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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1360

Visual Communications and Image Processing '90: Fifth in a Series
Editor(s): Murat Kunt
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 1360
Date Published: 1 September 1990
Softcover: 169 papers (1905) pages
ISBN: 9780819404213

Table of Contents
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Multiscale image coding using the Kohonen neural network
Author(s): Marc Antonini; Michel Barlaud; Pierre Mathieu; J. C. Feauveau
New bidirectional neural network and application to binary image recognition
Author(s): Shengwei Zhang; Anthony G. Constantinides; Lihe Zou
Multistaged neural network architecture for position invariant shape recognition
Author(s): Jay I. Minnix; Eugene S. McVey; Rafael M. Inigo
Benchmarking the ASP for computer vision
Author(s): Argy Krikelis
SCC-100 parallel processor for real-time imaging
Author(s): William J. Jacobi; William B. Kendall; Leo A. Wadsworth
Median-based algorithms for image sequence processing
Author(s): Bilge Alp; Petri Haavisto; Tiina Jarske; Kai Oistamo; Yrjo A. Neuvo
Nonlinear quincunx interpolation filtering
Author(s): Arto H.T. Lehtonen; Markku Renfors
Morphological filtering of noisy images
Author(s): Lasse Koskinen; Jaakko T. Astola; Yrjo A. Neuvo
Morphological filtering and iteration
Author(s): Henk J. A. M. Heijmans
Quantitative comparison of median-based filters
Author(s): T. George Campbell; Hans du Buf
Nonlinear spatial filtering of FLIR images
Author(s): Maria Jose Perez-Luque; Carlos Munoz; Narciso N. Garcia
Links: definition and properties
Author(s): Jean C. Serra
Digital Euclidean skeletons
Author(s): Fernand Meyer
Mathematical morphology on the sphere
Author(s): Jos B.T.M. Roerdink
Subband image decomposition by mathematical morphology
Author(s): Soo-Chang Pei; Fei-Chin Chen
Reconfigurable architecture for real-time 3-D parameter estimation from image sequences
Author(s): F. M. Hugen; Maarten J. Korsten; Zweitze Houkes
Real-time VLSI architecture for geometric image transformations
Author(s): Min Zhao; Jean Gobert; Olivier Schirvanian; Nicolas Demassieux
Modular Image Processor: an efficient chip set for real-time image processing
Author(s): Hughes Waldburger; Jean-Yves Dufour; Gilles Concordel
Analog parallel processor hardware for high-speed pattern recognition
Author(s): Taher Daud; Raoul Tawel; Harry Langenbacher; Silvio P. Eberhardt; Anilkumar P. Thakoor
Parallel architecture for real-time video communications
Author(s): Luis A. S. V. de Sa; Vitor Mendes Silva; Fernando Perdigao; Sergio Faria; Pedro Assuncao
VLSI components for a 560-Mbit/s HDTV codec
Author(s): Klaus Grueger; Peter Pirsch; Josef Kraus; Jochen Reimers
VLSI architecture and implementation of a multifunction, forward/inverse discrete cosine transform processor
Author(s): Masanori Maruyama; H. Uwabu; I. Iwasaki; Hiroshi Fujiwara; Toshifumi Sakaguchi; Ming-Ting Sun; Ming Lei Liou
Determining vanishing points using Hough transform
Author(s): Evelyne Lutton; Henri Maitre; Jaime Lopez-Krahe
3-D reconstruction using a limited number of projections
Author(s): Catherine Klija; Blandine Lavayssiere
Mathematical morphology for 3-D object segmentation and partial matching
Author(s): Isabelle Bloch-Boulanger; Henri Maitre; Francis J. M. Schmitt
Video coding using a pyramidal Gabor expansion
Author(s): Touradj Ebrahimi; Todd Randall Reed; Murat Kunt
Visual pattern image sequence coding
Author(s): Peter L. Silsbee; Alan Conrad Bovik; Dapang Chen
Design of an HDTV subband codec considering CMOS-VLSI constraints
Author(s): Ulrike Pestel-Schiller; Bernd Schmale
Image subband coding using an efficient recursive filter bank with complex signals
Author(s): Hakon Gronning; John Hakon Husoy; Tor A. Ramstad
Perfect reconstruction binomial QMF-wavelet transform
Author(s): Ali Naci Akansu; Richard A. Haddad; Hakan Caglar
Generalized quad-trees: a unified approach to multiresolution image analysis and coding
Author(s): Roland Wilson; Martin Todd; Andrew D. Calway
Three-dimensional adaptive Laplacian pyramid image coding
Author(s): Sebastia Sallent; Luis Torres; L. Gils
Three-dimensional reconstruction and lateral views in optical microscopy
Author(s): Tullio Tommasi; Bruno Bianco; Vittorio Murino; Alessandra Oneto; Alberto Diaspro
Improved resolution of medical 3-D x-ray computed-tomographic images
Author(s): Christophe Odet; Gilles Jacquemod; Francoise Peyrin; Robert Goutte
Extraction of morphometric information from dual echo magnetic resonance brain images
Author(s): Tamas Sandor; Ferenc A. Jolesz; J. Tieman; Ron Kikinis; M. LeMay; Marilyn Albert
Enhancement and delineation of lung tumors in local x-ray chest images
Author(s): Fang Zhou; Hongbo Zhou; Wu Xiang-Qi; Lijin He
Analysis of x-ray hand images for bone age assessment
Author(s): Joan Serrat; Jordi M. Vitria; Juan Jose Villanueva
Xputer use in image processing and digital signal processing
Author(s): Reiner W. Hartenstein; A. G. Hirschbiel; K. Lemmert; M. Riedmueller; Karin Schmidt; M. Weber
