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Long-Term Monitoring of the Earth's Radiation Budget
Editor(s): Bruce R. Barkstrom
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Volume Number: 1299
Date Published: 1 September 1990
Softcover: 23 papers (273) pages
ISBN: 9780819403506

Table of Contents
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Use of earth radiation budget measurements for understanding climate change
Author(s): Veerabhadran Ramanathan
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General circulation model intercomparisons for understanding climate
Author(s): Robert D. Cess
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Atmospheric and surface cloud radiative forcing: results from climate models
Author(s): David A. Randall
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Nimbus-7 earth radiation budget data set and its uses
Author(s): H. Lee Kyle
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Atmospheric energetics and earth radiation budget
Author(s): Deirdre M. Kann; Shi-Keng Yang; Alvin J. Miller
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Earth radiation budget measurements: pre-ERBE, ERBE, and CERES
Author(s): Bruce R. Barkstrom
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Earth Radiation Budget Experiment scanner instrument
Author(s): Leonard P. Kopia; Robert Benjamin Lee
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Earth Radiation Budget Experiment scanner radiometric calibration results
Author(s): Robert Benjamin Lee; Michael Alan Gibson; Susan Thomas; J. Robert Mahan; Jeffrey L. Meekins; Nour E. Tira
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Cryogenic cavity radiometers as detectors and calibration standards for remote sensing
Author(s): Peter V. Foukal; Clifford C. Hoyt; Heinrich J. Kochling; Peter J. Miller
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Angular dependence models for radiance to flux conversion
Author(s): Richard N. Green; John T. Suttles; Bruce A. Wielicki
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Accuracy of ERB measurements from the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System Instrument
Author(s): Larry L. Stowe; Peter Abel; Herbert Jacobowitz; Philip E. Ardanuy; R. Hucek; R. Joyce
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Using spatial coherence to retrieve cloud properties: ERBE experience and CERES applications
Author(s): James A. Coakley
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Pattern recognition of clouds and ice in polar regions
Author(s): Ronald M. Welch; Sailes K. Sengupta; Frank D. Carsey; Christopher A. Sundar; Kwo Sen Kuo; M. S. Navar
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Cloud microphysical properties from multispectral reflectance measurements
Author(s): Michael D. King; Teruyuki Nakajima; James D. Spinhirne; Lawrence F. Radke
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Remote sensing over oceans of optically thin cirrus and its significance
Author(s): Prabhakara Cuddapah; J.-M. Yoo
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Surface radiation budget: current perspective
Author(s): Wayne L. Darnell; W. Frank Staylor; Shashi K. Gupta; Anne C. Wilber; Nancy A. Ritchey
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Surface radiation budget in the Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System effort and in the Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment
Author(s): Thomas P. Charlock; Fred G. Rose; G. Louis Smith
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Atmospheric radiative flux divergence from Clouds and Earth Radiant Energy System
Author(s): G. Louis Smith; Thomas P. Charlock; Dominique A.H. Crommelynck; David Rutan; Shashi K. Gupta; Fred G. Rose
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In-situ radiation flux divergence measurements
Author(s): Dominique A.H. Crommelynck
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Time dependence of the earth's radiation fields determined from ERBS and NOAA-9 satellites
Author(s): Edwin F. Harrison; Patrick Minnis; Bruce R. Barkstrom; Bruce A. Wielicki; Gary G. Gibson; Frederick M. Denn; David R. Doelling; David W. Young
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Examination of the use of narrowband radiances for earth radiation budget studies
Author(s): David W. Young; David R. Doelling; Patrick Minnis; Edwin F. Harrison
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Determination of outgoing longwave radiation and its diurnal variation using ERBE and Meteosat observations
Author(s): Robert S. Kandel; F. Cheruy; Jean-Philippe Duvel
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Characteristics of the earth's radiation budget derived from the first year of data from the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment
Author(s): Gary G. Gibson; Frederick M. Denn; David W. Young; Edwin F. Harrison; Patrick Minnis; Bruce R. Barkstrom; O. C. Smith; D. J. Travers
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