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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1319

Optics in Complex Systems
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Volume Number: 1319
Date Published: 1 July 1990
Softcover: 388 papers (720) pages
ISBN: 9780819403803

Table of Contents
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New phase-retrieval method for photon-limited imagery
Author(s): Luiz Carlos DeFreitas
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Confocal-line optical microscopy
Author(s): V. Evangelista; D. Guidarini; S. Vestri; Pier A. Benedetti
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Programmable optical computer architecture
Author(s): Alex G. Dickinson; Alan Huang
Optical systems for projection television
Author(s): John A. Clarke
Absolute measurement of surface roughness
Author(s): James C. Wyant; Katherine Creath
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New organic dye polymer systems
Author(s): Jean J.A. Couture; Roger A. Lessard; Rupak Changkakoti
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Dual-wavelength heterodyne interferometry for rough-surface measurements
Author(s): Edgar W. Fischer; Zoran Sodnik; Thomas Ittner; Hans J. Tiziani
Optical system for closest vector selection with applications to neural nets
Author(s): Stanley C. Ahalt; Stuart A. Collins; Ashok K. Krishnamurthy; D. Stewart
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Specification of glancing-incidence mirrors in terms of system performance
Author(s): Eugene L. Church; Peter Z. Takacs
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Computer-aided design for optical computer architectures
Author(s): Dietmar Fey; Karl-Heinz Brenner
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Corner diffraction as an elementary act in binary optics
Author(s): Adolf W. Lohmann
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Holographic coupling elements for optical bus systems based on a light-guiding optical backplane
Author(s): H.-J. Haumann; Harald Kobolla; Frank Sauer; Johannes Schwider; Wilhelm Stork; Norbert Streibl; Reinhard Voelkel
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Laser microscope using phase-conjugate reconstruction from a photorefractive hologram
Author(s): Philip S. Brody; Charles G. Garvin; Arthur W. Gillman; Lian Shentu
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Application of Gabor's signal expansion to partially coherent light
Author(s): Martin J. Bastiaans
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Reconstruction of 3-D image intensities by inverse filtering
Author(s): Peter F. Jones; George J. M. Aitken
Least-squares recovery of phase in triple correlation reconstruction of stellar images
Author(s): George J. M. Aitken; Julian Meng
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Achieving super resolution through near field diffraction
Author(s): John B. Goodell
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Electron trapping: a breakthrough rewritable optical data storage technology
Author(s): Paul Goldsmith; Joseph Lindmayer
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Modeling aberrations due to mismatched layers for 3-D microscopy
Author(s): Sarah F. Gibson; Frederick Lanni
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Optical diffraction by regular and random Koch fractals
Author(s): Jun Uozumi; Hiroyuki Kimura; Toshimitsu Asakura
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Velocity dependence of doubly scattered speckles produced by a cascade of two moving diffusers
Author(s): Takashi Okamoto; Toshimitsu Asakura
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Sampling errors and data compression of multiview lens-plate 3-D images
Author(s): Joji Hamasaki; Masashi Fukazawa; Reiji Ishima
3-D velocity registration from optically processed stereoscopic particle image velocimetry records
Author(s): Heiko Hinrichs; Klaus D. Hinsch; Gert Kuhfahl; Peter Meinlschmidt
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Manufacture and testing of microlens arrays
Author(s): Michael C. Hutley
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High-particle-density flowmetry by use of a SLD
Author(s): Yoh Imai; Hiroshi Fujii
Planar packaging of complex optical systems
Author(s): Juergen Jahns
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Simultaneous measurement of refractive index and thickness of thin film by polarized reflectances
Author(s): Tami Kihara; Kiyoshi Yokomori
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2-D generation of random numbers by multimode fiber speckle
Author(s): Philippe Lalanne; H. Richard; J. C. Rodier; Pierre H. Chavel; Jean Taboury; K. Mandani; Patrick F. Garda; Francis Devos
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Opto-electronic automata for lattice gas
Author(s): Iyad Seyd-Darwish; Pierre H. Chavel; Jean Taboury; Francis Devos; Roger Reynaud; Thierry Maurin
Microlasers for photonic switching and interconnection
Author(s): Yong H. Lee; Jack L. Jewell; Juergen Jahns; Axel Scherer; James P. Harbison; Leigh T. Florez
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Second harmonic Stark-effect
Author(s): Bernhard Lesche; M. L. Bedran
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Interferential detection of small gaseous molecules and atmospheric pollution control
Author(s): Andre Marechal; Gerard Fortunato; Andre Galais
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High-performance UV and DUV lenses for projection-lithographic generation of submicron patterns down to 0.4 um
Author(s): Klaus Merkel; Christian Hofmann
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Rational design of projecting systems for laser diode optics
Author(s): Risto A. Myllylae; Minqiang Wang
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Diode laser and fiber optics for dual-wavelength heterodyne interferometry
Author(s): Sigmund Manhart; Ralf Maurer
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Evaluation of Fizeau interferences: a comparison of phasestepping algorithms
Author(s): R. Arnold Nicolaus
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Design and fabrication of apochromatic HOEs for optical data processing
