Jeffrey Wisoff; Shigeru Yamaguchi
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Discharge studies with a high-efficiency XeCl excimer laser
Author(s): M. Trentelman; G. B. Ekelmans; Frederik A. van Goor; Wilhelmus J. Witteman
High-repetition-rate x-ray preionization source
Author(s): Frederik A. van Goor
Mixing diagnostic in a cw DF chemical laser operating at high-cavity pressure
Author(s): Francois Voignier; Frederic Merat; Henri Brunet
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Fluctuation variation of a CO2 laser pulse intensity during its interaction with a cloud
Author(s): R. Kh. Almaev; L. P. Semenov; A. G. Slesarev; O. A. Volkovitsky
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Highly conductive amorphous-ferrite formed by excimer laser material processing
Author(s): Shigeru Kashiwabara; Kazuhiro Watanabe; Ryozo Fujimoto
Characteristics of a compact 12 kW transverse-flow CO2 laser with rf-excitation
Author(s): Eberhard Wildermuth; B. Walz; K. Wessel; H. Wolfram Schock
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Discharge technology for excimer lasers of high-average power
Author(s): Wilhelmus J. Witteman; G. B. Ekelmans; M. Trentelman; Frederik A. van Goor
Performance of CO2 and CO diffusively cooled rf-excited strip-line lasers with different electrode materials and gas composition
Author(s): Shaul Yatsiv; Amnon Gabay; Baruch Sterman; Yoav Sintov
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High-power chemical oxygen-iodine lasers and applications
Author(s): S. Yoshida; Kouki Shimizu
Performance characteristics of premixing gas-dynamic laser utilizing liquid C6H6 and liquid N2O
Author(s): T. Yokozawa; Hayato Nakajima; Shigeru Yamaguchi; K. Ebina; M. Ohara; Hirotaka Kanazawa; M. Yuasa; Katsuhiko Komatsu; Hiroshi Hara
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Effect of acoustic dampers on the excimer laser flow
Author(s): David Zeitoun; D. Tarabelli; Bernard M. Forestier; J. P. Truong; Marc L. Sentis
High-gain tunable laser medium: XeF-doped Ar crystals
Author(s): Gerald Zerza; R. Kometer; Gerard Sliwinski; Nikolaus Schwentner
Gas-dynamically cooled CO laser with rf-excitation: optical performance
Author(s): Eberhard Zeyfang; Hartwig von Buelow; M. Stoehr
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Spectroscopic determination of the parameters of an iron plasma produced by a CO2 laser
Author(s): Angel M. de Frutos Baraja; Lilian Sabatier; Anne Poueyo-Verwaerde; Remy Fabbro; Dionisio Bermejo; Jose M. Orza
Precise uncoupling theory to study gain of gas-dynamic laser
Author(s): A. R. Bahram-pour; Esmail Mehdizadeh; M. A. Bolorizadeh; M. Shojaei
Multikilowatt transverse-flow CO2 laser with variable reflectivity mirrors
Author(s): Laura Serri; C. Maggi; Luciano Garifo; Sandro De Silvestri; Vittorio C. Magni; Orazio Svelto
Thermal regulation applied to CO2 laser self-quenching of complex geometry workpieces
Author(s): F. Bataille; Didier Kechemair; C. Pawlovski; R. Houdjal
Thomson scattering diagnostics of discharge plasmas in an excimer laser
Author(s): H. Yamakoshi; Motoko Kato; Y. Kubo; H. Enokizono; Kenji Uchino; Katsunori Muraoka; A. Takahashi; Mitsuo Maeda

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