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Optically Activated Switching
Editor(s): Fred J. Zutavern
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Volume Number: 1378
Date Published: 1 March 1991
Softcover: 29 papers (298) pages
ISBN: 9780819404459

Table of Contents
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Photoconductive switching for high-power microwave generation
Author(s): Michael D. Pocha; Wayne W. Hofer
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Design of frozen-wave and injected-wave microwave generators using optically controlled switches
Author(s): William C. Nunnally
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Considerations of the limits and capabilities of light-activated switches
Author(s): Oved S. F. Zucker; David M. Giorgi; Adam H. Griffin; David E. Hargis; James K. Long; Iain Alexander McIntyre; Kevin J. Page; Paul J. Solone; Deborah S. Wein
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Generation of stable low-jitter kilovolt amplitude picosecond pulses
Author(s): Tapan K. Sarkar; Partha P. Banerjee
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Subnanosecond, high-voltage photoconductive switching in GaAs
Author(s): Robert L. Druce; Michael D. Pocha; Kenneth L. Griffin; Jim O'Bannon
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Graded AlxGa1-xAs photoconductive devices for high-efficiency picosecond optoelectronic switching
Author(s): Jeffrey D. Morse; Raymond P. Mariella; Robert W. Dutton
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Optically triggered GaAs thyristor switches: integrated structures for environmental hardening
Author(s): Richard Franklin Carson; Harry T. Weaver; Robert C. Hughes; Thomas E. Zipperian; Thomas M. Brennan; B. Eugene Hammons
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Computational and experimental progress on laser-activated gas avalanche switches for broadband, high-power electromagnetic pulse generation
Author(s): David J. Mayhall; Jick H. Yee; Francesco Villa
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Absorptive nonlinear semiconductor amplifiers for fast optical switching
Author(s): Peter E. Barnsley; Ian Marshall; Phillip J. Fiddyment; Michael J. Robertson
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All-optical Ti:LiNbO3 waveguide switch
Author(s): Antonio d'Alessandro; Marco De Sario; Antonella D'Orazio; Vincenzo Petruzzelli
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Photochemical generation of gradient indices in glass
Author(s): Edgar A. Mendoza; Harry D. Gafney; David L. Morse
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Two-dimensional edge- and surface-emitting semiconductor laser arrays for optically activated switching
Author(s): Gary A. Evans; Arye Rosen; Paul J. Stabile; David P. Bour; Nils W. Carlson; John C. Connolly
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Optical requirements for light-activated switches
Author(s): Iain Alexander McIntyre; David M. Giorgi; David E. Hargis; Oved S. F. Zucker
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High-power/high-pulse repetition frequency (PRF) pulse generation using a laser-diode-activated photoconductive GaAs switch
Author(s): A. H. Kim; Robert J. Zeto; Robert J. Youmans; Christine A. Kondek; Maurice Weiner; Bogoliub Lalevic
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Triggering GaAs lock-on switches with laser diode arrays
Author(s): Guillermo M. Loubriel; Malcolm T. Buttram; Wesley D. Helgeson; Dan L. McLaughlin; Marty W. O'Malley; Fred J. Zutavern; Arye Rosen; Paul J. Stabile
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Generic applications for Si and GaAs optical switching devices utilizing semiconductor lasers as an optical source
Author(s): Arye Rosen; Paul J. Stabile; Fred J. Zutavern; Guillermo M. Loubriel
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High-power switching with electron-beam-controlled semiconductors
Author(s): Ralf Peter Brinkmann; Karl H. Schoenbach; Randy A. Roush; David C. Stoudt; Vishnu K. Lakdawala; Glenn A. Gerdin
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Photoconductivity of high-bandgap materials
Author(s): Ping-Tong Ho; F. Peng; Julius Goldhar; Eugene E. Nolting; C. Parsons
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Surface flashover of silicon
Author(s): Paul Frazer Williams; Frank E. Peterkin; Tim Ridolfi; L. L. Buresh; B. J. Hankla
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Optical probing of field dependent effects in GaAs photoconductive switches
Author(s): William R. Donaldson; Lawrence E. Kingsley
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Surface field measurement of photoconductive power switches using the electro-optic Kerr effect
Author(s): Harshad P. Sardesai; William C. Nunnally; Paul Frazer Williams
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Observation of power gain in an inductive pulsed power system with an optically activated semiconductor closing and opening switch
Author(s): Chun C. Kung; Eric E. Funk; Eve A. Chauchard; M. J. Rhee; Chi Hsiang Lee; Li Yan
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Photoquenching and characterization studies in a bulk optically controlled GaAs semiconductor switch
Author(s): Vishnu K. Lakdawala; Karl H. Schoenbach; Randy A. Roush; Gordon R. Barevadia; Michael S. Mazzola
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Rise time and recovery of GaAs photoconductive semiconductor switches
Author(s): Fred J. Zutavern; Guillermo M. Loubriel; Marty W. O'Malley; Dan L. McLaughlin; Wesley D. Helgeson
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Optically activated GaAs MMIC switch for microwave and millimeter wave applications
Author(s): Arthur C. Paolella; Asher Madjar; Peter R. Herczfeld; Dana Sturzebecher
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Characterization and switching study of an optically controlled GaAs switch
Author(s): David C. Stoudt; Michael S. Mazzola; Scott F. Griffiths
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GaAs opto-thyristor for pulsed power applications
Author(s): Jung H. Hur; Peyman Hadizad; Hanmin Zhao; Steven G. Hummel; Paul Daniel Dapkus; Harold R. Fetterman; Martin A. Gundersen
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High-power waveform generation using photoconductive switches
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Oicles; Heikki I. Helava; Jon R. Grant; Larry O. Ragle; Susan C. Wessman
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Temporal model of optically initiated GaAs avalanche switches
Author(s): R. Aaron Falk; Jeff C. Adams
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