Author(s): Kondragunta Syam Sunda Rao; Prakash C. Mehta
Miror optical system for adaptive picture processing
Author(s): Ivan D. Nikolov
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Multiple-pass holographic interferometer
Author(s): Jorge Ojeda Castaneda; E. Jara; C. Garcia-Segundo
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Side-looking confocal microscope
Author(s): Takahiro Ode; Satoshi Komiya; Y. Yamauchi; Daikichi Awamura
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Surface plasmon microscope
Author(s): Takayuki Okamoto; Ichirou Yamaguchi
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Optical instability and chaos in active interferometer
Author(s): Junji Ohtsubo; Yun Liu
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Optically induced light frequency modulation of laser diode
Author(s): Ryoji Ohba; Seiichi Kakuma; Ichiro Uehira
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Image shaping by pseudo coherence-controllable illumination
Author(s): Yoshihiro Ohtsuka; Hirosi Matsubara; Kazuhiko Oka
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Time-resolved spectroscopy of the system CsI:T1
Author(s): G. P. Pazi; P. Fabeni; Lucas Salvini; R. Linari
Quantitative interferogram analysis - a new strategy
Author(s): Juergen Kross; Falko Gretzschel; Frank Guse
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Remote detection of gases using a passive electro-optical system based on partial coherence difference
Author(s): Phillip Sutton
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Kilowatt-range optical system for driving the solar Stirling engine
Author(s): Koro Shishido; Shinki Kikuchi; Yukio Shibata; Naotsugu Isshiki; Hiroichi Watanabe; Kuniya Watanabe
Raman scattering and luminescence tomography
Author(s): K. Sakai; Tomoya Ogawa
Space invariant free space interconnects using mirror and corner-cube arrays
Author(s): Yunlong Sheng; Henri H. Arsenault
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Topological phases in optical fibers
Author(s): H. Schmitzer; Wolfgang Dultz; Susanne Klein
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Electro-optic lens composed of transparent electrodes on PLZT ceramic towards optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Heihachi Sato; Tsuyoshi Tatebayashi; Takashi Yamamoto; Kunihiko Hayashi
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Relaxation oscillations in real laser cavity
Author(s): Pawel Szczepanski; Michal Malinowski; Radoslaw Wolski
Variation with wavelength of light scattered from identical, randomly rough metal, and dielectric diffusers
Author(s): A. J. Sant
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Hybrid digital-optical cross correlator for image and feature classification
Author(s): Marija Strojnik; Michael S. Shumate; Jeffrey A. Sloan
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Synthetic acousto-optic holograms
Author(s): Eero T. Tervonen; Jari Pekka Turunen; Ari T. Friberg
Novel approach to real-time joint-Fourier transform correlation
Author(s): Ting-Chung Poon; Ronald J. Pieper
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Propagation-invariance in partially coherent optics
Author(s): Jari Pekka Turunen; Antti H. Vasara; Ari T. Friberg
Active multilayer optical backplanes
Author(s): Anthony J. Ticknor; Edward S. Binkley; Dexter G. Girton; John T. Kenney; Diane Leslie; George F. Lipscomb; Richard S. Lytel; John I. Thackara; Timothy E. Van Eck
Boundaries of optical system design
Author(s): Christiaan H. F. Velzel; Jacob L.F. de Meijere
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High-speed and high-resolution heterodyne interferometer
Author(s): Shuko Yokoyama; I. Nishihara; A. Okamoto; Tsutomu Araki; Norihito Suzuki
Analysis of Lamellar gratings composed of general anisotropic materials
Author(s): Jiro Yamakita; Keiji Matsumoto; Katsu Rokushima
1-m grazing incidence grating spectrograph system
Author(s): Xianxin Zhong; Shaotang He; Shouyl Chen; X. Y. Chen; Xin Zhou; Shutia Chunyu; Chunhong He
Neural network optimization, components, and design selection
Author(s): Scott W. Weller
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Scattering by metallic and dielectric rough surfaces: an integral method and its applications
Author(s): Daniel R. Maystre; Marc Saillard
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Stable propagation of non soliton picosecond beams through three dimensional Kerr materials
Author(s): S. Maneuf; Alain Barthelemy; Bernard Colombeau; Claude Froehly; Michel Vampouille
Automated 3-D surface-shaped measurement based on phase-shift moire
Author(s): Joris J.J. Dirckx; Willem F. Decraemer
Zeeman interferometry
Author(s): Roger G. Johnston
MIPAS: a space-based interferometer for atmospheric observations
Author(s): Herbert Fischer; Roland Meynart; Klaus Thoermer; Henk Bokhove; Harald Rippel; Friedrich Fergg
Coherent imaging through a random screen
Author(s): Theo Mavroidis; Christopher Dainty
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Lateral warefront measurements of high-power semiconductor lasers using a three-mirror cyclic interferometer
Author(s): Chung-Pin Cherng; Marek Osinski
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Invariant joint transform correlator
Author(s): David Mendlovic; Emanuel Marom; Naim Konforti
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Form birefringence of dielectric coatings and relief gratings
Author(s): L. Cescato; Ekkehard Gluch; Helmut Haider; Norbert Streibl
Glass waveguide optical amplifiers
Author(s): Ming-Jun Li; Wei-Jian Wang; Richard Leonelli; S. Iraj Najafi
New kind of optical anemometry
Author(s): H. Breyer; Wilfried Staude
Objective prism speckle spectroscopy and wideband projection speckle spectroscopy
Author(s): F. Griegor; Gerd Weigelt
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Coded Hadamard Hartmann Sensor
Author(s): A. Huiser; Bernhard Braunecker
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Two useful invariant transforms for signal classification and recognition
Author(s): Ming Fang; Gerd Haeusler
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Space-variant interconnection networks in dichromated gelatin.
