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Diamond Optics III
Editor(s): Albert Feldman; Sandor Holly

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Volume Number: 1325
Date Published: 1 December 1990

Table of Contents
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Epitaxial growth of diamond thin films on cubic boron nitride surfaces
Author(s): Tadao Inuzuka; Satoshi Koizumi
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Optical properties and laser action of H3 center in synthetic diamond
Author(s): Takeru Nakashima; Shuji Yazu
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Raman and Brillouin scattering in diamond
Author(s): Anant K. Ramdas
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Investigation of diamond deposition by chemical vapor transport with hydrogen
Author(s): Wladyslaw Piekarczyk; Russell F. Messier; Rustum Roy; Chris Engdahl
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Flat-flame combustion synthesis of diamond
Author(s): James Arthur Cooper Jr.; Walter A. Yarbrough
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CVD diamond growth by dc plasma torch
Author(s): Paul Klocek; James T. Hoggins; Peter Taborek; Tom A. McKenna
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Low-pressure CVD for wide-area diamond film deposition at low temperatures
Author(s): Akio Hiraki; Hiroshi Kawarada; Jin Wei; Jing Sheng Ma; Junichi Suzuki
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Flowtube experiments on diamond formation: separating the growth and nucleation kinetics
Author(s): L. Robbin Martin; Michael W. Hill
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KrF excimer laser deposition of diamond-like carbon films with germanium interlayers
Author(s): Richard T. Demers; Dennis G. Harris
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Characterization of microwave plasma CVD of diamond by mass analysis and optical emission spectroscopy
Author(s): Wayne A. Weimer; Curtis E. Johnson
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Mechanical property measurement of polycrystalline diamond films
Author(s): Gregory Frank Cardinale; Randal W. Tustison
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Study on correlating rain erosion resistance with sliding abrasion resistance of DLC on germanium
Author(s): Michael N. Gardos; Bonnie L. Soriano; Steven H. Propst
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Studies of defects in diamond films and particles by Raman and luminescence spectroscopies
Author(s): Lawrence H. Robins; Edward N. Farabaugh; Albert Feldman
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Cathodoluminescence of exciton recombinations and vibronic color centers in undoped, boron-doped, and nitrogen-doped CVD diamonds
Author(s): Hiroshi Kawarada; Yoshihiro Yokota; T. Sogi; Hideto Matsuyama; Akio Hiraki
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Infrared measurements of CVD diamond films
Author(s): Xiao-Hong Wang; Lawrence J. Pilione; Wei Zhu; Walter A. Yarbrough; W. R. Drawl; Russell F. Messier
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Optical properties of polycrystalline diamond films in the far-infrared
Author(s): Andrew J. Gatesman; Robert H. Giles; Jerry Waldman; L. P. Bourget; Richard S. Post
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Optical characterization of polycrystalline diamond films
Author(s): M. Alfred Akerman; Joseph R. McNeely; Robert E. Clausing
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Morphological phenomena of CVD diamond (Part I)
Author(s): Wei Zhu; Andrzej R. Badzian; Russell F. Messier
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Microstructure of diamond films as a function of deposition conditions
Author(s): Alan B. Harker; Jeffrey F. DeNatale; John F. Flintoff
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Development and performance of a diamond-film polishing apparatus with hot metals
Author(s): Masanori Yoshikawa
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Polishing of polycrystalline diamond films
Author(s): Alan B. Harker; John F. Flintoff; Jeffrey F. DeNatale
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Growth, polishing, and optical scatter of diamond thin films
Author(s): Thomas P. Thorpe; Arthur A. Morrish; Leonard M. Hanssen; James E. Butler; Keith A. Snail
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Subbandgap-excited photoconductivity in CVD diamond films
Author(s): Charles P. Beetz Jr.; B. A. Lincoln; David R. Winn
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Electron cyclotron resonance radio-frequency hybrid plasma-deposited diamond-like carbon as an optical material
Author(s): Sri S. Sritharan; John S. Wilson; Pierre R. Barbier; Jacques I. Pankove
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Cyclohexane-based optical coatings of diamond-like carbon
Author(s): William D. Partlow; Robert E. Witkowski; R. M. Young; Richard Fedder; Fred B. Hagedorn
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Investigations on diamond films synthesized in combustion flames at atmospheric pressures
Author(s): K. Solomon Harshavardhan
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Hole-burning effect and photochromism of color centers in synthetic diamonds
Author(s): Yosio Nisida; Yoshimi Mita
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Analysis of thermal wave propagation in diamond films
Author(s): Albert Feldman; Hans P.R. Frederikse; Stephen J. Norton
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Optical properties of some greenish blue-to-green diamonds
Author(s): James E. Shigley; Emmanuel Fritsch
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Diamond membranes for x-ray lithography
Author(s): Charles R. Guarnieri; Jerome J. Cuomo; S. J. Whitehair; B. S. Berry; W. C. Pritchet; Raul E. Acosta; Alan D. Wilson
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Observing diamond defects with an analytical color-fluorescence electron microscope
Author(s): Kazuhito Nishimura; Tohru Nakano; Hirotami Koike; Hiroshi Tomimori; Hiroshi Kawarada; Akio Hiraki; Kazuo Ogawa
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Diamond film polishing with argon and oxygen ion beams
Author(s): Tianji Zhao; Daniel F. Grogan; Bertrand G. Bovard; H. Angus Macleod
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High-rate chemical vapor deposition of diamond films by dc arc discharge in hydrogen-methane mixture gas
Author(s): Xiang-Liu Jiang; Fang-Qing Zhang; Jiang-Qi Li; Bin Yang; Guang-Hua Chen
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Tribological performance of hard carbon coatings on 440C bearing steel
Author(s): Frank N. Kustas; Mohan S. Misra; Donald F. Shepard; Joseph F. Froechtenigt
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