Parallel architectures for the postprocessing of SAR images
Author(s): Luciano Alparone; Federico Boragine; Stefano Fini; Filippo de Stefani
Transputer-based embedded system for METEOSAT image data compression
Author(s): Menno H.J.B. Versteeg; R. A. Hogendoorn; A. Monkel
New variable-rate VQ coding scheme apply in HDTV
Author(s): Yushu Feng; Ker Zhang
Clustering algorithm for entropy-constrained vector-quantizer design
Author(s): Weiler A. Finamore; Diego Pinto de Garrido; William A. Pearlman
New technique of linear-phase QMF filter design for subband coding
Author(s): Joon-Hyeon Jeon; Jae-Kyoon Kim
Image data compression using hybrid POLA-VQ technique
Author(s): Ching-Long Lee; Rong-Hauh Ju; Tsann-Shyong Liu; Bor-Shenn Jeng; Jei-Shyong Huang; Kou-Sou Kan
Two design techiques for 2-D FIR LoG filters
Author(s): Pierre Siohan; Danielle Pele; Valery Ouvrard
Adaptable edge quality metric
Author(s): Robin N. Strickland; Dunkai K. Chang
Color-subspace-based color-coordinate system
Author(s): Jussi P. S. Parkkinen; Jarmo Hallikainen; Timo Jaeaeskelaeinen
Global stability in nonlinear lateral inhibition
Author(s): Gerard F. McLean; M. Ed Jernigan
Dense color stereo
Author(s): John Raymond Jordan; Alan Conrad Bovik
Coding of moving video at 1 mbit/s: movies on CD
Author(s): Bernd Huertgen; Michael Gilge; Wolfgang Guse
Vector quantization with 3-D gradient motion compensation
Author(s): Choon Lee; Morton Nadler
Image sequence representation using polar-separable filters
Author(s): T. George Campbell; Todd Randall Reed; Murat Kunt
Image modeling for digital TV codecs
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Leduc
Video signal processing using vector median
Author(s): Kai Oistamo; Yrjo A. Neuvo
Image analysis for face modeling and facial image reconstruction
Author(s): Hiroshi Agawa; Gang Xu; Yoshio Nagashima; Fumio Kishino
Adaptive algorithms for pel-recursive displacement estimation
Author(s): Lilla Boroczky; Johannes Nicolaas Driessen; Jan Biemond
Thresholding three-dimensional image
Author(s): Yujin Zhang; Jan J. Gerbrands; Eric Backer
Adaptive classification of textured images using moments and autoregressive models
Author(s): Levon Sukissian; Andreas Tirakis; Stefanos D. Kollias
Classification of textures in aerial images
Author(s): Gerard Brunet; Jean Devars
Image restoration using biorthogonal wavelet transform
Author(s): Jean-Michel Bruneau; Michel Barlaud; Pierre Mathieu
Stability analysis of multichannel linear-predictive systems
Author(s): Yusuf Ozturk; Huseyin Abut
Group delay equalization of multidimensional recursive filters
Author(s): Fleur T. Tehrani; Robert E. Ford
Color image transmission system for prepress with ADCT compression algorithm
Author(s): Hiroyuki Hasegawa; Masashi Sugiura; Hideyuki Ono; Naoki Kurakami; Takao Omachi
Image coding by edge primitives
Author(s): Rachel Alter-Gartenberg; Ramkumar Narayanswamy
Vision-based planetary rover navigation
Author(s): Brian H. Wilcox
Expert imaging system
Author(s): George B. Westrom
Retrieval of script information appearing on bank checks for automatic reading purposes
Author(s): J. Christophe Salome; Manuel Leroux; Herve Oiry; Ali Saad
Use of discrete-state Markov process for Chinese-character recognition
Author(s): Bor-Shenn Jeng; Chun-Hsi Shih; San-Wei Sun; Tieh-Min Wu; Bing-Shan Chien; Ming-Wen Chang
Underground radar system utilizing pattern-recognition technique in the frequency domain
Author(s): Yuji Nagashima; Jun-ichi Masuda; Ryosuke Arioka; Sadao Kouno; Yosikazu Sudoh
Description and matching of density variation for personal identification through facial images
Author(s): Kazushige Takahashi; Tsuyoshi Sakaguchi; Toshi Minami; Osamu Nakamura
Footprint image processing expert system with friendly user interface
Author(s): Yasuyuki Hattori; Toshi Minami; Osamu Nakamura
Extraction of arbitrary shapes from a noisy binary image using pseudo view field tracer
Author(s): Tomoharu Nagao; Takeshi Agui; Masayuki Nakajima
Fast codebook search algorithm in vector quantization
Author(s): Jordi Huguet; Luis Torres
Digital HDTV compression at 44 Mbps using parallel motion-compensated transform coders
Author(s): Hsueh-Ming Hang; Riccardo Leonardi; Barry G. Haskell; Robert L. Schmidt; Hemant Bheda; Joseph H. Othmer
Hybrid DCT encoding of TV and HDTV: a comparative study
Author(s): Narciso N. Garcia; Jose Ignacio Ronda; Fernando Jaureguizar
Development of video teleconference system
Author(s): Yoshiaki Kobayashi; Kentaro Toudo
Motion-compensated adaptive interframe/intraframe prediction
Author(s): Kan Xie; Luc Van Eycken; Andre J. Oosterlinck
Analysis of a 2-D DCT image coding scheme with motion compensation and vector quantization
Author(s): Romualdo Picco; Fabio Luigi Bellifemine; Antonio Chimienti
Zak-Gabor representation of images
Author(s): Izidor Gertner; Yehoshua Y. Zeevi
Image representation using binary space partitioning trees
Author(s): Hayder Radha; Riccardo Leonardi; Bruce Naylor; Martin Vetterli

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