Author(s): Brian Robertson; Edward J. Restall; Mohammad R. Taghizadeh; Andrew C. Walker
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Linear and nonlinear optical properties of glasses with semiconductor microcrystals
Author(s): Norbert N. Neuroth; K. E. Remitz; Burkhard Speit
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Image reconstruction from the bispectrum using an iterative algorithm and applications of the method to astronomical objects
Author(s): Karl-Heinz Hofmann; Gerd Weigelt
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Photon-counting speckle masting
Author(s): Karl-Heinz Hofmann; W. Mauder; Gerd Weigelt
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Cyclic common-path interferometer
Author(s): Junejei Huang; Toshio Honda; Nagaaki Ohyama
Experimental results in thickness and index variations to the analysis of holographic aberrations
Author(s): Augusto Belendez; Inmaculada V. Pascual; Antonio Fimia
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Nonlinear optics in complex molecular systems
Author(s): Sonja Draxler; Max E. Lippitsch; Ernst Koller
Optical microtopographer for rough surfaces
Author(s): Manuel Filipe M. Costa; Jose B. Almeida
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Influence of apodization on aberrated PSF and OTF
Author(s): Chang Sub Chung; Sang Hyun Sim; Il Kweon Moon
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Filter quanitization effects on the correlation
Author(s): Juan Carlos Campos Rubio; F. Turon; Maria Josefa Yzuel
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Wavefront analysis of photolithographic lenses for wavelengths of 300 to 600 nm
Author(s): Wolfgang Freitag; W. Grossmann
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Three-component optical systems
Author(s): R. Fernandez; M. Carmen Vazquez; Jose Herreros Barcala
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Distortion and pupil coordinates in a two-grating tandem
Author(s): Juan M. Simon; Angela N. Fantino
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Real-time interferometry with a dye-sensitized photopolymer as recording material
Author(s): Rosa Fuentes; Felipe Mateos; Antonio Fimia
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Self-organized quasi-phase-matched second harmonic generation in isotropic optical fibers
Author(s): Pavel Chmela
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Circular harmonic correlation filters for rotationally invariant color pattern recognition
Author(s): Juan Carlos Campos Rubio; Salvador Bosch; Maria Sagrario Millan Garcia-Verela; Carlos Ferreira; Maria Josefa Yzuel
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New algorithm for the design of binary phase gratings
Author(s): Ulrich W. Krackhardt; M. Heissmeier; Stefan Sinzinger; Norbert Streibl
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Wave spectra with aid of photographic images of the sea surface
Author(s): Josue Alvarez-Borrego; Eugenio R. Mendez
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Enhanced optical probing of surface acoustic waves
Author(s): Truman D. Black; V. A. Komotskii; Don A. Larson
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System for quanititative microscopy
Author(s): Lionel R. Baker
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On some modification of Hopfield's content-addressable memory
Author(s): Tomasz Berus; Bohdan Macukow
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First-order error-diffusion considered as discrete pulse-density modulation
Author(s): Pierre M.T. van den Bulck
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Numerical procedure for calculating the effect of a turbid medium on the modulation transfer function of an optical system
Author(s): Piero Bruscaglioni; P. Donelli; Andrea Ismaelli; Giovanni Zaccanti
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Experimental determination of correlation in scattered light by moving surfaces
Author(s): Antonio Ruiz Garcia; M. Carmen Vazquez; R. Fernandez; M. Alvarez-Claro
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New method of improving the modulation of holograms
Author(s): Yongkang Guo; Lurong Guo; Xiao-Chun Zhang
Photon-counting speckle masking: the photon-counting hole in the triple correlation
Author(s): Karl-Heinz Hofmann
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Shearing interferometer for testing wavefront
Author(s): Stefan M. B. Baumer; Rainer Thieme
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Pupil effect in GRIN fiber lenses by modal gaussian illumination and its influence in optical interconnections
Author(s): Jesus Linares; Carlos C. Gomez-Reino; J. Ramon Flores
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Fresnel diffraction by circular aperture of gaussian beams in gradient index media
Author(s): E. Acosta; Carlos C. Gomez-Reino; R. M. Gonzalez
Laser/holographic interferometry of bent optical fibers and gravitational waves
Author(s): Shun-ichi Himeno; M. Seki; Y. Hamamoto; K. Uda
Feedback network with space-invariant coupling
Author(s): Gerd Haeusler; Eberhardt Lange
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Light sectioning with diffraction-free planes of light?
