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EUV, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Instrumentation for Astronomy
Editor(s): Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Hugh S. Hudson
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Volume Number: 1344
Date Published: 1 November 1990
Softcover: 49 papers (520) pages
ISBN: 9780819404053

Table of Contents
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Performance of a position-sensitive gamma-ray detector unit based on CsI(T1) bars with photodiode readout
Author(s): Claudio Labanti; Ezio Caroli; Anthony J. Dean; Guido Di Cocco; G. Ferrandi; K. J. Grant; Christopher J. Hall; E. M. Quadrini; Elio Rossi; Filomena Schiavone; Aldo Spizzichino; Bruce Miles Swinyard; Alessandro Traci; Gabriele E. Villa
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Objective crystal spectrometer for the SPECTRUM-X-gamma satellite
Author(s): Finn Erland Christensen; B. P. Byrnak; Allan Hornstrup; Shou-Hua Zhu; Herbert W. Schnopper
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Performances of lithium scatterers for x-ray polarimetry
Author(s): Enrico Costa; Massimo Frutti; Francesco Pica; Luigi Piro; Alda Rubini; Paolo Soffitta; Enrico Massaro; Giorgio Matt; Gastone Medici
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Position-sensitive high-resolution spectrometer
Author(s): Pierre Wallyn; Claude Chapuis; Philippe Durouchoux; D. Gutknecht; J. Poulalion
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Preliminary results from a high-pressure imaging spectroscopic proportional counter
Author(s): Angela Bazzano; L. Boccaccini; M. Federici; G. Gianni; M. Manzan; R. Patriarca; Pietro Ubertini; F. D'Annunzio; Christopher J. Hall; Robert A. Lewis; B. T. Parker; J. Sheldon; Jeff S. Worgan
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Photoelectron energy spectra of opaque photocathodes in the extreme and far ultraviolet
Author(s): Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Geoffrey A. Gaines
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Imaging proportional counters for the stellar x-ray polarimeter
Author(s): Robert B. Watkins; Philip E. Kaaret
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Background in a balloon-borne fluorescence-gated proportional counter
Author(s): Brian D. Ramsey; C. R. Bower; Kurtis L. Dietz; Martin C. Weisskopf
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Extreme UV imaging telescope array on the spectrum X-G satellite
Author(s): Alex Zehnder; Joerg Bialkowski; P. Buehler; E. Morenzoni; Nick Schlumpf; W. Schoeps; Knud Thomsen; T. Courvoisier; A. Orr; L. Chesalin; V. Dremin; D. Stepanov; Rashid Sunyaev; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; John V. Vallerga; Peter W. Vedder; Supriya Chakrabarti; John K. Warren; Giovanni Bonanno; Gordon A. H. Walker; K. Lund
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European Photon Imaging Camera for x-ray astronomy
Author(s): Giovanni Fabrizio Bignami; Gabriele E. Villa; Giuliano Boella; Giuseppe Bonelli; Patricia A. Caraveo; Lucio Chiappetti; E. M. Quadrini; Guido Di Cocco; Massimo Trifoglio; Pietro Ubertini; Giovanni Peres; Salvatore Sciortino; Salvatore Serio; G. Vaiana; R. Rothenflug; Laurent G. Vigroux; L. Koch; Yvon Rio; Claude Pigot; Jacky B. Cretolle; Alan H. Gabriel; B. H. Foing; Jean-Luc Atteia; Jean-Pierre Roques; Heinrich W. Braeuninger; W. Pietsch; Peter Predehl; Claus Reppin; Lothar Strueder; Joachim E. Truemper; Gerhard Lutz; Eckhard Kendziorra; Ruediger Staubert; Andrew D. Holland; Richard E. Cole; Alan A. Wells; K. A. Pounds; David H. Lumb; John P. Pye; Martin J. L. Turner; C. V. Goodall; T. J. Ponman; Gerald K. Skinner; A. P. Willmore
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Design, performance, and calibration of the ALEXIS ultrasoft x-ray telescopes
Author(s): Jeffrey J. Bloch; Frank P. Ameduri; William C. Priedhorsky; Diane C. Roussel-Dupre; Barham W. Smith; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Scott L. Cully; John K. Warren; Geoffrey A. Gaines
