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Proceedings of SPIE Volume 1293

Applications of Artificial Intelligence VIII
Editor(s): Mohan M. Trivedi
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Volume Number: 1293
Date Published: 1 January 1990
Softcover: 99 papers (1089) pages
ISBN: 9780819403445

Table of Contents
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Object detection using scale space
Author(s): V. A. Topkar; Bradley Pryor Kjell; Arun K. Sood
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Non-monotonic model-based system for scene interpretation
Author(s): Robert Abramczyk; Miao-Li M. Pai
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Control strategies for error handling in a knowledge-based system for image processing and recognition
Author(s): D. Agazzani; S. Cerini; Sebastiano Bruno Serpico; Gianni L. Vernazza
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Computer vision as a coupled system
Author(s): Suchendra M. Bhandarkar; Minsoo Suk
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Expert system for heatpipe bakeout
Author(s): Aleck L. Lee
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Expert system diagnosis of CMOS VLSI fabrication problems
Author(s): Thomas E. Sullivan; Brian P. Butz; Robert J. Schuhl
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Expert system that aids reactor-operations personnel in the event of a severe accident
Author(s): James A. Boshers; Lefteri H. Tsoukalas
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AI techniques and object-oriented technology for VLSI design-space representation, optimization, and management
Author(s): Amir Hekmatpour; Paul M. Chau
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Learning diagnostics expert system for plasma arc welding machines
Author(s): Ganesan Vaidyanathan; S. Sharma; Frederick E. Petry
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Classification of range images
Author(s): Ezzet H. Al-Hujazi; Arun K. Sood
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Optical flow and depth from motion on the Connection Machine
Author(s): Massimo Tistarelli
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Octree object-oriented geometric modeler
Author(s): Agostino Poggi; Giovanni Adorni
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Traditional and automated approaches for acquiring expert knowledge
Author(s): Jeffrey P. Rosenking; Iris Cox Hayslip; James L. Eilbert
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Techniques for capturing expert knowledge: an expert systems/hypertext approach
Author(s): Lawrence Lafferty; Albert M. Koller; Greg Taylor; Robin S. Schumann; Randy Evans
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SYCOJET: a tool for building automatically sets of test for knowledge bases
Author(s): Laurence Vignollet; Marc Ayel
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Use of qualitative simulation in support of model-based reasoning
Author(s): Benjamin Jack Kuipers
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Using functional features for 3-D object recognition
Author(s): Louise Stark; Kevin W. Bowyer
Recognition via alignment using aspect models
Author(s): George C. Stockman; Bruce E. Flinchbaugh
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Experiments in model-based matching using a relational pyramid representation
Author(s): Nancy T. Chu; Linda G. Shapiro
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Parallel vision and planning algorithms for visual surveillance
Author(s): Larry S. Davis
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Note on generalized self-organizing network algorithms
Author(s): James C. Bezdek
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Note on two clustering algorithms for relational network data
Author(s): James C. Bezdek; Richard J. Hathaway
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Locally versus globally interlayer-connected feed-forward neural networks: a performance comparison
Author(s): John D. Provence; S. Naganathan
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Hybrid neural network and rule-based pattern recognition system capable of self-modification
Author(s): Charles W. Glover; Mike Silliman; Mark Walker; Phil Spelt; Nageswara S. V. Rao
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Planning optimal precedence-constraint robot assembly sequences problem with neural computation
Author(s): C. L. Philip Chen
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Dynamic control of robotic welding: on-going research
Author(s): Corinne C. Ruokangas
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Three-dimensional vision for robot manipulator control
Author(s): Peter J. Shuttleworth; Max Robinson
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Expert production automation system using sensors
Author(s): Denis E. Malone; Werner E. Friedrich
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Integrated document management system
Author(s): Andreas R. Dengel; Nelson M. Mattos; Bernhard Mitschang
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Knowledge-based system for the evaluation and selection of beam-to-column connections
Author(s): Keith J. Werkman; Marcello Barone; Donald J. Hillman; John L. Wilson
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Modular architecture for an expert system for assistance in biological modeling
Author(s): Leila Alem
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Minimal models and real-world models
Author(s): V. Sridhar; M. Narasimha Murty; M. Ghanashyam Krishna
Reuse of persistent information between different paradigms: a knowledge-based approach