Author(s): Gerd Haeusler; A. Schmidt; R. Wachtler; Jorg Waldmuller
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3-D sensing with a confocal optical `macroscope'
Author(s): Gerd Haeusler; Juergen M. Herrmann
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Whiteness as a color-classification problem
Author(s): Jarmo Hallikainen; Veijo Honkonen; Timo Jaeaeskelaeinen
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Application of the grating, slit and edge image analysis in the inspiration of UV high-performance lenses
Author(s): Rolph Hey; Christian Hofmann; Jens-Ullrich Mueller
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Ellipsometry of diffracted light
Author(s): Josef Humlicek; Karel Vojtechovsky; Irena Drimalova; Eva Bochnickova
Show Abstract
Large format cylindrical holographic stereogram
Author(s): Toshio Honda; Kei Shimura; Masahiro Yamaguchi; Nagaaki Ohyama
Show Abstract
Technique for measuring the surface roughness of metallic electrodes in aqueous solution
Author(s): Khaled J. Habib
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Holographic interferometry in electrochemical systems
Author(s): Khaled J. Habib
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Two element holograpic optical elements with abberration free straight scannings
Author(s): Yukihiro Ishii; Tomoo Hakamata
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Accurate refractive index measurements using computerized Schlieren and focusing methods
Author(s): Nicholas Ionescu-Pallas; Ionel Valentin Vlad; Ileana Apostol; Florian Bociort
Show Abstract
Refractive-index profiling of an optical fiber using the iterative phase retrieval method
Author(s): Toshiaki Iwai; Hiro Masui; K. Kiyono
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Application of principles of nonimaging optics to the construction of solid state laser pump cavities
Author(s): Zoran Janevski; Dejan V. Pantelic
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Holographic grating used for the measurement of strain field around a crack tip
Author(s): Jiabi Chen; Xingjian Wu
Show Abstract
Rehalogenating properties of photographic plate for phase holograms
Author(s): Man-Ho Jeong; Man Jae Lee; In Won Lee
Show Abstract
Subtractive moire patterns of identical grids
Author(s): Zbigniew Jaroszewicz; Andrzej Kolodziejczyk; Salvador Bara Vinas; Vincente Moreno de las Cuevas
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Performance of the binary nonlinear joint transform correlators with nonuniform Fourier plane quantization
Author(s): Bahram Javidi
Show Abstract
Comparison of nonlinearly transformed filters and nonlinear joint transform correlators for optical pattern recognition
Author(s): Bahram Javidi
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Spectral modulation due to source correlation
Author(s): H. C. Kandpal; J. S. Vaishya; K. C. Joshi
Show Abstract
Correlation-induced spectroscopy of rare-earth ions doped in crystals
Author(s): H. C. Kandpal; K. C. Joshi; J. S. Vaishya
Holographic investigation of residual deformations induced by a pulsed ion implanter
Author(s): Guillermo H. Kaufmann; Jorge N. Feugeas; B. M. Marino; Gustavo E. Galizzi
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Holographic disk scanner for laser printers
Author(s): Yoshikazu Kawauchi; H. Yamashita; K. Saitoh
Pattern recognition with a matched spatial filter by the new concept using cross-correlated signals
Author(s): Shun-ichi Kamemaru; Hiroshi Yoshii
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In-flight calibration verification of spaceborne remote sensing instruments
Author(s): Clayton C. LaBaw
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Study on optical fiber concentration sensor
Author(s): Jian Shu Li; Xianxin Zhong
Computer generated image holograms of 3D objects
Author(s): Detlef Leseberg
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Optical holographic Hough processor for machine vision
Author(s): Ching-Piao Hu; C. F. Liao
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Langmuir-Blodgett films with hybridized stilbazium salt
Author(s): Liying Liu; Hong Xiao; Zhan Chen; Wencheng Wang; Zhi-Ming Zhang
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Coupling efficiency optimization of a coupled GRIN fiber lens single-mode fiber array
Author(s): Jesus Linares; Raul de la Fuente; J. I. Rodriguez
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Microscopic model of second-harmonic generation in glass fibers
Author(s): Bernhard Lesche
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Three-dimensional intensity correlation and power spectra of fully developed speckle fields
Author(s): Ludger Leushacke
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High-precision laser interferometer for measuring small angles
Author(s): Guijun Ji; Guoxiong Zhang; Xiaotang Hu
Holographic interferometers based on self-developing optical crystals
Author(s): Robert Magnusson; Ali Hafiz
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Marcoscopic effects of quantum fluctuations: statistical excitation of a side-mode in laser switching
Author(s): Antonio Mecozzi; Adalberto Sapia; Paolo Spano
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Processing Chinese form-document by using optical character recognition
Author(s): Ming-Wen Chang; Bor-Shenn Jeng; Bing-Shan Chien; Sheng-Hua Lu; Yu-Pin Lan
Application of apodization technique for image enhancement of optical systems
Author(s): Om Prakash Nijhawan; S. D. Gupta; A. K. Gupta
