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Optics in Agriculture
Editor(s): James A. DeShazer; George E. Meyer
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Volume Number: 1379
Date Published: 1 February 1991
: 26 papers (264) pages
ISBN: 9780819404466

Table of Contents
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Advances in R&D in near-infrared spectroscopy in Japan
Author(s): Sumio Kawano; Mutsuo Iwamoto
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Nondestructive determination of the solids content of horticultural products
Author(s): Gerald S. Birth; Gerald G. Dull; Richard G. Leffler
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Using digital images to measure and discriminate small particles in cotton
Author(s): Robert A. Taylor; Luther C. Godbey
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Analysis of silage composition by near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy
Author(s): James B. Reeves; Timothy H. Blosser; V. F. Colenbrander
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Moisture influence on near-infrared prediction of wheat hardness
Author(s): William R. Windham; Charles S. Gaines; Richard G. Leffler
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Fourier analysis of near-infrared spectra
Author(s): W. Fred McClure
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Image analysis for vision-based agricultural vehicle guidance
Author(s): Neil H. Brown; Hugh C. Wood; James N. Wilson
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Fiber optic lighting system for plant production
Author(s): Dennis R. St. George; John J. R. Feddes
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Modeling the distribution of optical radiation in diffusely reflecting materials
Author(s): Gerald S. Birth
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Comparison of methods to treat nonuniform illumination in images
Author(s): Timothy P. McDonald; Yud-Ren Chen
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Vision methods for inspection of greenhouse poinsettia plants
Author(s): George E. Meyer; W. W. Troyer; Jay B. Fitzgerald
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Use of color, color infrared, black and white films, and video systems in detecting health, stress, and disease in vegetation
Author(s): Carlos H. Blazquez
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Midinfrared backscatter spectra of selected agricultural crops
Author(s): Ram Mohan Narayanan; Steven E. Green; Dennis R. Alexander
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Using computer vision for detecting watercore in apples
Author(s): James A. Throop; Gerald E. Rehkugler; Bruce L. Upchurch
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Damage detection in peanut grade samples using chromaticity and luminance
Author(s): Floyd E. Dowell; J. H. Powell
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Fresh market carrot inspection by machine vision
Author(s): M. Scott Howarth; Stephen W. Searcy
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Image analysis applications for grain science
Author(s): Inna Y. Zayas; James L. Steele
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Instrumentation to measure the near-IR spectrum of small fruits
Author(s): Holger M. Jaenisch; Abraham J. Niedzwiecki; John D. Cernosek; R. Barry Johnson; John S. Seeley; Gerald G. Dull; Richard G. Leffler
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Automated optical grading of timber
Author(s): Peter J. Sobey
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Effect of image size and contrast on the recognition of insects in radiograms
Author(s): Thomas F. Schatzki; Pamela M. Keagy
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Digital restoration of distorted geometric features of pigs
Author(s): Emmanuel Van der Stuyft; Vic Goedseels; Rony Geers
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Model-based image processing for characterizing pigs in scenes
Author(s): Robin D. Tillett; John A. Marchant
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Image analysis for estimating the weight of live animals
Author(s): C. Patrick Schofield; John A. Marchant
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Optical reflectance sensor for detecting plants
Author(s): Geoffrey J. Shropshire; Kenneth Von Bargen; David A. Mortensen
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Corn plant locating by image processing
Author(s): Jiancheng Jia; Gary W. Krutz; Harry W. Gibson
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Three-dimensional vision system for peanut pod maturity
Author(s): E. Jay Williams; Stephen D. Adams
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