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1st Intl School on Laser Surface Microprocessing
Editor(s): Ian W. Boyd; Vitali I. Konov; Boris S. Luk'yanchuk
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Volume Number: 1352
Date Published: 1 October 1990
Softcover: 41 papers (362) pages
ISBN: 9780819404138

Table of Contents
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Excimer laser assisted etching of silicon surface in electronegative gases
Author(s): Vladimir G. Ageev; Vitali I. Konov; Andrey I. Krechetov; A. V. Kuzmichov; Alexander M. Prokhorov
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Kinetics of activation processes at laser resonance action
Author(s): Vladimir A. Stepanov
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Direct laser writing of conductive pathways into diamond-like carbon films
Author(s): V. Yu. Armeyev; N. I. Chapliev; Vitali I. Konov; Victor G. Ralchenko; V. E. Strelnitsky; A. Yu Volkov
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Interaction of light with extended crystalline defects and laser microtreatment of crystals
Author(s): Nikolay V. Klassen
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Steady-state modes of heterogeneous exothermic reactions on metal surface in interference light field
Author(s): Yakov A. Imas; Mikhail N. Libenson
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Thermo-chemical writing of phase relief on the metal surfaces
Author(s): Boris S. Luk'yanchuk; E. V. Sissakian; George A. Shafeev; Michel H. Grosmann
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Photodeposition of phosphorous and arsenic from colloidal solutions
Author(s): Boris A. Olshvanger
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Laser-stimulated interdiffusion of components in a CdTe-CdxHg1-x Te structure
Author(s): Yu. A. Bychkov; F. Kh. Mirzoyev; Vladislav Ya. Panchenko
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UV laser photolysis of Mo(CO)6 and molybdenum film deposition
Author(s): Victor N. Bagratashvili; Alexander V. Evseev; Sergey Valentinov Kamayev; Michael A. Markov
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Modifications of polymers under light action within transparency band
Author(s): Vladimir N. Genkin
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Time of flight mass spectrometry of the laser produced fragments
Author(s): Sergey Sergeivich Alimpiev; Sergey M. Nikiforov; A. K. Dudojan; V. Y. Shevtshenko
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Laser projection UV lithography on subliming resists
Author(s): Eduard I. Tochitsky; Anatoly I. Sharendo; Victor V. Boksha
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Accelerated mass transfer in V2O5 monocrystals at selective action of IR-laser radiation
Author(s): Oleg A. Plaksin; Vladimir A. Stepanov
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Laser stimulation of heterogeneous reactions
Author(s): Mikhail N. Libenson; Sergei M. Minaev
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Process of defect formation and diffusion in metals induced by laser radiation
Author(s): Alexander D. Zvonkov; H. M. Boranbaeva
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Adsorption and laser-induced desorption of dimethylcadmium from silicon
Author(s): Alexander P. Simonov; Vladimir N. Varakin
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Real-time mass-spectrometry of laser-induced chemical reactions
Author(s): Matthias Rossberg; Vladimir K. Popov; E. Linke
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Excimer laser assisted deposition of SiO2-structures on semiconductor substrates from siliconorganic films
Author(s): Vladimir G. Ageev; Dang Quoc Trung; Vitali I. Konov; A. V. Kuzmichov; A. I. Maslakov; Leonid V. Velikov; D. Yu. Zaroslov
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Laser generation of high amplitude surface acoustic waves
Author(s): V. Dymshakov; A. Dychne; Fedor V. Lebedev; Vladislav D. Pis'mennyi
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Photoprocesses in laser thermochemistry of heterogenous reactions
Author(s): Dgamshid T. Alimov; Vladimir Ya. Goldman; Alexander V. Khaydarov
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Thin film processing for high-Tc superconductors
Author(s): Sergey V. Gaponov; M. D. Strikovsky; A. V. Bezvinner; M. A. Kalyagin; A. V. Kochemasov
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Laser technology of microoptical components with gradient refraction index "n"
Author(s): Vadim P. Veiko
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Positive photoresist ablation with excimer laser
Author(s): Moishe S. Kitai; Valerie L. Popkov; Vladimir A. Semchishen
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Laser cleaning of semiconductor surface
Author(s): Yu. N. Petrov
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Relief of laser-induced melting in the volume
Author(s): Aleksandr V. Gorbunov; Nikolay V. Klassen
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Photochemical engineering of silicon dioxide
Author(s): Parthiv Patel; Vishal Nayar; F. Micheli; Ian W. Boyd
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Laser powder coating by multi-thin-layer technics
Author(s): Gerd Sepold; Reinhard Becker
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Film growth mode and related film properties in pulsed laser-plasma deposition
Author(s): Simeon Metev; Krassimira Meteva
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CW-laser-induced chemical vapor deposition of W
Author(s): Guiqiang Q. Zhang; Dieter Baeuerle
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Focusing of the surface electromagnetic waves
Author(s): Alexey M. Bonch-Bruevich; Mikhail N. Libenson; Alexander G. Rumjantsev; Raimondas Petruskevicius
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Laser light induced dissipative structures on solid surfaces
Author(s): Laszlo Nanai
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Limiting role of the mass transfer of gases in laser thermochemical reactions on the surface of solids
Author(s): Emil N. Sobol
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Laser induced chemical processing of electronic materials
Author(s): Mikio Takai; Susumu Namba
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Fast in situ processing for multichip high density interconnects
Author(s): Patrik W. Hoffmann; M. Widmer; B. Lecohier; H. Solka; Hubert van den Bergh
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On the reaction kinetics in laser-induced chemical processing
Author(s): Dieter Baeuerle; K. Piglmayer; Boris S. Luk'yanchuk
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Thermoelectrical phenomena in thin metallic films on rippled and rough surfaces
Author(s): Vitali I. Konov; Petr I. Nikitin; S. A. Uglov
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Surface nitride/oxynitride layers obtained by multipulse excimer laser irradiation of metal and semiconductor samples
Author(s): Gilberto Leggieri; Armando Luches; Maurizio Martino; Maria Rita Perrone; Valentin Craciun; Ion N. Mihailescu; Ioan Ursu; S. Ganatsios
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Nonlinear optical processes in one-dimensional polymers
Author(s): Xiao-shen Li; Duo-Liang Lin; Thomas F. George
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Optical disc information storage: state-of-the-art and perspectives
Author(s): Lucien Diego Laude
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Spatial characteristics of laser pulsed plasma deposition of thin films
Author(s): A. A. Gorbunov; Vitali I. Konov
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Deposition of Y-Ba-Cu-O films on silicon subrates
Author(s): Alex G. Akimov; S. A. Kozikov; V. G. Krigel; Anatole N. Khodan; Victor N. Bagratashvili
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