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Laser Noise
Editor(s): Rajarshi Roy

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Volume Number: 1376
Date Published: 1 March 1991

Table of Contents
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Theory of laser noise
Author(s): Melvin Lax
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Overview of experimental investigations of laser bandwidth effects in nonlinear optics
Author(s): Daniel S. Elliott
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Fluctuations in atomic fluorescence induced by laser noise
Author(s): Gautam Vemuri
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General jump model for laser noise: non-Markovian phase and frequency jumps
Author(s): Alfred M. Levine; Ercument Ozizmir; Reuven Zaibel; Yehiam Prior
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Pulsating instabilities and chaos in Raman lasers
Author(s): Robert G. Harrison; Weiping Lu; K. Jiad; J. S. Uppal
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Deterministic and quantum noise in dye lasers
Author(s): Michael G. Raymer; Wojciech Gadomski; Steven E. Hodges; D. Adkison
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Deterministic and noise-induced phase jumps in the ring laser gyroscope
Author(s): Thomas H. Chyba
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Noise in He:Ne lasers near threshold
Author(s): Surendra Singh; Mansour Mortazavi; K. J. Phillips; Marvin R. Young
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Enhanced Schawlow-Townes linewidth in lasers with nonorthogonal transverse eigenmodes
Author(s): Paul L. Mussche; Anthony E. Siegman
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QED theory of excess spontaneous emission noise
Author(s): Peter W. Milonni
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Reduction of spectral linewidth and FM noise in semiconductor lasers by application of optical feedback
Author(s): Hua Li; J. D. Park; Dongsun Seo; Luis Diego Marin-Naranjo; John Gerard McInerney; Harald R. Telle
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Methods and applications for intensity stabilization of pulsed and cw lasers from 257 nm to 10.6 microns
Author(s): Peter J. Miller
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Photon-noise reduction experiments with a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Prem Kumar; Jianming Huang; Orhan Aytur
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Quantum noise reduction in lasers with nonlinear absorbers
Author(s): Helmut Ritsch; Peter Zoller
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Low-frequency intensity fluctuations in external cavity semiconductor lasers
Author(s): John Gerard McInerney
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Feedback noise in single-mode semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Daan Lenstra; Julius S. Cohen
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Beam position noise and other fundamental noise processes that affect optical storage
Author(s): David Levenson
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Noise in semiconductor lasers and its impact on optical communication systems
Author(s): Govind P. Agrawal
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Regular and chaotic pulsations of radiation intensity in a CO2 laser with modulated parameters
Author(s): Alexander V. Bondarenko; Alexander F. Glova; Sergei N. Kozlov; Fedor V. Lebedev; Vladimir V. Likhanskii; Anatoly P. Napartovich; Vladislav D. Pis'mennyi; Vladimir P. Yartsev
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Optical coherent transients induced by time-delayed fluctuating pulses
Author(s): Vladimir Finkelstein; Paul R. Berman
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Deterministic fluctuations in an intracavity-coupled solid state laser
Author(s): Christopher Bracikowski; Rajarshi Roy
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Calculations on the Hanle effect with phase and amplitude fluctuating laser fields
Author(s): Thomas H. Bergeman; Robert E. Ryan
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Statistics of laser switch-on
Author(s): Maxi San Miguel
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Use of Fokker-Planck equations for the statistical properties of laser light
Author(s): Peter Jung; H. Risken
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Characterizing frequency chirps and phase fluctuations during noisy laser transients
Author(s): Neal Broadus Abraham
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Spontaneous emission noise reduction of a laser output by extracavity destructive interference
Author(s): Jean-Claude M. Diels; Ming Lai
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Shot noise limited optical measurements at baseband with noisy lasers
Author(s): Philip C. D. Hobbs
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