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Diffraction properties of nonuniform dynamic volume gratings
Author(s): Gunther Notni; Richard M. Kowarschik
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Image synthesis using the Lau effect
Author(s): Elvira Bonet-Salom; Jorge Ojeda-Castaneda; Amparo Pons Marti
High order aberrations: a balance procedure
Author(s): Jorge Ojeda-Castaneda; Estela Lopez; Cristina M. Gomez-Sarabia
Design of a phase-matched Porro prism
Author(s): Ikbal Singh
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Dynamic holographic interferometry using photorefractive crystals and computer image processing
Author(s): Mikhail P. Petrov; Ionel Valentin Vlad; Alexei A. Kamshilin; Dragos Popa
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Metal surface roughness measurement using two lasers
Author(s): Kai-Erik Peiponen; Taiju Tsuboi; Rauno M. Hamalainen
Telecentric, flat-field, anastigmatic, four-mirror optical system for lighographic camera
Author(s): Sung Chan Park; Sang-Soo Lee
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Optimum diffraction efficiency dye sensitized dichromated gelatin holograms for systems development
Author(s): Sastry V. Pappu
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Effect of characteristics of TV camera on recognition of speckle Young's fringe
Author(s): Qiang Fang; Xide Li; Yushan Tan
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Exact quantum statistics of a nonlinear dissipative oscillator evolving from an arbitrary state
Author(s): Vlasta Perinova; Antonin Luks
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Time interval's Fourier transform technique in laser Doppler velocimetry
Author(s): Miguel Angel Rebolledo; Jose Miguel Alvarez; Julio Cesar Amare; Jose Tornos
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Optical test by moire pattern
Author(s): Rang-Seng Chang; Der-Chin Chen; Pair-Yuan Lee
Optical design by artificial intelligence techniques
Author(s): Rang-Seng Chang; Der-Chin Chen
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Investigation on optical isodensity behavior of PROM
Author(s): Yansong Chen; Weili Zhu
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Incoherent optical correlator
Author(s): Pedro Andres; Juan Carlos Barreiro; Genaro Saavedra; Jesus Saez Lancis
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Optoelectronic fringe projection operations
Author(s): Mario Garavaglia; Hector Jorge Rabal; E. Aguirre
Periodic structure imaging by near-field microscopy
Author(s): Christian Pieralli; S. Leblanc; Alain Jalocha
Investigation of molecular interactions and local fields in liquids and gases by optical Kerr effect method
Author(s): Zdzislaw Blaszczak
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Reconstruction of a small phase object from its projected interferograms
Author(s): Kazumi K. Murata; Naoshi Baba; Noriaki Miura; Kunihiko Mori
Show Abstract
AND optical gate using soliton beams interaction
Author(s): Francois Reynaud; Alain Barthelemy
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Daytime, high-precision star sensor for a stabilized balloon platform
Author(s): Josiane Costeraste; Yves Andre
Show Abstract
Single-mode optical fiber antennas
Author(s): Adrian Mihaescu
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Finite element Fourier and Abbe transform methods for calculation of Fraunhofer diffraction patterns of geometrically complex apertures
Author(s): Hal G. Kraus
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Measurement of aberration by moire pattern
Author(s): Rang-Seng Chang; Chun-Chi Lee
Speckle statistics for propagation through complex ABCD systems
Author(s): Harold T. Yura; Steen Gruner Hanson
Show Abstract
Stability of fringe patterns of different interferometers
Author(s): Ignacy Filinski; Torben Skettrup
Show Abstract
Near-field microwave imaging of dielectric anomalies: antennas and processing
Author(s): W. Davis; James T. Nilles; E. L. Rope; Gus P. Tricoles
Show Abstract
Two-dimensional beam splitter functioned by a combination of Fresnel zone plate arrays
Author(s): Kashiko Kodate; Jing Li Chen; Eriko Tokunaga; Takeshi Kamiya
Show Abstract
Artificial polarization components
Author(s): L. Cescato; Ekkehard Gluch; Wilhelm Stork; Norbert Streibl
Ronchi and Hartman tests: a null Hartman test
Author(s): Alejandro Cornejo-Rodriguez; Alberto Cordero-Davila; O. Cardona-Nunez
Show Abstract
Fitting interference fringes with generalized least squares method
Author(s): Alberto Cordero-Davila; Alejandro Cornejo-Rodriguez; O. Cardona-Nunez
Show Abstract
Optical long-baseline interferometry in astronomy
Author(s): Thorsten Reinheimer; Gerd Weigelt
Show Abstract
Free-surface reconstruction based on projections
Author(s): Mikio Sugita; Ryoji Ohba
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OLAS: an optical implementation of logic array structures
Author(s): Robert Howard Jones; Marios G. Hadjinicolaou; G. Musgrave
Detection of moving object by phase conjugation in photo-induced anisotropic dye-doped film
Author(s): Takayoshi Suzuki; Hirofumi Fujiwara
Show Abstract
Liquid-crystal display for centering a laser spot
Author(s): Betty Kerllenevich; Enrique Chapunov; Andre Coche
Show Abstract
Zones plates with elliptical foci curve
Author(s): Andrzej Kolodziejczyk; Maciej Sypek; Zbigniew Jaroszewicz; Salvador Bara Vinas
Show Abstract
Method for obtaining optimum equivalent 1-D index profiles for 2-D index profiles of optical waveguides
