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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1346

Ultrahigh- and High-Speed Photography, Videography, Photonics, and Velocimetry '90
Editor(s): Paul A. Jaanimagi; Barry T. Neyer; Larry L. Shaw
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Volume Details

Volume Number: 1346
Date Published: 1 January 1991
Softcover: 55 papers (518) pages
ISBN: 9780819404077

Table of Contents
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High-speed video instrumentation system
Author(s): Ronald L. Gorenflo; Larry A. Stockum; Brett W. Barnett
Low light level imaging systems application considerations and calculations
Author(s): Dennis E. Caudle
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Practical videography
Author(s): Richard A. Sturz
Status and importance of optical standards
Author(s): Robert E. Parks
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Mother's recipe is not a standard
Author(s): Forney L. Shell
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Uses of Fabry-Perot velocimeters in studies of high explosives detonation
Author(s): R. Don Breithaupt; Craig M. Tarver
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Striped Fabry-Perots: improved efficiency for velocimetry
Author(s): Charles F. McMillan; Lloyd L. Steinmetz
Line-imaging Fabry-Perot interferometer
Author(s): Allen R. Mathews; Richard H. Warnes; Willard F. Hemsing; Gerald R. Whittemore
VISAR: line-imaging interferometer
Author(s): Willard F. Hemsing; Allen R. Mathews; Richard H. Warnes; Gerald R. Whittemore
VISAR: displacement-mode data reduction
Author(s): Willard F. Hemsing
Simplified VISAR system
Author(s): William C. Sweatt; Philip L. Stanton; O. B. Crump
Enhanced holographic recording capabilities for dynamic applications
Author(s): Gary R. Hough; D. M. Gustafson; William Raymond Thursby
Systems analysis and design for next generation high-speed video systems
Author(s): Donald R. Snyder; W. Jeffrey Rowe
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Deflection evaluation using time-resolved radiography
Author(s): David A. Fry; Jacob P. Lucero
Approximation of the Compton scattered radiation
Author(s): Catherine Burq; Patrick Vibert
Application of the half-filter method to the flash radiography using a neutral filter in the range of x-rays
Author(s): Jean-Louis Gerstenmayer; Patrick Vibert
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Analysis of pyrotechnic devices by laser-illuminated high-speed photography
Author(s): Larry R. Dosser; Margaret A. Stark
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Aluminum metal combustion in water revealed by high-speed microphotography
Author(s): William C. Tao; Alan M. Frank; Rochelle E. Clements; Joseph E. Shepherd
Long-term flat-field behavior on LLNL streak cameras: preliminary results
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Hatch; David S. Montgomery; John A. Prior
Recent advances in gated x-ray imaging at LLNL
Author(s): Jay Douglas Wiedwald; Perry M. Bell; Joseph D. Kilkenny; Randal A. Bonner; David S. Montgomery
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Measurements with a 35-psec gate time microchannel plate camera
Author(s): Perry M. Bell; Joseph D. Kilkenny; Roy L. Hanks; Otto L. Landen
High-voltage picosecond pulse generation using avalanche diodes
Author(s): Thomas E. McEwan; Roy L. Hanks
Influence of photon energy on the photoemission from ultrafast electronic materials
Author(s): Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak; Ardhendhu Ghoshal; Sankar Bhattacharyya; Manabendra Mondal
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Optical diagnostics of line-focused laser-produced plasmas
Author(s): Li-Huang Lin; Shisheng Chen; Z. M. Jiang; Wen Ge; Aidi Qian; Ouyang Bin; Yongchun Li; Yilan Kang; Zhizhan Xu
Gating techniques for imaging digicon tubes
Author(s): Norman Swanberg; Michael K. Urbach; Robert O. Ginaven
Development of subnanosecond framing cameras in IOFAN
Author(s): V. V. Ludikov; Alexander M. Prokhorov; Victor K. Chevokin
Wide-aperture x-ray image converter tubes
Author(s): Boris Efimovich Dashevsky; Vitali A. Podvyaznikov; Alexander M. Prokhorov; Victor K. Chevokin
Comparison of electro-optic diagnostic systems
Author(s): Karla G. Hagans; Paul D. Sargis
Noise performance of microchannel plate imaging systems
Author(s): Kent George McCammon; Karla G. Hagans; Allen K. Hankla
Velocity interferometry of miniature flyer plates with subnanosecond time resolution
Author(s): Dennis L. Paisley; Nelson I. Montoya; David B. Stahl; Ismel A. Garcia; Willard F. Hemsing
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Space-qualified streak camera for the Geodynamic Laser Ranging System
Author(s): C. Bruce Johnson; James B. Abshire; Thomas W. Zagwodzki; L. T. Hunkler; Samuel A. Letzring; Paul A. Jaanimagi
Designing and application of solid state lasers for streak cameras calibration
Author(s): A. V. Babushkin; Nikolai S. Vorobiev; Alexander M. Prokhorov; Mikhail Ya. Schelev
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Round table discussion on standards
Author(s): Lincoln L. Endelman
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