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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1362

Physical Concepts of Materials for Novel Optoelectronic Device Applications II: Device Physics and Applications
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Volume Number: 1362
Date Published: 1 February 1991
Softcover: 104 papers (1023) pages
ISBN: 9780819404237

Table of Contents
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High-efficiency vertical-cavity lasers and modulators
Author(s): Larry A. Coldren; Scott W. Corzine; Randall S. Geels; Arthur C. Gossard; K. K. Law; James L. Merz; Jeff W. Scott; Robert J. Simes; Ran Hong Yan
New materials for high-performance III-V ICs and OEICs: an industrial approach
Author(s): Gerard Maric Martin; Peter M. Frijlink
Superconducting YBa2Cu307 films for novel optoelectronic device structures
Author(s): Davor Pavuna; Benjamin Dwir; Andrea Gauzzi; Jonathan H. James; Bruce J. Kellett
Thin films of YBaCuO for electronic applications
Author(s): Joseph M. Baixeras; Ferechteh Hosseini Teherani; Alain J. Kreisler; Alain Straboni; Kathy Barla
Growth and properties of YBCO thin films by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition and plasma-enhanced MOCVD
Author(s): Jing-Fu Zhao; Y. Q. Li; Chyi Shyuan Chern; Wei-Feng Huang; Peter E. Norris; B. M. Gallois; B. H. Kear; P. Lu; G. A. Kulesha; F. Cosandey
Modulation doping and delta doping of III-V compound semiconductors
Author(s): Peter Hendriks; E. A. E. Zwaal; Jos E. M. Haverkort; Joachim H. Wolter
Structure optimization of selectively doped heterojunctions: evidences for a magnetically induced Wigner solidification
Author(s): Bernard Etienne; E. Paris; C. Dorin; Veronique Thierry-Mieg; F. I. B. Williams; D. C. Glattly; G. Deville; E. Y. Andrei; Oliver Probst
Recent progress in device-oriented II-VI research at the University of Wuerzburg
Author(s): Gottfried Landwehr; Andreas Waag; K. Hofmann; Norbert Kallis; Robert N. Bicknell-Tassius
Cold to hot electron transition devices
Author(s): Chun-Yen Chang
Optically coupled 3-D common memory with GaAs on Si structure
Author(s): Masataka Hirose; Harumi Takata; Mitsumasa Koyanagi
InGaAs/InP monolithic photoreceivers for 1.3-1.5 um optical fiber transmission
Author(s): Andre Scavennec; M. Billard; P. Blanconnier; E. Caquot; P. Carer; Louis Giraudet; L. Nguyen; F. Lugiez; Jean-Pierre Praseuth
Optical fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Tetsuhiko Ikegami; Motohiro Nakahara
Quantum-well excitonic devices for optical computing
Author(s): Jasprit Singh; Pallab Bhattacharya
Indirect stimulated emission at room temperature in the visible range
Author(s): Michael Rinker; Heinz Kalt; Yin-Cheng Lu; Elisabeth Bauser; Klaus Koehler
Optoelectronic and optical bistabilities of photocurrent and photoluminescence at low-temperature avalanche breakdown in GaAs epitaxial films
Author(s): Oleg A. Ryabushkin; Nikolay S. Platonov; Vladimir A. Sablikov; V. I. Sergeyev; Vladimir Antonovich Bader
Performances of gallium arsenide on silicon substrate photoconductive detectors
Author(s): Monique T. Constant; Luc Boussekey; Didier J. Decoster; Jean-Pierre Vilcot
Characterization of picosecond GaAs metal-semiconductor-metal photodetectors
Author(s): Josef Rosenzweig; C. Moglestue; A. Axmann; Joachim Schneider; Axel Huelsmann; M. Lambsdorff; Juergen Kuhl; Markus Klingenstein; H. Leier; Alfred W. B. Forchel
InGaAs/GaAs interdigitated metal-semiconductor-metal (IMSM) photodetectors operational at 1.3 um grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Boris S. Elman; Jagannath Chirravuri; A. N. M. Masu Choudhury; Andrew Silletti; Andrew J. Negri; J. Powers
Advanced InGaAs/InP p-type pseudomorphic MODFET
Author(s): Eric Malzahn; Michael Heuken; Detlev A. Gruetzmacher; M. Stollenwerk; Klaus Heime
Use of admittance spectroscopy to probe the DX-centers in AlGaAs
Author(s): S. Subramanian; S. Chakravarty; S. Anand; B. M. Arora
Hot carrier relaxation in bulk InGaAs and quantum-wells
Author(s): Andrew Gregory; Richard T. Phillips; Fariduddin A. Majumder
Bias dependence of the hole tunneling time in AlAs/GaAs resonant tunneling structures
Author(s): Chris A. Van Hoof; Etienne Goovaerts; Gustaaf Borghs
Picosecond photocurrent measurements of negative differential velocity in GaAs/AlAs superlattices
Author(s): Christophe Minot; H. Le Person; Francis Mollot; Jean Francois Palmier
Optical nonlinearities due to long-lived electron-hole plasmas
Author(s): Philip Dawson; Ian Galbraith; Alicia I. Kucharska; C. Thomas Foxon