Author(s): Anurag Sharma
Show Abstract
Dynamic depolarized light-scattering analysis of rodlike particles by means of a Laplace transform method
Author(s): Jose M. Saiz; Francisco Gonzalez
Show Abstract
Defocused optical transfer functions for two-pupil systems
Author(s): Ronald J. Pieper; Ting-Chung Poon
Show Abstract
Compensation of HOE aberrations with an intermediate CGH
Author(s): Stephane Roose; Erik W. Stijns
Show Abstract
DOE synthesis for optical logic gate illumination
Author(s): Stephane Roose
Show Abstract
Analysis of the Savart interferometer from the geometrical images
Author(s): Maria C. Simon; Maria T. Garea
New approach to optical remote sensing using transform-based predetector processing
Author(s): Phillip Sutton; Andrew P. Shaw
Show Abstract
Linear and nonlinear processing of meteorological radar images
Author(s): Tomasz Szoplik; Zdzislaw Dziewit
Show Abstract
Monte Carlo simulations of coherent and incoherent imaging through atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Christopher J. Solomon; Theo Mavroidis; Christopher Dainty
Show Abstract
New recording algorithm of neural auto-associative memory
Author(s): Shaoping Bian; Kebin Xu; Jing Hong
Show Abstract
Combinary vector optical associative memory
Author(s): Shaoping Bian; Kebin Xu; Jing Hong
Show Abstract
Nonlinear development processing in dichromated gelatin
Author(s): Junyong Sun; Zhaoyue Pei; Wanzhen Geng; Lingzhen Jiang; Jing Hong
Show Abstract
Enhancement of SHG through slab-waveguide made of organic copolymer at Er:YAG 2.94 um laser line
Author(s): Heihachi Sato; Yuji Azumai; Manabu Kishimoto; Iwao Seo
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Advanced version of Polar-Mellin transform and its application in pattern recognition
Author(s): Weisheng Shen; ChunKan Tao; SongLing Bian
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Amplitude-smoothed BPOF and amplitude-smoothed amplitude-encoded BPOF
Author(s): Wenjian Chen; SongLing Bian; ChunKan Tao; Xiaolin Yu
Show Abstract
Synthetical method of Lohmann's and Lee Wai-hon's matched filters in optical pattern recognition
Author(s): Xiaolin Yu; SongLing Bian; ChunKan Tao; Wenjian Chen
Show Abstract
Latest improvement of synthetic-discriminant-function matched spatial filter
Author(s): Xiaoliang Fu; ChunKan Tao; SongLing Bian; Aiming Li
Show Abstract
New design of an optical coordinate transformation system
Author(s): Aiming Li; ChunKan Tao; SongLing Bian; Xiaoliang Fu
Show Abstract
Filtering effects in off-axis far-field holography
Author(s): Tianshu Lai; Yushan Tan
Show Abstract
Spatial modulating analysis of the Young's fringes by a rotary slit and a liquid-crystal television
Author(s): Ayafumi Taniji; Muneharu Ishikawa
Show Abstract
System measuring the amount of optical information of optic-fiber faceplate
Author(s): ChunKan Tao; Xiaochun Yang; Mingjun You; Yiwu Yu
Show Abstract
Holographic logic array for optical computing
Author(s): Yasuhiro Takaki; Hitoshi Ohzu
Show Abstract
Fiber gyroscope using a polarization-maintaining optical fiber and a fiber coupler
Author(s): Hikaru Takahara
Show Abstract
Polarimetric detection to examine the residual am-effect in the waveguide e-o phase modulator
Author(s): Ton Ko; Chen-Hsing Chao; Pai-Sheng Shen; Ching T. Lee
Show Abstract
Validity of the scalar Kirchhoff and Rayleigh-Sommerfeld diffraction theories in the nearfield of small phase objects of finite thickness
Author(s): Michael Totzeck
Show Abstract
Field distributions of dielectric waveguide-structures microwave measurements and calculations with the beam-propagation method
Author(s): Norbert Hensel; Guido Sawade; Gert Sinn
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Spectrum and correlation processing of fluctuating phases of guided modes in a perturbed PANDA fiber
Author(s): Satoshi Tanaka; Kazuhiko Oka; Yoshihiro Ohtsuka
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Considerations on the efficiency of diffractive optical elements
Author(s): Frank Wyrowski
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Scale tunable telediffractometer: use in optical correlation
Author(s): Santiago Vallmitjana; Ignacio Prades Juvells; Salvador Bosch; J. R. de F. Moneo
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Impulse response of real multimode optical fibers
Author(s): Radomir Vacek
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Puzzling color code method of rainbow holograms
Author(s): Zhiheng Wang; Lurong Guo; Kuoping Wang
Optoelectronic hybrid correlator based on a programmable LCTV spatial light modulator
Author(s): Tianji Wang; Shining Yang; Yaotang Li; Shichao Zhang; Shaowu Fan; Huanrong Wen
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Holographic neural networks by forward feedback
Author(s): Shining Yang; Tianji Wang; Yaotang Li; Shaowu Fan; Shichao Zhang; Huanrong Wen
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Optically bistable interference filter
Author(s): Weiting Feng
Frequency-stable, high-power, diode-laser-pumped Nd:YAG laser
Author(s): Klaus Wallmeroth; Rudolf Letterer
Interferometric investigation of laser supported absorption waves
Author(s): Gang Yuan; Yonghua Yuan
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Study on resolving power of lens demanded by an ESPI system
Author(s): Yimo Zhang; Fugen Zhang
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Method for the generation of light knife and its application in 3-D sensing
Author(s): Xianyu Su; Bo Jia
