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Fiber Optics in the Subscriber Loop
Editor(s): Lynn D. Hutcheson; David A. Kahn

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Volume Number: 1363
Date Published: 1 January 1991

Table of Contents
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Distribution fiber FTTH/FTTC trial results and deployment strategies
Author(s): John D. Coleman
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Proposed one- and two-fiber-to-the-pedestal architectural evolution
Author(s): Richard A. Schiffler
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Fiber in the loop: an evolution in services and systems
Author(s): Carl P. Engineer
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Passive components for the subscriber loop
Author(s): William Griffin Morrel
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Applications of optical switches in fiber optic communication networks
Author(s): Daniel Hanson; Nathalie M. Gosset
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Multiwavelength optical switch based on the acousto-optic tunable filter
Author(s): Soung C. Liew
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Low-back-reflection, low-loss fiber switch
Author(s): Harold A. Roberts; David J. Emmons; Michael S. Beard; Liang-ju Lu
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Optical subscriber line transmission system to support an ISDN primary-rate interface
Author(s): Hideo Wataya; Toshiyuki Tsuchiya
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4-channel, 662-Mb/s medium-density WDM system with Fabry-Perot laser diodes for subscriber loop applications
Author(s): Lon A. Wang; Thomas E. Chapuran; Ronald C. Menendez
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Evolution of fiber-to-the-curb networks toward broadband capabilities
Author(s): Ronald C. Menendez; Kevin W. Lu; Annmarie Rizzo; Howard L. Lemberg
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SONET inter-vendor compatibility
Author(s): Thomas A. Bowmaster; Orville R. Cockings; Robert A. Swanson
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Fiber optics in CATV networks
Author(s): Ronald Wolfe; Herzel Laor
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New CATV fiber-to-the-subscriber architectures
Author(s): Gary Kim
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Crossconnects in a SONET network
Author(s): Steven R. Bootman
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Rings in a SONET network
Author(s): Steven J. Clendening
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DS1 mapping considerations for the synchronous optical network
Author(s): Robert W. Cubbage; Paul A. Littlewood
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Impact of fiber backscatter on loop video transmission without optical isolator
Author(s): Santanu K. Das; Josef P. Ocenasek
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Single-fiber wideband transmission systems for HDTV production applications
Author(s): Xin Cheng; Paul A. Levin; Hat Nguyen
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Policy issues affecting telephone company opportunities in CATV and deployment of fiber optic cable
Author(s): William K. Keane
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In-line testing for fiber subscriber loop applications
Author(s): Jing-Wen Jiang; Vincent C. Y. So; Michel Lessard; Paul J. Vella
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Fiber access maintenance leverages
Author(s): Heather Sinnott; Wade MacLeod
Modular packaging for FTTC and B-ISDN
Author(s): Lowell Koht
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Network powering architecture for fiber-to-the-subscriber systems
Author(s): Sharon L. Pellerin
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Passive optic solution for an urban rehabilitation topology
Author(s): David Petruziello
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Cost aspects of narrowband and broadband passive optical networks
Author(s): J. Richard Jones; Randall B. Sharpe
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Wavelength division multiplexing of services in a fiber-to-the-home system
Author(s): Fred C. Unterleitner
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