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High-Frequency Analog Fiber Optic Systems
Editor(s): Paul Sierak
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Volume Number: 1371
Date Published: 1 February 1991
Softcover: 29 papers (276) pages
ISBN: 9780819404329

Table of Contents
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Integrated-optical modulators for bandpass analog links
Author(s): Leonard M. Johnson; Gary E. Betts; Harold V. Roussell
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High-dynamic-range, low-noise analog optical links using external modulators: analysis and demonstration
Author(s): Gary E. Betts; Leonard M. Johnson; Charles H. Cox
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Comparison of transient analog data fiber optic links
Author(s): Wallace T. Clark; K. W. Darrow; Mike C. Skipper
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Linearized external modulator for analog applications
Author(s): Yudhi S. Trisno; Lian K. Chen; David R. Huber
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High-frequency fiber optic phase modulator using piezoelectric polymer coating
Author(s): Masaaki M. Imai; T. Yano; Yoshihiro Ohtsuka
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Microwave high-dynamic-range EO modulators
Author(s): Jing-Jong Pan; David A. Garafalo
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Analysis and measurement of the external modulation of modelocked laser diodes (relative noise performance)
Author(s): Benson C. Lam; Albert L. Kellner; David C. Campion; Joannes M. Costa; Paul K. L. Yu
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Photonic computer-aided design tools for high-speed optical modulators
Author(s): Pao-Lo Liu
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Polymer-based electro-optic modulators: fabrication and performance
Author(s): David R. Haas; Hong-Tai Man; Chia-Chi Teng; Kophu P. Chiang; Hyun N. Yoon; Talal K. Findakly
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Application of fiber optic delay lines and semiconductor optoelectronics to microwave signal processing
Author(s): Henry Fuller Taylor
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Design of adaptive optical equalizers for fiber optic communication systems
Author(s): Anjan K. Ghosh; Jim Barner; Palacharla Paparao; Susan Davis Allen; Kamran Imen
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Velocity-matched electro-optic modulator
Author(s): William B. Bridges; Finbar T. Sheehy; James H. Schaffner
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Wide-band analog frequency modulation of optic signals using indirect techniques
Author(s): Daniel J. Fitzmartin; Edmund J. Balboni; Robert G. Gels
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Design, fabrication, and testing of a 7-bit binary fiber optic delay line
Author(s): Anastasios P. Goutzoulis; D. Kenneth Davies
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Microwave fiber optic RF/IF link
Author(s): Jing-Jong Pan
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True-time-delay steering of dual-band phased-array antenna using laser-switched optical beam forming networks
Author(s): Willie W. Ng; Gregory L. Tangonan; Andrew A. Walston; Irwin L. Newberg; Jar Jueh Lee; Norman P. Bernstein
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Rugged 20-km fiber optic link for 2-18-GHz communications
Author(s): Robert H. Buckley; Edward R. Lyons; George Goga
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High-dynamic-range fiber optic link using external modulator diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers
Author(s): Richard B. Childs; Vincent A. O'Byrne
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Modal noise reduction in analog fiber optic links by superposition of high-frequency modulation
Author(s): Petar Kiril Pepeljugoski; Kam Y. Lau
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Microwave fiber optic link with DFB lasers
Author(s): David B. Huff; Henry A. Blauvelt
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MMIC compatible photodetector design and characterization
Author(s): Kyle A. Dallabetta; Michael de la Chapelle; Robert C. Lawrence
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Method to find the transimpedance gain of optical receivers using measured S-parameters
Author(s): Ricardo E. Saad; Rui Fragassi Souza
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Novel high-speed dual-wavelength InAlAs/InGaAs graded superlattice Schottky barrier photodiode for 0.8- and 1.3-um detection
Author(s): Kiu Chul Hwang; Sheng S. Li; Yung Chung Kao
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GaInAs PIN photodetectors on semi-insulating substrates
Author(s): Deborah L. Crawford; Y. G. Wey; John Edward Bowers; Michael J. Hafich; Gary Y. Robinson
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Millimeter-wave signal generation and control using optical heterodyne techniques and electro-optic devices
Author(s): Suwat Thaniyavarn; Gregory L. Abbas; William A. Dougherty
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Components and applications for high-speed optical analog links
Author(s): Peter Thomas Johnson; Brian T. Debney; Andrew C. Carter
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Velocity-matched III-V travelling wave electro-optic modulator
Author(s): Shih-Yuan Wang; Michael R. T. Tan; Denny Houng
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Comparison of alternative modulation techniques for microwave optical links
Author(s): Dumrong Kasemset; Edward I. Ackerman; Stephen Wanuga; Peter R. Herczfeld; Afshin S. Daryoush
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Recirculating fiber optical RF-memory loop in countermeasure systems
Author(s): Baruch Even-Or; S. Lipsky; Raymond Markowitz; Peter R. Herczfeld; Afshin S. Daryoush; Reza Saedi
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