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High-efficiency joint-transform correlator for symbolic substitution
Author(s): Francis T. S. Yu; Aris Tanone; Eddy Chi-Poon Tam; Don A. Gregory
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Measurement of coating thickness by two-wavelength phase-shift method
Author(s): Yueguang Lu; Zhaoyue Pei; Xia Zhao; Lingzhen Jiang; Jing Hong
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Fiber high-speed photoraphic system
Author(s): Daoyin Yu; Yu Li; Yimo Zhang; Zixong Li; Yuliang Li; Youjun Liu
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Fiber optical holographic system
Author(s): Yimo Zhang; Ji Du
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Observation of Raman scattering and fluorescent spectra of KTiOPO (KTP)crystal
Author(s): Liwen Xu; Dawei Chang; Hongda Niu; Shouquan Jia
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Unconventional optical correlators
Author(s): Katarzyna Chalasinska-Macukow
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Active parallel micro-optics
Author(s): Kenichi Iga
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Voyager imaging investigation requirements and results
Author(s): Candice J. Hansen; Stewart A. Collins
Influence of source correlations on the spectrum of emitted light: a review
Author(s): Emil Wolf
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Pattern recognition, similarity, neural nets, and optics
Author(s): Henri H. Arsenault
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Novel contour-mapping methods
Author(s): Liren Liu
Recent developments in scattering theory
Author(s): Herch Moyses Nussenzveig
Metrology with nonclassical light
Author(s): Max Schubert
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Confocal scanning microscopes
Author(s): Tony Wilson
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Interferometry with ESO's Very Large Telescope
Author(s): Jacques Maurice Beckers
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Impact of quantum confinement on the optical nonlinearities of semiconductor nanocrystals
Author(s): Christos Flytzanis; Francois Hache; Maurice C. Klein; Daniel Ricard
Towards a digital optics platform
Author(s): Alan Huang
Application of aberration theory to the estimation of centering tolerances of Japanese National Large Telescope
Author(s): Yoshiya Matsui
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Large-scale optics: ocean waves
Author(s): Even Mehlum
Noncontact method for measuring large shaft diameter
Author(s): Gang Ye; Mang Cao; Jia Wang; Dacheng Li
Lensless true color rainbow hologram with He-Ne laser
Author(s): Cheng Fan; Chaochuan Jiang; Lurong Guo
High-resolution optical fiber heterodyne interferometer for measuring displacement
Author(s): Yang Zhao; Jia Wang; Mang Cao; Dacheng Li
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Phase shift analysis of beat frequency in an optical heterodyne interferometer
Author(s): Dacheng Li; Yong Xu; Jia Wang; Enyou Zhang; Mang Cao
Image and spectral control in electronic halftoning
Author(s): Manfred Broja; Frank Wyrowski; Olof Bryngdahl
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Polychromatic holography: new possibilities in investigation of complex systems
Author(s): Andrey G. Zhiglinskiy; Alexandre M. Izmailov; Galina G. Kund; Alexander O. Morozov; Alexander N. Samokhin
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Real-time pseudocoloring of gray levels
Author(s): Lia Maria Zerbino; Nestor A. Bolognini; Susana I. Grosz
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Moire signals of circular gratings and its application to precise alignment
Author(s): Kazuhiro Hane; Toshio Goto; Shuzo Hattori
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Electromagnetic field model for optical-disk signal analysis
Author(s): Liviu Singher; Joseph Shamir; Andrei Brunfeld
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Polarization-dependent phase-conjugate reflectivity in randomly oriented saturable absorbers
Author(s): Shigeki Miyanaga; Kazuo Nakagawa; Hirofumi Fujiwara
Application of spatial filtering technique to automatic optical card inspection
Author(s): T. Sato; F. Kimura; Shigeru Izawa; S. Takahashi; Kashiko Kodate; Takeshi Kamiya
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Scanning near-field microscopies
Author(s): Dieter W. Pohl; James K. Gimzewski
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Replicated mirros with magnetic steel as substrates
Author(s): Youqin Bie
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Fringe-locked running hologram recording in photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Jaime Frejlich
Show Abstract
Polarization modulator using ferrofluid material
Author(s): Jean Monin; Olivier Brevet-Philibert; Valerie Cabuil; Lionel Delaunay
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Pulsed laser interferometry
Author(s): Osuk Y. Kwon
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Resolution criterion and contrast factor for resolving two-line images under coherent and incoherent illumination
Author(s): Pronab Kumar Mondal; Maria L. Calvo; Margarita L. Chevalier
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Large optical mirror making technology and facility at Indian Institute of Astrophysics
Author(s): Ajay Kumar Saxena
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Coherent-mode representation of propagation of partially coherent beams through first-order optical systems
Author(s): Jixiong Pu