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Background reduction in microchannel plates
Author(s): John H. Chappell; Rachel K. Martin; Stephen S. Murray; Martin V. Zombeck
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Two-dimensional delay-line anode detector for astronomical imaging
Author(s): Peter G. Friedman; Christopher Martin; Andrew Rasmussen
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Metric nonlinearities of microchannel plate detectors
Author(s): Donald M. Hassler; Gary J. Rottman; George M. Lawrence
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Dynamic range considerations for EUV MAMA detectors
Author(s): Rainer M. E. Illing; Richard L. Bybee; J. Gethyn Timothy
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ROSAT WFC imaging detectors
Author(s): Martin Adrian Barstow; Anne E. Sansom
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EUV band-pass filters for the ROSAT wide field camera
Author(s): Barry J. Kent; D. H. Reading; Bruce Miles Swinyard; Edward B. Graper; P. H. Spurrett
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Calibration of the ROSAT High-Resolution Imager
Author(s): Martin V. Zombeck; Maureen A. Conroy; F. Rick Harnden; Adrian G. Roy; Heinrich W. Braeuninger; Wolfgang Burkert; Gunther Hasinger; Peter Predehl
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Superconducting tunneling junction detectors
Author(s): Alex Zehnder; C. W. Hagen; W. Rothmund
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X-ray microcalorimeters with germanium-resistance thermometers
Author(s): Simon E. Labov; Eric H. Silver; Timothy E. Pfafman; Yolanda C. Wai; Jeffrey W. Beeman; Fred S. Goulding; Don A. Landis; Norman W. Madden; Eugene E. Haller
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Test results of a prototype dielectric microcalorimeter
Author(s): Timothy E. Pfafman; Eric H. Silver; Simon E. Labov; Jeffrey W. Beeman; Fred S. Goulding; William L. Hansen; Don A. Landis; Norman W. Madden
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Application of kinetic inductance thermometers to x-ray calorimetry
Author(s): Yolanda C. Wai; Simon E. Labov; Eric H. Silver
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SPAN: a novel high-speed high-resolution position readout
Author(s): Jonathan S. Lapington; A. A. Breeveld; Michael L. Edgar; J. A. Tandy; Matthew W. Trow
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After emission in microchannel plate detectors
Author(s): John Ernest Lees; George W. Fraser; James F. Pearson
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Relative quantum efficiency measurements of CsI, CsBr, and CsI/CsBr coated microchannel plates
Author(s): Rachel K. Martin; John H. Chappell; Stephen S. Murray
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Highly curved microchannel plates
Author(s): Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Scott L. Cully; Geoffrey A. Gaines; William C. Priedhorsky; Jeffrey J. Bloch; John K. Warren
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Soft x-ray performance of back-illuminated EEV CCDs
Author(s): Philip Bailey; M. Cross; Peter J. Pool; Christian M. Castelli; Andrew D. Holland; David H. Lumb; P. van Essen; Peter Verhoeve; Fred A. Jansen; Piet A. J. de Korte
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Silicon photodiodes optimized for the EUV and soft x-ray regions
Author(s): L. Randall Canfield; Jonathan A. Kerner; Raj S. Korde
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Proton damage effects in EEV charge-coupled devices
Author(s): Andrew D. Holland; Anthony F. Abbey; David H. Lumb; Kieran J. McCarthy
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PN-CDDs for the XMM satellite mission
Author(s): Heinrich W. Braeuninger; Gerhard Lutz; Norbert Meidinger; Peter Predehl; Claus Reppin; Wolfgang Schreiber; Lothar Strueder; Joachim E. Truemper; Eckhard Kendziorra; Ruediger Staubert; Veljko Radeka; Pavel Rehak; S. Rescia; Elena Gatti; Antonio Longoni; Marco Sampietro; Peter Holl; Josef Kemmer; U. Prechtel; Helmut Riedel; T. Ziemann
