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Propagation Engineering: Third in a Series
Editor(s): Luc R. Bissonnette; Walter B. Miller

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Volume Number: 1312
Date Published: 1 September 1990

Table of Contents
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Regional visibility degradation: application to conventional warfare scenarios
Author(s): E. Howard Holt; S. A. Luces; W. D. Ohmstede
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Recursive calculation of time-dependent multiple forward scattering: comparison between small-angle approximation and exact model
Author(s): Konrad Altmann
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Method for estimating the refractive index structure parameter Cn2 in very low stratus subcloud regions
Author(s): Henry Rachele; Neal Harold Kilmer; Walter B. Miller
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Estimation of optical turbulence structure in the unstable surface boundary
Author(s): Walter B. Miller; Henry Rachele
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Some general properties of optical and RF signals subject to scintillation
Author(s): Richard R. Zito
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Wavefront sensing in propagation and imaging through the atmosphere
Author(s): Marc Sechaud; Jean-Claude Fontanella; Gerard Rousset; Jerome Primot; F. Chassat
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Space domain constraints for least squares restoration of images degraded by atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Donald L. Durack; Michael T. Valley
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Behavior of the mutual coherence function in the unstable surface boundary
Author(s): Jennifer C. Ricklin
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Path-averaged turbulent heat fluxes from scintillation measurements at two wavelengths
Author(s): Edgar L Andreas
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Variance of focal plane centroids from a point source
Author(s): Rod G. Frehlich; Frank D. Eaton
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Effect of altitude and wind velocity on optical-turbulence measurement with fine-wire resistance temperature transducers
Author(s): Vijay P. Singh; Frank D. Eaton; Roberto Rubio
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Coincident measurement of ro and Oo
Author(s): James J. Drexler; David B. Soules; Arthur Howard Waldie; John A. Qualtrough; Frank D. Eaton; William A. Peterson; John R. Hines
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Calculation method of the modulation transfer function in aerosol media
Author(s): Luc R. Bissonnette
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Vertical profiles of drop size distributions in very low stratus clouds and associated subcloud regions
Author(s): Henry Rachele; Neal Harold Kilmer
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Model for approximating profiles of meteorological quantities and extinction, absorption and backscatter coefficients in very low stratus clouds and their associated subcloud regions
Author(s): Neal Harold Kilmer; Henry Rachele
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Effect of volcanic aerosols on laser propagation at 1.06 um
Author(s): Larrene K. Harada
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Vertical distribution of number concentration and size distribution of atmospheric aerosols over the central United States
Author(s): Young J. Kim; J. F. Boatman
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Lidar remote sensing of atmospheric aerosols
Author(s): Allan I. Carswell
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Lidar measurements of multiple scattering in dispersing plumes
Author(s): Christian Werner; Juergen Streicher; Hans-Guenter Dahn
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Improving LOWTRAN near-horizon sky radiance predictions by low-altitude atmospheric layering
Author(s): Daniel St. Germain
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Impact of LOWTRAN 6 layering on radiance calculations
Author(s): Fritz G. Wollenweber
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Differences in concentration lengths computed using band-averaged mass extinction coefficients and band-averaged transmittance
Author(s): W. Michael Farmer
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CO2 laser radiation-induced effects on liquid and solid particles
Author(s): Michel L. Autric; Patrick Vigliano; Philippe Bournot; Philippe Caminat
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Propagation of UV laser radiations in a controlled atmosphere
Author(s): Patrick Vigliano; Michel L. Autric; Mireille Tanguy; Dominique Astic
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Model SENSAT: a tool for evaluating the system performance of optical sensors
Author(s): Rudolf Richter
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Detectability and simulation of smoke and dust clouds in images
Author(s): Donald W. Hoock; John C. Giever
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Image metrics approach to understanding effects of terrain and environment on performance of thermal target acquisition systems
Author(s): Bruce M. Sabol; Kenneth G. Hall
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Validation of random phase screens
Author(s): Aaron E. Naiman; Thomas Goldring
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New expressions for the phase structure function based on a new spectrum model for the index of refraction
Author(s): Larry C. Andrews; Sylvana Vester
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Atmospheric absorption model from 0.01 to 10 wave numbers
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas
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Revised water vapor line parameters in the 1.0 to 1.1 nm region
Author(s): Robert E. Meredith; Robert L. Spellicy; William O. Gallery; Sean G. O'Brien; Brian K. Matise
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Marine atmospheric effects on electro-optical systems performance
Author(s): Juergen H. Richter; Herbert G. Hughes
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Atmospheric effects on multisensor systems
Author(s): Robert H. Au
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Estimate of damage area due to a random optical wave
Author(s): Frank E. Kragh; Ronald L. Phillips
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Beam path conditioning for high energy laser beam directors
Author(s): David C. Johnson; Glenda S. Holderbaum
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Morphology of atmospheric transparent inhomogeneities
Author(s): Frank D. Eaton; William A. Peterson; John R. Hines; James J. Drexler; David B. Soules; Arthur Howard Waldie; John A. Qualtrough
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