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Hole-burning-induced spectral-spatial gratings in neutron-colored sapphire
Author(s): Mark Aizengendler; Ivan Dolindo; Ilmo Sildos
Linearization procedure of a nonlinear automatic lens design problem subject to boundary conditions
Author(s): Kazuo Tanaka
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Real-time joint transform correlator using speckle clipping technique
Author(s): Akifumi Ogiwara; Hiroyuki Sakai; Takeshi Utakouji; Junji Ohtsubo
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Optical-digital methods of analysis of microparticles ensemble by it spatial spectrum
Author(s): Victor V. Kotlyar; Igor V. Nikolsky; Victor A. Soifer
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Computer-generated optical elements for optical testing
Author(s): Michael A. Golub; Nikolay L. Kazanskiy; Iosif N. Sisakian; Victor A. Soifer
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Origin of oscillations in photon distributions of squeezed light
Author(s): Jan Perina; Jiri Bajer
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Rotation invariant pattern recognition based on holographic associative memory
Author(s): Hyung Suh Ho; Sang-Soo Lee
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Sharpness perception in defocused edges
Author(s): Hector Jorge Rabal; Elisa M. Colombo; Carlos Kirschbaum
Stereographic register of nonstatic objects through a speckle carrier
Author(s): R. Duchowicz; Marcelo Trivi; Lucia B. Scaffardi; Nestor A. Bolognini
Show Abstract
Surface roughness measurement by speckle processing
Author(s): Nelida A. Russo; Nestor A. Bolognini; Enrique E. Sicre; Mario Garavaglia
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Stability properties of photorefractive BGO-crystals for phase conjugation
Author(s): Richard M. Kowarschik; G. Rodriguez-Zurita
Show Abstract
Stepped phase kinoforms
Author(s): Antti H. Vasara; Jari Pekka Turunen; Jan Westerholm; Mohammad R. Taghizadeh
Scanning methods for the characterization of infrared glasses
Author(s): Alfred Reichmann; Stefan Heinemann; Barbara Luedge; K. Rudolph; Dieter Wostl
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Equipment for noncontacted measuring of the form by objects with diffuse scattering surfaces
Author(s): Tamara Gundel; Friedrich Zollner
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Photorefractive optical neural network
Author(s): Bernard H. Soffer; Yuri Owechko; Gilmore J. Dunning
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Optical design of airborne imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Akihisa Terakubo; Yoshizumi Yasuda; Yasufumi Emori
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Picosecond four-wave mixing in silicon
Author(s): Peter Maly; Jaroslav Pantoflicek; A. Svoboda
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Scatter losses of nonabsorbing multilayer systems with statistically rough boundaries
Author(s): Ivan Ohlidal; Jana Musilova
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Analysis of surface roughness by angle speckle correlation
Author(s): Miloslav Ohlidal
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Quantum light- polarization effects in nonlinear fiber
Author(s): Richard Horak
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Fiber optic sensor of the magnetic field
Author(s): A. G. Alexandrov; Alexander V. Churenkov; Vladimir N. Listvin
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Photothermal self-excitation of the micromachined resonators
Author(s): Alexander V. Churenkov; Stanislav M. Kozel; Vladimir N. Listvin
Show Abstract
Speckle fields in holographic interferometry
Author(s): Gennady R. Lockshin; Stanislav M. Kozel; V. E. Bielonuchkin
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Pulsed ESPI for rotating components displacement measurements
Author(s): Richard W. T. Preater
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Nonlinear fiber-optic information processing systems
Author(s): Mikhail P. Petrov; Eugenii A. Kuzin; Serguei V. Miridonov
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Impurity-doped low-temperature solids as novel materials for optical data storage and processing
Author(s): Karl K. Rebane
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Three-dimensional imaging in microscopy
Author(s): S. Kessler; Rosemarie Hild; G. Nitzche; Jork Hebenstreit
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Theory of light scattering from rough surfaces and from volume inhomogeneities in an optical layer stack
Author(s): Karl Hehl; Samer Kassam; P. Bussemer
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Optical solitons propagation in an elliptical core fiber
Author(s): Alexandre S. Shcherbakov; Anatoly V. Selishchev
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Optical storage of associatively arranged binary data using solitons in fibers
Author(s): Alexandre S. Shcherbakov; V. M. Sysuev; Vsevolod Yu. Petrun'kin
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All-optical digital processor based on harmonic generation phenomena
Author(s): Alexandre S. Shcherbakov; Vsevolod Yu. Rakovsky
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Pseudodeep hologram and its properties
Author(s): Yuri N. Denisyuk; Nina M. Ganzherli
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Simple method for measuring surface profile and vibration
Author(s): Andrianto Handojo
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