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Intensified CCD detector using the phosphor TPB
Author(s): William T. Thompson; Marvin Swartz; Arthur I. Poland
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Multilayer telescope for soft x-ray surveys
Author(s): Richard C. Catura
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SPAN high-speed photon-counting detector for the XMM optical monitor
Author(s): Jonathan S. Lapington; Michael L. Edgar; Mark S. Cropper; Keith O. Mason
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High-angular-resolution hard x-ray imager for the high-energy detector on board the Spectrum X-GAMMA satellite
Author(s): Pietro Ubertini; Angela Bazzano; L. Boccaccini; M. Federici; Massimo Frutti; G. Gianni; M. Manzan; R. Patriarca; Marie Eleanore Soggiu; S. Ugazio
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Hard x-ray and gamma-ray imaging spectroscopy for the next solar maximum
Author(s): Hugh S. Hudson; Carol Jo Crannell; Daniel S. Spicer; John M. Davis; Brian R. Dennis; Gordon J. Hurford; Robert P. Lin
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Spatial heterodyne spectroscopy: a novel interferometric technique for the FUV
Author(s): John M. Harlander; Fred L. Roesler; Supriya Chakrabarti
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Microstrip proportional counters for SODART telescope on Spectrum Rontgen Gamma
Author(s): Carl Budtz-Joergensen; Axel Bahnsen; C. Olesen; M. Mohl Madsen; Per Jonasson; Herbert W. Schnopper
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Silicon x-ray array detector concept
Author(s): Veikko J. Kamarainen; Heikki Sipila; Osmi R. Vilhu; Erik Laegsgaard; Ivor Taylor
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EXOSS: a hard x-ray and soft gamma-ray astronomy mission
Author(s): Walter R. Cook; Thomas A. Prince; Jonathan E. Grindlay; Martin C. Weisskopf; Brian D. Ramsey; Gerald K. Skinner
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Optimum shields for spaceborne gamma-ray spectrometers
Author(s): Fan Lei; P. J. Knight; Anthony J. Dean; Philippe Durouchoux; Pierre Wallyn
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Soft x-ray windows for position-sensitive proportional counters
Author(s): Seppo Arvo Anter Nenonen; Heikki Sipila; P. Jalas; Risto Mutikainen
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New approach to the study of microchannel-plate-sensitive surface
Author(s): Michael A. Gruntman
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Development of a low-contamination camera head for the evaluation of CCDs in the UV and EUV
Author(s): Lawrence Shing; Robert A. Stern
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Performance characteristics of the medium energy gas scintillation proportional counter on board the Italian Dutch x-ray astronomy satellite SAX
Author(s): Salvatore Giarrusso; Giovanni La Rosa; Giuseppe Manzo; Stefano Re; L. Sole
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SAX mission
Author(s): R. C. Butler; Livio Scarsi
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Study of a hard x-ray concentrator via crystal diffraction
Author(s): Filippo Frontera; Paola De Chiara; G. Pasqualini
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Performance optimization for hard x-ray/soft γ-ray detectors
Author(s): Fiona A. Harrison; Steven M. Kahn; Charles J. Hailey; Klaus Ziock
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Development of an ultraviolet auroral imager
Author(s): Joost Adema
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First in-orbit measurements with the ROSAT XUV wide field camera
Author(s): Alan A. Wells; Anthony F. Abbey; Martin Adrian Barstow; Richard E. Cole; John P. Pye; Mark R. Sims; J. E. Spragg; D. J. Watson; Richard Willingale; G. M. Courtier; James D. Gourlay; Barry J. Kent; Anthony G. Richards; J. S. Wright; C. V. Goodall; E. R. Breeveld; Howard E. Huckle; A. J. McCalden; Timothy J. Sumner
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