Semiconductor laser amplifiers as all-optical frequency converters
Author(s): Nikolaus Schunk; Gerd Grosskopf; Reinhold Ludwig; Ronald Schnabel; Hans-Georg Weber
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Resonant behavior of the temporal response of the photorefractive InP:Fe under dc fields
Author(s): Ahmed M. Abdelghani-Idrissi; Cafer Ozkul; Nicole Wolffer; Philippe Gravey; Gilbert Picoli
Optical nonlinearities in ZnSe multiple-quantum-wells
Author(s): Yudong Liu; Shutian Liu; Chunfei Li; De Zen Shen; Xiwu Fan; Guang Han Fan; Lian Chun Chen
Asymmetric superlattices for microwave detection
Author(s): Richard T. Syme; Michael Joseph Kelly; Angus Condie; Ian Dale
III-V monolithic resonant photoreceiver on silicon substrate for long-wavelength operation
Author(s): Samir Aboulhouda; Manijeh Razeghi; Jean-Pierre Vilcot; Didier J. Decoster; M. Francois; Sophie Maricot
Picosecond optoelectronic semiconductor switching and its application
Author(s): Volkmar Brueckner; Harald Bergner; Matthias Lenzner; Reiner Strobel
Novel doping superlattice-based PbTe-IR detector device
Author(s): Josef Oswald; Manfred Pippan; Beate Tranta; Guenther E. Bauer
Efficient optical waveguide modulation based on Wannier-Stark localization in a InGaAs-InAlAs superlattice
Author(s): Erwan Bigan; Michel Allovon; Madeleine Carre; Alain Carenco; Paul H. Voisin
Second harmonic generation of diode laser radiation in KNbO3
Author(s): Niko F. van Hulst; Gerard J.T. Heesink; H. de Leeuw; Bouwe Bolger
Temperature instability in silicon-based microheating device
Author(s): Jin-Shown Shie; Jiunn-Long Lian
Comparative analysis of external factors' influences on the GaP light-emitting p-n-junctions
Author(s): Igor V. Rizikov; George S. Svechnikov; Sergey V. Bulyarsky; Alexander S. Ambrozevich
External factors' influences on AIIIBV light-emitting structures
Author(s): George S. Svechnikov; Igor V. Rizikov
Dynamical properties of superconducting superlattices
Author(s): Alexander A. Andronov; Vladimir N. Genkin; Mark Ghinovker; V. G. Kurin; I. Nefedov; A. Okomelkov; I. A. Shereshevsky
Bonding and nonequilibrium crystallization of a-C:H/a-Se and a-C:H/KCl
Author(s): Da-Ren He; Xiuyan Ji; Ruo Bao Wang; Qihai Liu; Wangdi Wang; Maili Liu; Weizong Chen; Zhiyuan Liu; Wanxi Ji; Ren-ji Zhang
Infrared detector arrays with integrating cryogenic read-out electronics
Author(s): Detlef Engemann; Rudolf Faymonville; Rainer Felten; Otto Frenzl
Current-voltage characteristics of resonant tunneling diodes
Author(s): Susanta Sen; B. R. Nag; S. Midday
Current transport in charge injection devices
Author(s): Chao-Wen Wu; Hao-Hsiung Lin
Relaxation-rate of phonon momentum in semiconductors
Author(s): Rita Gupta; Brian K. Ridley
Design optimization of three-stage GaAs monolithic optical amplifier using SPICE
Author(s): M. S. Yadav; D. C. Dumka; Ramesh C. Ramola; Subodh Johri; Harshad S. Kothari; Babu Ram Singh
Integrated optical channel waveguides in silicon using SiGe alloys
Author(s): Armin O. Splett; Joachim Schmidtchen; Berndt Schueppert; Klaus Petermann
Nondestructive investigations of multilayer dielectrical coatings
Author(s): Alexander G. Shapiro; Igor V. Yaminsky
Devices for generation and detection of subnanosecond IR and FIR radiation pulses
Author(s): Eugene V. Beregulin; Sergey D. Ganichev; Ilya D. Yaroshetskii; Peter Lang; Wolfgang Schatz; Karl F. Renk
Theoretical study of ultrafast dephasing by four-wave mixing
Author(s): Claudine Hoerner; J. P. Lavoine; A. A. Villaeys
Wave-vector-dependent magneto-optics in semiconductors
Author(s): Edmondo De Salvo; Raffaello Girlanda
Nonlinear optical gain in InGaAs/InGaAsP quantum-wells
Author(s): M. Rosenzweig; M. Moehrle; H. Dueser; M. Tischel; R. Heitz; Axel Hoffmann
Growth, surface passivation, and characterization of CdSe microcrystallites in glass with respect to their application in nonlinear optics
Author(s): Ulrike Woggon; I. Rueckmann; J. Kornack; Matthias Mueller; J. Cesnulevicius; Jonas Kolenda; Mindaugas Petrauskas
Homogeneous thin film lens on LiNbO3
Author(s): Pisu Jiang; Peter J. R. Laybourn; Giancarlo C. Righini
Effective laser with active element rectangular geometry
Author(s): Alexander Anatolievi Danilov; Ernest Y. Nikirui; Vyacheslav V. Osiko; Valery G. Polushkin; Svjatoslav Nicolaevit Sorokin; M. I. Timoshechkin
Preamplifiers of the high-ohmic high-speed photodetector signals
Author(s): Yevgeny Kovzigin; Yevgeny Potylitsyn

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