Author(s): Wolfgang Benn; Gunter Schlageter; Xinglin Wu
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Maintaining knowledge for an adaptive path-planning system
Author(s): Ren C. Luo; Tai-Jee Pan
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Free-space representations for robot path planning
Author(s): Kenneth F. Hughes; Alade Tokuta
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Decision analytic approach to the weighted region problem
Author(s): Bijan G. Mobasseri
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Visual robot guidance in time-varying environment
Author(s): Mehmet Celenk; Wei Sun
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Robot path planning algorithm using fuzzy goal programming
Author(s): Sunil U. Mohandas; Advait M. Mogre; Robert W. McLaren
PLAYMAKER: a knowledge-based approach to characterizing hydrocarbon plays
Author(s): Gautam Biswas; Xudong Yu; William J. Hagins; John S. Strobel; Christopher G. St. C. Kendall; Robert L. Cannon; James C. Bezdek
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Intelligent nesting system on 2-D highly irregular resources
Author(s): Jason Chung; David R. Scott; Donald J. Hillman
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Developing PC-based expert systems: promises fulfilled and lessons learned
Author(s): Gaylen Drape; Lawrence Lafferty; Suzanne Leonard
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Control Laws Expert Assistant for Rotorcraft (CLEAR)
Author(s): Ronald C. Unterberger; Brian P. Butz; Neil F. Palumbo; David G. Miller
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Configuration in mechanical engineering
Author(s): Werner Dilger; Norbert Laudwein; Axel Brinkop
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Symmetry detection of 2-D figures
Author(s): Gongzhu Hu
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New method for edge detection and localization
Author(s): Jeng-Feng Lee; Yuan-Fang Wang; Ping Liang
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Pattern recognition by template polynomials
Author(s): Prabir Bhattacharya; Kai Qian
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Inferring attribute values from spatial and temporal representations
Author(s): Kalyan Dutta; Walton A. Perkins
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Temporal consistency checking of natural language specifications
Author(s): Frank D. Anger; Rita V. Rodriguez; Frank O. Hadlock
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Subcategorization in register vector grammar
Author(s): Glenn David Blank; Carmel J. Owens
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Intelligent search and retrieval of a large multimedia knowledge base for the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): Paul J. Clapis; William S. Byers
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Truck backer-upper: an example of self-learning in neural networks
Author(s): Derrick Nguyen; Bernard Widrow
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Planning movements of redundant robots using an analogic approach
Author(s): Gianni Vercelli; Piero Morasso; Renato Zaccaria
HAP: a hybrid system for reasoning about actions and plans in robotics
Author(s): Antonio Camurri; Marcello Frixione; Salvatore Gaglio; Renato Zaccaria
Approach to elemental task learning
Author(s): Philippe F. R. Belmans
Syntactic learning by induction from examples and experiments
Author(s): Patrick T. Reed; Robert L. Cannon; Gautam Biswas; James C. Bezdek; Christopher G. St. C. Kendall
Learning to recognize reusable software by induction
Author(s): Juan Carlos Esteva; Robert G. Reynolds
Automated optical surfacing
Author(s): Robert A. Jones
Micromanipulators for automatic wafer probing
Author(s): Ramanamurthy V. Dantu; Nikitas J. Dimopoulos; R. V. Patel; Asim J. Al-Khalili
Expert bidder for a pilot's monthly schedule
Author(s): Kenneth J. Morris; Jainendra K. Navlakha
Dynamic scheduling of actions in a plan-guided aircraft
Author(s): Dan Stromberg; Goran Pettersson
Knowledge-based newspaper pagination
Author(s): Juha Yla-Jaaski; Hannu Ahola
Computer vision hardware system for automating rough mills of furniture plants
Author(s): Richard W. Conners; Chong T. Ng; Thomas H. Drayer; Joseph G. Tront; D. Earl Kline; Charley J. Gatchell
Oral task-oriented dialogue for air-traffic controller training
Author(s): Abdel-Karim Matrouf; Jean-Luc Gauvain; Francoise Neel; Joseph J. Mariani
Expert system for performance analysis
Author(s): Robert N. Crane; Rebecca F. Hill; Ed P. Andert
SHARP: automated monitoring of spacecraft health and status
Author(s): David J. Atkinson; Mark L. James; R. Gaius Martin
KIM200: a tagged-RISC architecture for gallium arsenide implementation
Author(s): Jean-Claude Heudin; Christophe Metivier
Solution of integer programs for power electronics
Author(s): Roger D. Horn; J. Douglas Birdwell
Expert system to aid the oceanographic image analyst
Author(s): Matthew Lybanon; Robert S. Romalewski
Expert system to aid in UV lidar fluorescence interpretation
Author(s): Young P. Yee; Raul Gonzalez; Radon B. Loveland
Application of machine learning techniques to semiconductor manufacturing
Author(s): Keki B. Irani; Jie Cheng; Usama M. Fayyad; Zhaogang Qian
Yield enhancement through identifying design sensitivities
Author(s): Bei Tseng Bill Chu; Mark D. Kellam
The Diagnosis Kernel
Author(s): Stefan Fleischmann; Ulrich Rembold
Target detection in a neural-network environment
Author(s): John F. Gilmore; Andrew J. Czuchry
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Edge-segment-based stereo analysis
Author(s): Suresh B. Marapane; Mohan M. Trivedi
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